Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-07-26

Bruce Tunny proved that he's still the man to beat on the Speedrome Figure-8 but it was a great night for Scott Tabor, Christopher Green and others Saturday at the Indianapolis Speedrome. Bruce Tunny still rules the Speedrome Figure-8 as he ran...

Bruce Tunny proved that he's still the man to beat on the Speedrome Figure-8 but it was a great night for Scott Tabor, Christopher Green and others Saturday at the Indianapolis Speedrome.

Bruce Tunny still rules the Speedrome Figure-8 as he ran down and passed pole-sitter Fred Bear, Jr. halfway through the Red Line Graphics Late Models 50-Lap Figure-8 feature. Bear eventually left with an overheating engine leaving points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. and past champion Bobby Douthitt to try and chase down Tunny. The two fell short with Doug Greig and Bill Tunny, Jr. rounding out the top five. Jeff Shackelford brought out the red flag with a spectacular flashfire that breifly engulfed his car but left him uninjured.

Christopher Green claimed his first feature event in the Red Line Graphics Late Model 25-Lap Oval feature. Bruce Tunny tried Green for the final 15 laps but couldn't find a way around. Fast qualifier Bobby Douthitt, Casey White and Jeff Hizer made the top five. Steve Frost topped the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash with Rodney Sizemore, White and Christopher Green nailing the heat races. Bobby Whitaker claimed the Last Chance Race.

Jimmy Kirby claimed the 25-Lap Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks main event after getting around a tough and fast Brian Luttrell. Rookie Chris Stewart was third followed by points leader Kerry Wright and veteran Al Fullenkamp. Kirby was fastest in qualifying with Wright, Ricky Amos and Jimmy Anderson nailing the heat races.

Scott Tabor made it two-for-two this weekend by taking the 20-Lap Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner feature. Even turning the cars around and making them race clockwise failed to keep the Stealth Roadrunner from the front. Bill McLain was bridesmaid yet again followed by Kenny Denny, Todd Amos and early leader Mike Woodsworth. Points leader Robert Buskirk struggled to make 13th in the 26 car field. Heat wins went to Denny, Mark Eads, Jr. and McLain.

Over forty Speedrome Hornet cars came to race requiring a pair of features to satisfy the racers in the Speedrome's newest class. Former track official, flagman and Roadrunner racer Earl Bryant was tops in the 25-Lap"A" main followed by Mike Smith Jr., Tim Harding, Rob Hurt and Michael Gross. Dan Carson beat out Howard Wessel and Jack Stevens for the 12-Lap "B" main. Mike Church, Harding, points leader Michael George and Mike Smith, Sr. claimed the qualifying races.

The Pepsi Kids Bicycle Races series continued with Amanda Tabor triumphing for the girls and Brice Benbow acing the boys race.


FAST QUALIFIER - Bobby Douthitt 13.424
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Rodney Sizemore, Casey White, Christopher Green
LAST CHANCE RACE - Bobby Whitaker

1. Christopher Green
2. Bruce Tunny
3. Bobby Douthitt
4. Casey White
5. Jeff Hizer
6. Doug Greig
7. R.J. Norton, Jr.
8. Rodney Sizemore
9. Mark Tunny
10. Ben Tunny
11. Curtis McMurtrey
12. Jeff Shackelford
13. Bobby Whitaker
14. Steve Frost
15. Steve Brown
16. Steve Durham
17. Donnie Garrigus III

1. Bruce Tunny
2. R.J. Norton Jr.
3. Bobby Douthitt
4. Doug Greig
5. Jeff Hizer
6. Bill Tunny, Jr.
7. Ben Tunny
8. Curtis McMurtrey
9. Donnie Garrigus III
10. Casey White
11. Bob Foster Sr.
12. Jeff Shackelford
13. Bobby Whitaker
14. Mark Tunny
15. Fred Bear Jr.
16. Chris Green
17. Rodney Sizemore
18. Christopher Green
19. Danny Turner
20. Steve Frost
21. Ronnie Rigdon
22. Steve Brown

FAST QUALIFIER - Jimmy Kirby 14.448
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Kerry Wright, Ricky Amos, Jimmy Anderson

1. Jimmy Kirby
2. Brian Luttrell
3. Chris Stewart
4. Kerry Wright
5. Al Fullenkamp
6. Ed Brickley
7. Brian Madden
8. Corey Turner
9. Herb Carson
10. Chris Shrum I
11. Dusty Hunt
12. Jimmy Swatts
13. Jimmy Foster
14. Don Doty
15. Joe Alley
16. Jimmy Anderson

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Kenny Denny, Mark Eads Jr., Bill McLain

1. Scott Tabor
2. Bill McLain
3. Kenny Denny
4. Todd Amos
5. Mike Woodsworth
6. Kevin Smith
7. John Collins
8. Mark Eads Jr.
9. Bill Hasson
10. Ricky Martin
11. Matt LincolnTech
12. Danny French
13. Robert Buskirk
14. James Marsh
15. Mike Light
16. Mike Couture
17. Larry Thomas
18. Jerry Burns
19. Jeff Kowell
20. Brandon Bohnenkamp
21. Allen Gabbard
22. Diane Bohnenkamp
23. George Fieldman
24. Dusty Sapp
25. Robert Perkins
26. Jason Perkins

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Mike Church, Tim Harding, Michael George, Mike Smith Sr.

1. Earl Bryant
2. Mike Smith Sr.
3. Tim Harding
4. Rob Hurt
5. Michael Gross
6. Dan Johnson
7. Aaron Couture
8. Tanta Chia
9. Chuck McGinnis
10. Tim L. Smith
11. Richard Murphy
12. Nick Denny
13. R.J. Norton III
14. Terry Pierson
15. Michael George
16. Dave Hampton
17. Darrell Keith
18. Mike Church
19. Mike Smith Jr.

1. Danny Carson
2. Howard Wessel
3. Jack Stevens
4. Wally Bardle
5. David Sims
6. John Northern Jr.
7. Bret Brookshire
8. Andrew Way
9. Anna Wessel
10. Toby Stevens
11. Larry Patrick
12. Tony Roberts
13. Karen Johnson
14. Dan Gaines
15. Brandon Stofer
16. Lydia Stargell
17. Mike Brummett
18. Carl Schilling
19. Matt Smith

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