Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-08-30

One race remains in the 2003 Red Line Graphics Late Model Championship Series and the battle between R.J. Norton, Jr., Bruce Tunny, Rodney Sizemore and Bobby Douthitt is going down to the wire. Sunday's 27th Annual One-Hour Figure-8 Endurance Race...

One race remains in the 2003 Red Line Graphics Late Model Championship Series and the battle between R.J. Norton, Jr., Bruce Tunny, Rodney Sizemore and Bobby Douthitt is going down to the wire. Sunday's 27th Annual One-Hour Figure-8 Endurance Race WILL decide who will carry the prestigious #1 on their car in 2004. Bruce Tunny swept the features with Douthitt hot on his tail both times. Greg Snow proved he could still freeze out the competition in the Outlaw Stocks. Todd Amos out-boxed the Roadrunners while Bobby Keith and Ronnie Hudson stung the rest of the Hornet racers.

There was no stopping the onslaught Bruce Tunny mounted on the Red Line Graphics Late Model division Saturday night at the Indianapolis Speedrome. Tunny took charge of the 50-Lap Figure-8 just past halfway of the event with a hard dive to the inside of Jeff Hizer. Bobby Douthitt followed the move and the two championship contenders left the rest behind. Bill Tunny, Jr., overcame early traffic troubles to take third just ahead of R.J. Norton, Jr. Norton had come into the evening just a few points ahead of Bruce Tunny for the season championship and may have seen his lead disappear when the final accounting is done. George Sutton finished fifth just ahead of Rodney Sizemore and Curtis McMurtrey.

Bruce Tunny saved the best for last capturing the final oval feature of the 2003 season in the Red Line Graphics Late Models. Tunny took control from pole sitter Kerry Wright one lap into the event and tried to run away from the field. Bobby Douthitt cleared traffic to hound Tunny for the second half of the twenty-five lapper but couldn't get around. Casey White was a distant third with Christopher Green, George Sutton and points leader R.J. Norton, Jr., following. Doug Greig was tops in qualifying with Bruce Tunny nabbing the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash. Heat wins went to Bill Tunny, Christopher Green and Kevin Ford.

Greg Snow knew he had the field covered when he flirted with the track record qualifying in the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stock time trials. Snow. Jeff Armour led the 25-lap feature for the first 15 laps but Snow was unstoppable and took control for the last ten. Armour spun shortly after allowing Corey Turner to take second at the checkers followed by Ricky Amos, Don Miller and Bill Fortner. Heat race wins went to Jimmy Anderson and Larry Hahn.

Todd Amos charged from deep in the pack to take the 20-Lap Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner feature with a late-race pass on Dustin Sapp. Sapp held on for second with John Collins, Bill Hasson and Bill McLain following. The qualifying races went to Jeff A. Smith, Scott Tabor, Mark Eads, Jr., and Shawn Eastridge. Amos's win tightens the division's championship chase between Collins, Amos, Tabor and Eads with a few dates remaining.

Bobby Keith celebrated the birth of his third child last week and the re-birth of his racing career Saturday night. Keith claimed the 20-Lap Speedrome Hornets "A" Main over Rob Hurt, John Cosby, Dan Johnson, and Mike Gross. South Africa native Ronnie Hudson claimed the 10-lap "B" Main in his first time on the track. Heat wins went to Dan Johnson, Mike Smith Jr., Rob Hurt and Danny Carson.


FAST QUALIFIER - Doug Greig 13.434
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Bill Tunny Jr., Christopher Green, Kevin Ford

1. Bruce Tunny
2. Bobby Douthitt
3. Casey White
4. Christopher Green
5. George Sutton
6. R.J. Norton Jr.
7. Jeff Hizer
8. Bill Tunny Jr.
9. Curtis McMurtrey
10. Charlie Reed
11. Rodney Sizemore
12. Bob Foster Sr.
13. Jeff Shackelford
14. Ronnie Rigdon
15. Chris Green
16. Donnie Garrigus II
17. Donnie Garrigus III
18. Doug Greig
19. Mark Tunny
20. Kerry Wright

1. Bruce Tunny
2. Bobby Douthitt
3. Bill Tunny Jr.
4. R.J. Norton Jr.
5. George Sutton
6. Rodney Sizemore
7. Curtis McMurtrey
8. Charlie Reed
9. Doug Greig
10. Kerry Wright
11. Kevin Ford
12. Donnie Garrigus
13. Christopher Green
14. Jeff Hizer
15. Bob Foster, Sr.
16. Chris Green
17. Casey White
18. Mark Tunny
19. Jeff Shackelford
20. Ronnie Rigdon

1. Jesse James
2. George Sutton
3. Rodney Sizemore
4. Curtis McMurtrey
5. R.J. Norton Jr.
6. Bruce Tunny
7. Bill Tunny Jr.

FAST QUALIFIER - Greg Snow 14.146
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jimmy Anderson, Larry Hahn
1. Greg Snow
2. Corey Turner
3. Ricky Amos
4. Don Miller
5. Bill Fortner
6. Jimmy Anderson
7. Chris Stewart
8. Nick Moore
9. Ed Brickley
10. Don Doty
11. Brian Luttrell
12. Ricky Schaeffer III
13. Larry Hahn
14. Jeff Armour
15. Jimmy Kirby
16. Jeff Johnson

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jeff A. Smith, Scott Tabor, Mark Eads Jr., Shawn Eastridge
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Todd Amos
2. Dustin Sapp
3. John Collins
4. Bill Hasson
5. Bill McLain
6. Scott Tabor
7. D.J. Rhodes
8. Robert Perkins
9. Keiffer Tabor
10. Kevin Smith
11. Ricky Martin
12. Danny French
13. Randy Hutchinson
14. Ernie Borden
15. Jeff A. Smith
16. Diane Bohnenkamp
17. Shawn Eastridge
18. Mike McDougal
19. Brad Brooks
20. Jason Perkins
21. Monroe May
22. Mike Light
23. Joe Johnson
24. Tim Moorman
25. Charlie Potts
26. Mark Eads, Jr.
27. Randy Moon
28. Mike Gulley

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Dan Johnson, Mike Smith Jr., Danny Carson, Rob Hurt
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Bobby Keith
2. Rob Hurt
3. John Cosby
4. Dan Johnson
5. Mike Gross
6. Danny Carson
7. Howard Wessel
8. Tim Harding
9. Claude Hopper
10. Bryan Placek
11. James Swindle
12. R.J. Norton III
13. Joe Manuel
14. Tom Lehrman
15. Bret Brookshire
16. Jerry Moore
17. Jerry Green
18. Mike Smith Jr.

10-LAP "B" MAIN -
1. Ronnie Hudson
2. Jack Stevens
3. Josh Presley
4. Brian Cooper
5. Daryl Keith
6. Tim L. Smith
7. Jimmy Foster, Jr.
8. Jeremy O'Day
9. Dave Gabert
10. Robbie Ricketts
11. Sherman Kramer
12. Jay Chapman
13. Larry Patrick
14. Henry McDougalle, Jr.
15. Anna Wessel
16. Tony Stevens
17. Larry Allen


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