Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-06-28

Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-06-28
Jul 1, 2003, 8:06 PM

Over 135 cars and afull house were on hand for the Indianapolis Speedrome's annual night of fireworks and racing Saturday. The crowd was treated to a thrilling night of pyrotechnics and racing with R.J. Norton, Jr. coming home the big winner in the ...

Over 135 cars and afull house were on hand for the Indianapolis Speedrome's annual night of fireworks and racing Saturday. The crowd was treated to a thrilling night of pyrotechnics and racing with R.J. Norton, Jr. coming home the big winner in the premier 50-Lap Figure-8.

Steve Durham has seen his share of tragedy at the Speedrome over his two years including last year's hard cross-over hit that sidelined him for much of the season. Saturday night "The Bull" got to taste a bit of triumph as he took the 25-lap oval feature for the Red Line Graphics Late Models. Durham out-dragged pole-sitter Speedy Teepe and by mid-race had built up a 3/4 lap lead over the pack that was left in his wake. Danny Turner was the first to bust free and tracked down Durham at the end but was unable to make a move at the checkers. Casey White was third followed by George Sutton and David Reel. Points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. continued his victory drought with a 10th place finish. Bobby Douthitt was fastest in qualifying with Curtis McMurtrey taking the dash and heat wins going to Rodney Sizemore, Durham and Christopher Green while Ben Tunny snared the Last Chance Race.

It had been a few weeks since R.J. Norton, Jr. had visited the winner's circle but Saturday he busted through the pack to win in front of the big fireworks crowd. Danny Turner led the first 30 laps sometimes gaining a 1/4 lap on the field only to see red flags bunch things up repeatedly. Red Line Graphics Late Models points leader Norton got around Turner on lap 31 with Rodney Sizemore in hot pursuit. The race would end that way with Norton and Sizemore a full turn ahead of a tight battle for third won by Turner over Mark Tunny and Curtis McMurtrey. The win strengthens Norton's champinship bid as the division heads into next Saturday's big pay-off in the Triple-8.

Scott McGill took off like a rocket and burst into the winner's circle in the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks for his first feature win of the season. Corey Turner tried to chase him down but came up short in the 25-lap oval run followed by rookies Dusty Hunt and Herb Carson with veteran Chris Shrum I home fifth. Points leader Kerry Wright was fastest in time trials but bailed out early in the main. Heat wins went to Turner, Shrum and Hunt with Rick Gillespie tops in the Last Chance Race.

Todd Amos showed his power when he thundered around pole-sitter Randy Allen on the the sixth lap of the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner "A" main. Freshly crowned champion of the division, Jimmy Hardcastle, came home second followed by Barry Coy, Friday's winner Ricky Martin and John Collins. The 10-lap "B" main flagged Casey Victery the survivor over D.J. Rhodes, Robert Buskirk, Robert Perkins and early leader Mike Couture. Heat wins went to Amos, Harold Workman, Scott Camhi and Monroe May. The new points season starts Friday, July 11, for the Roadrunners after next Saturday's 100-Lap marathon on Triple-8 night.

Over 40 Speedrome Hornet cars showed up to go racing prompting race officials to give the class a pair of features. The 20-lap "A" main went to Rob Hurt for his first main event trophy. Hurt left Howard Wessel in his dust with Chuck McGinnis and championship challengers Jerry Moore and Bobby Keith scrapping for a top five. Points leader Mike George was 6th and may be in danger of losing the points lead. The 10-Lap "B" main was a showcase for Darrel Keith as he topped Don Johnson, Marvin Owens, Jr., Danny Frye and Jay Chapman. Hurt, Shawn Chapman, McGinnis and Moore were tops in the qualifying races.


QUALIFYING - Bobby Douthitt 13.472
TROPHY DASH - Curtis McMurtrey
HEAT WINNERS - Rodney Sizemore, Steve Durham, Christopher Green

1. Steve Durham
2. Danny Turner
3. Casey White
4. George Sutton
5. David Reel
6. Doug Greig
7. Christopher Green
8. Jeff Hizer
9. Rodney Sizemore
10. R.J. Norton, Jr.
11. Bobby Douthitt
12. Bruce Tunny
13. Curtis McMurtrey
14. Bill Tunny, Jr.
15. Mark Tunny
16. Ben Tunny
17. Darrell Doty
18. Speedy Teepe

1. R.J.Norton, Jr.
2. Rodney Sizemore
3. Danny Turner
4. Mark Tunny
5. Curtis McMurtrey
6. Bill Tunny, Jr.
7. George Sutton
8. Bruce Tunny
9. Steve Durham
10. Ben Tunny
11. Jeff Shackelford
12. Bob Foster, Sr.
13. Steve Prine
14. Casey White
15. Bobby Douthitt
16. Doug Greig
17. Jeff Hizer
18. David Lee Byrd
19. Speedy Teepe
20. David Reel
21. Ronnie Rigdon
22. Christopher Green

QUALIFYING - Kerry Wright 14.344
HEAT WINNERS - Corey Turner, Chris Shrum I, Dusty Hunt
LAST CHANCE RACE- Rick Gillespie

1. Scott McGill
2. Corey Turner
3. Dusty Hunt
4. Herb Carson
5. Chris Shrum I
6. Brian Luttrell
7. Ricky Amos
8. Charlie Oakes
9. Ed Brickley
10. Bill Sloan
11. Danny French
12. Don Miller
13. Kerry Wright
14. Donnie Sloan
15. Johnny Hynes
16. Brian Madden
17. Chris Stewart
18. Jack Smith
19. Greg Snow
20. Rick Gillespie

HEAT WINNERS - Todd Amos, Monroe May, Scott Camhi, Harold Workman

1. Todd Amos
2. Jimmy Hardcastle
3. Barry Coy
4. Ricky Martin
5. John Collins
6. Bill McLain
7. Richard Rose
8. Jeff Johnson
9. Tom Followell
10. Randy Allen
11. Mike Gulley
12. Joe Johnson
13. Kevin Woodsmall
14. Scott Camhi
15. Steve Grubbs
16. Ernie Borden
17. Harold Workman
18. Jeff Kowell
19. Jeremy Ross
20. Monroe May

1. Casey Victery
2. D.J. Rhodes
3. Robert Buskirk
4. Robert Perkins
5. Mike Couture
6. Justin Young
7. Jacob Miller
8. Kevin Smith
9. Kevin Pringle
10. Mike McDougalle
11. Shorty Gross
12. Josh Baird
13. Kevin Ciesiolka
14. Aaron Couture
15. Jeffrey Smith
16. Nick Moore
17. Paul Chasteen

HEAT WINNERS - Rob Hurt, Shawn Chapman, Chuck McGinnis, Jerry Moore,

1. Rob Hurt
2. Howard Wessel
3. Chuck McGinnis
4. Jerry Moore
5. Bobby Keith
6. Mike George
7. John Davenport
8. Shawn Chapman
9. Mike Smith, Jr.
10. Jack Stevens
11. Mike Church
12. Wayne Garner
13. Danny Carson
14. Greg Finley
15. Tony Sheehan
16. John Fullenkamp

1. Darrel Keith
2. Don Johnson
3. Marvin Owens, Jr.
4. Danny Frye
5. Jay Chapman
6. Anna Wessel
7. Dave Gambert
8. Rebecca Branham
9. Carl Black
10. John E. Nigma
11. Charlie Spencer
12. Tim Harding
13. Mike Gross
14. Henry McDougalle, Jr.
15. David Gootee
16. Timothy McDougalle
17. Shorty Gross

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