Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-08-22

Dale McPeak started the 2003 season as a raw rookie in the All-Phase Landscaping SuperModifieds but has blossomed into a smooth-running veteran with his first feature win. The luck of the draw gave McPeak the pole of the 50-Lap main but put last...

Dale McPeak started the 2003 season as a raw rookie in the All-Phase Landscaping SuperModifieds but has blossomed into a smooth-running veteran with his first feature win. The luck of the draw gave McPeak the pole of the 50-Lap main but put last week's winner, Rob McCalister, Sr., right next to him outside the front row. At the drop of the green McCalister got loose and McPeak took control. McCalister recovered to challenge on McPeak's back bumper all the way to the finish with Joe Thurman, Johnny Hargraves and Ray Evert rounding out the top five. Billy George was fast qualifier with Johnny Hargraves taking the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash and Max Olmsted and Fred Baumgardner, Sr., nailing the heat races. Billy George, Johnny Hargraves and Charlie Hargraves continue their three-way fight for the season championship with Rob McCalister creeping up on the trio to challenge.

Rick Gillespie and Jimmy Kirby split the victories in the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks. Gillespie was tops in the 25-Lap oval main with Al Fullenkamp, Corey Turner, Kirby and Brian Luttrell for the top five. In the 15-Lap Figure-8 it was Kirby over Luttrell, Fullenkamp, Turner and Ricky Amos. Kirby was fastest in the time trials and took the heat race. Kerry Wright had clinched the season championship with last week's win in the Kenny's Auto Sales 100 and took the night off.

Keifer Tabor is the latest member of that family to score a win in Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners. Tabor led early after pole-sitter Diane Bohnenkamp encountered problems in the opening laps and held off the new points leader, Scott Tabor for the win at the checkers. Dusty Sapp was third followed by Bill McLain and Ernie Borden. Qualifying races went to Sapp and John Collins, who had come into the night leading the division only to see his night ended with black flag for leaking in the main.

Monroe May collected his second feature win in his second class by taking the Hornet feature to complement the Roadrunner trophy he'd picked up earlier in the season. May inherited the lead on Lap Four when Howard Wessel popped a tire. Claude Hopper was second chased by points leader Michael George, Darrell Absher and Darryl Keith. Heat wins went to Keith, Absher and Danny Carson.

Herb Carson swept the Bomber Figure-8 events but it didn't come easy. After winning the heat race earlier in the evening Carson took control of the feature just past halfway and survived heavy contact with another car and a scrappy charge from Chris Linkous to win. Linkous kept second followed by Mike McDougalle, Scott Tabor and Barry Coy.

Racing goes green tomorrow night, Saturday, August 23, with the return of the red-hot battle for dominance in the Red Line Graphics Late Models. R.J. Norton, Jr., has held the top spot on the points chart since April but past champs

Bruce Tunny, Rodney Sizemore and Bobby Douthitt have reeled him in as the big points races wrap up the season. Late Models go for one hundred laps on the Figure-8 along with a full oval program. Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks hit the asphalt with a full oval show along with the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners and Speedrome Hornets. The Pepsi Kids Big Wheel race will crown some champions in the curtain-climber class with one last blast for the youngsters. Gates open at 5PM, time trials are at 6PM and the first race is at 7PM. Big Wheel registration runs from 5:30 to 7:30. A legal guardian must be present to register the child for the Big Wheel race.


FAST QUALIFIER - Billy George 13.536
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Max Olmsted, Fred Baumgardner, Sr.
1. Dale McPeak
2. Rob McCalister, Sr.
3. Joe Thurman
4. Johnny Hargraves
5. Ray Evert
6. Charlie Hargraves
7. Billy George
8. Max Olmsted
9. Spike Brickley
10. Fred Baumgardner, Sr.
11. Denny Daugherty
12. Bob Higgins
13. Mike Hadley, Jr.
14. Cynthia Sizemore
15. Scott George
16. Tim George

FAST QUALIFIER - Bryan Luttrell 14.575
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jimmy Kirby, Ed Brickley
1. Rick Gillespie
2. Al Fullenkamp
3. Corey Turner
4. Jimmy Kirby
5. Brian Luttrell
6. Ricky Amos
7. Ed Brickley
8. Bill Fortner
9. Dustin Hunt
10. Larry Buck

1. Jimmy Kirby
2. Brian Luttrell
3. Al Fullenkamp
4. Corey Turner
5. Ricky Amos
6. Ed Brickley
7. Rick Gillespie
8. Dusty Hunt
9. Ricky Martin
10. Danny French

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Dusty Sapp, John Collins
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Keiffer Tabor
2. Scott Tabor
3. Dusty Sapp
4. Bill McLain
5. Ernie Borden
6. Mike Light
7. Kevin Smith
8. Jeff Kowell
9. Danny Scott
10. Mark Keller
11. Johh Collins
12. Diane Bohnenkamp
13. D.J. Rhodes
14. Don Johnson
15. Ricky Martin

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Darrell Keith, Danny Carson, Darrell Absher,
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Monroe May
2. Claude Hopper
3. Michael George
4. Darrell Absher
5. Darryl Keith
6. John Abercrombie
7. Trevor Lay
8. Sherman Kramer
9. Terry Pierson
10. Robby Carson
11. Tom Courtney
12. Bryan Pierse
13. Anna Wessel
14. Danny Carson
15. Cordell George
16. Ed Brown, Sr.
17. Aaron Hess
18. Tony Stevens
19. Jerry Moore
20. Cyndy Brynckly
21. Bobby Keith
22. Larry Patrick
23. Howard Wessel
24. Jimmy Carson

HEAT WINNER - Herb Carson, Danny Dotson
1. Herb Carson
2. Chris Linkous
3. Mike McDougalle
4. Scott Tabor
5. Barry Coy
6. Danny French
7. Barry Tabor
8. Eddie Brown, Jr.
9. Mike Fischer
10. Buddy Tabor
11. Danny Dotson


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