Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-08-09

It was a perfect night for Hoosier race fans at the Indianapolis Speedrome and a great night for Bobby Douthitt, Ben Tunny and other winners. Bobby Douthitt took the gold in the Red Line Graphics Late Model 50-Lap Figure-8 after getting around...

It was a perfect night for Hoosier race fans at the Indianapolis Speedrome and a great night for Bobby Douthitt, Ben Tunny and other winners.

Bobby Douthitt took the gold in the Red Line Graphics Late Model 50-Lap Figure-8 after getting around former National Figure-8 Champion Charlie Reed on lap 24. Reed hung on for second with Rodney Sizemore, Bruce Tunny, Doug Greig and points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. in a freight train right behind. Early leader Fred Bear, Jr. started from the pole but left early in a cloud of smoke and no oil pressure.

Ben Tunny finally broke through with the win in the Late Model 25-Lap Oval Feature. The 16-year-old started from the outside pole but out-dragged veteran Bob Foster, Sr. to take the lead. Jeff Hizer was tucked in behind Tunny followed by [Uncle] Bruce Tunny, Bobby Douthitt and Curtis McMurtrey. Points leader R.J. Norton, Jr mustered an eighth-place finish after starting deep in the field. Bill Tunny, Jr. set the fast time in qualifications with Norton claiming the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash. Heat wins went to Hizer, Bruce Tunny and Casey White. Donnie Garrigus III beat out Ronnie Rigdon for the win in the Last Chance Race.

It's been a long, hot summer for the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks but rookie Chris Stewart turned it up a notch with a win in the 25-Lap feature. Stewart took off from the pole and held off a very fast and scrappy Don Miller for the distance. Former division champ Brian Luttrell chased them for third followed by Corey Turner and Gregory Jines. Points leader Kerry Wright lost a transmission in practice and started from the tail for 6th place. Luttrell was fastest in qualifying with Turner, Ed Brickley and Jimmy Anderson taking the heat races.

Jacob Miller took the checkers in another wild Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner feature. Miller took over on lap 17 of the 20-lapper after early leaders Kevin Smith and Robert Perkins got caught up in lapped traffic. Mark Eads, Jr. snuck by Perkins for second with Smith and Casey Victery rounding out the top five. Eads, Perkins and John Collins claimed wins in the qualifying races.

Claude Hopper came from deep in the 20-car Speedrome Hornet "A" feature to win over early leader Dan Johnson, points leader Michael George, Darrell Keith and Mike Church. With over 40 Hornet cars on hand Speedrome officials scheduled a 10-lap "B" feature where championship contender Rob Hurt triumphed. Heat wins went to George, Aaron Couture, Donnie Scurry, Howard Wessel and Joseph Manval.

FAST QUALIFIER - Bill Tunny, Jr. 13.414
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jeff HIzer, Bruce Tunny, Casey White
LAST CHANCE RACE - Donnie Garrigus III

1. Ben Tunny
2. Jeff Hizer
3. Bruce Tunny
4. Bobby Douthitt
5. Curtis McMurtrey
6. Rodney Sizemore
7. Bill Tunny Jr.
8. R.J. Norton Jr.
9. Casey White
10. George Sutton
11. Christopher Green
12. Ronnie Rigdon
13. Donnie Garriguss III
14. Bob Foster Sr.
15. Doug Greig
16. Bill Fortner
17. Mark Tunny

1. Bobby Douthitt
2. Charlie Reed
3. Rodney Sizemore
4. Bruce Tunny
5. Doug Greig
6. R.J. Norton Jr.
7. George Sutton
8. Curtis McMurtrey
9. Rich Fenwick
10. Bill Tunny Jr.
11. Donnie Garrigus III
12. Donnie Sloan
13. Ronnie Rigdon
14. Bobby Whitaker
15. Casey White
16. Fred Bear Jr.
17. Christopher Green
18. Ben Tunny
19. Steve Frost
20. Jeff Hizer
21. Bill Fortner

FAST QUALIFIER - Brian Luttrell 14.570
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Corey Turner, Ed Brickley, Jimmy Anderson

1. Chris Stewart
2. Don Miller
3. Brian Luttrell
4. Corey Turner
5. Gregory Jines
6. Kerry Wright
7. Jimmy Kirby
8. Bob Johnson
9. Al Fullenkamp
10. Chris Miller
11. Dusty Hunt
12. Danny French
13. Brian Madden
14. Ed Brickley
15. Jimmy Anderson

HEAT RACE WINNERS - John Collins, Mark Eads Jr., Robert Perkins

20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Jacob Miller
2. Mark Eads, Jr.
3. Robert Perkins
4. Kevin Smith
5. Casey Victery
6. Robert Buskirk
7. Mike Gulley
8. Ricky Martin
9. Bill McLain
10. Pete Grayer
11. Jeff Kowell
12. Danny French
13. John Collins
14. Matt Patterson
15. Mike Couture
16. Mike Light
17. Jack Sallee
18. Robert Mattney
19. Brian Brooks
20. David Lee Byrd
21. Kevin Gray
22. Randy Hutchinson
23. Marcus Terry
24. Randy Moon
25. Clark Kent

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Aaron Couture, Donnie Scurry, Howard Wessel, Michael George, Joseph Manval

20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Claude Hopper
2. Dan Johnson
3. Michael George
4. Darrell Keith
5. Mike Church
6. Tim L. Smith
7. Aaron Couture
8. R.J. Norton III
9. Jeff Thomas
10. Michael Gross
11. Bobby Carson
12. Teresa Hayden
13. Jimmy Foster
14. Anna Wessel
15. Jim Carson
16. Joseph Manval
17. Steve Lay
18. Henry McDougalle
19. Howard Wessel
20. Donnie Pressley

10-LAP "B" MAIN -
1. Rob Hurt
2. Bryan Frye
3. Josh Pressley
4. Chuck McGinnis
5. Bret Brookshire
6. Mike Bramlett
7. Allen Pavey
8. Aaron Hess
9. Jimmy Foster
10. Terry Noel
11. Beecher Kramer
12. Steven Hanks
13. Carl Schilling, Sr.
14. Hershal Patrick
15. Carl Schilling, Jr.
16. Ricky Schaeffer II


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