Innovative event format on opening round of the Stock Car Brazil at Interlagos

Each one of the regular Championship contending drivers is partnering with a guest driver for the weekend.

For the opening round of the 2014 season this weekend in Interlagos, Stock Car Brazil has an innovative event format. Each one of the regular Championship contending drivers is partnering with a guest driver for the weekend.

Augusto Farfus
Augusto Farfus

Photo by: ITR eV

The guest drivers are a mix of Brazilian drivers with international racing careers and other international drivers from Spain, England, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Australia and Argentina who compete in series as diverse as the Australian V8 Super Cars, the United Sports Cars Series in America and the DTM.

Brazilian guest drivers include Bruno Senna, Nelson Piquet Jr., Augusto Farfus and Bruno Junqueira.

Each pair of drivers is taking part in separate and joint free practice sessions. Separate qualifying sessions will be held on Saturday for guest drivers and championship contending drivers and the grid positions will be defined by the average of the best laptimes of the 2 drivers.

In today's practice sessions the averaged times for all driver pairs were:

1. Rubens Barrichello/Augusto Farfus - 1min39s612
2. Ricardo Zonta/Diego Aventin - 1min39s680
3. Denis Navarro/Álvaro Parente - 1min39s792
4. Cacá Bueno/Pato Silva - 1min39s882
5. Átila Abreu/Nelsinho Piquet – 1min40s152
6. Gabriel Casagrande/Enrique Bernoldi - 1min40s152
7. Popó Bueno/Gabriel Ponce – 1min40s238
8. Felipe Lapenna/Chico Serra – 1min40s358
9. Thiago Camilo/Lucas di Grassi – 1min40s483
10. Ricardo Maurício/Oswaldo Negri – 1min40s612
11. Luciano Burti/Ricardo Rosset – 1min40s853
12. Antonio Pizzonia/Bruno Senna – 1min41s209
13. Fábio Fogaça/David Muffato – 1min41s328
14. Lucas Foresti/Antônio Jorge Neto – 1min41s380
15. Rafael Suzuki/Giuliano Losacco – 1min41s399
16. Beto Cavaleiro/Fábio Carreira – 1min42s454
17. Felipe Tozzo/Claudio Ricci – 1min42s454
18. Allam Khodair/Bruno Junqueira – 1min49s943
19. Marcos Gomes/Mauro Giallombardo – 1min50s232
20. Júlio Campos/Fábio Carbone – 1min50s864
21. Max Wilson/Dean Canto – 1min50s869
22. Valdeno Brito/Jeroen Bleekemolen- 1min21s207
23. Daniel Serra/Alessandro Pier Guidi – 1min51s465
24. Tuka Rocha/Craig Dolby – 1min51s554
25. Alceu Feldmann/Roberto Merhi – 1min51s791
26. Galid Osman/Cesar Ramos – 1min52s100
27. Rafa Matos/Felipe Maluhy – 1min52s449
28. Felipe Fraga/Rodrigo Sperafico – 1min52s722
29. Bia Figueiredo/Duda Pamplona – 1min53s902
30. Nonô Figueiredo/Miguel Molina – 1min54s133

About Stock Car Brazil:

Stock Car is the premier motorsports series in Brazil. All races are broadcast live in Brazil's top sports TV network and attendance at the circuits averages 40,000 people. The cars are built in Brazil to FIA safety standards featuring 480 bhp V8 engines, paddle shift transmissions and Pirelli tires.

The 2014 calendar has 21 races over 12 rounds in permanent circuits and street circuits all over Brazil, including the traditional Interlagos F1 track.

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