Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-06-21

Defending World Figure-8 champion Curtis McMurtrey proved he's the man to beat in the long run. Special guests, including Speedrome Hall-of-Famer Jake Cohen and recovering racer Robert Downey, Jr., were on hand for the Speedrome's biggest race of...

Defending World Figure-8 champion Curtis McMurtrey proved he's the man to beat in the long run. Special guests, including Speedrome Hall-of-Famer Jake Cohen and recovering racer Robert Downey, Jr., were on hand for the Speedrome's biggest race of the summer.

The Third Annual Jake's 150 for the Red Line Graphics Late Models IS a survival test in honor of long-time Speedrome sponsor Jake Cohen. It proved the perfect race for endurance runner Curtis McMurtrey. Fast qualifier Bruce Tunny charged from the pole and led the first forty-one laps surrendering the point to his older brother Bill Tunny, Jr. Junior's #4 machine suffered a spin and front suspension damage in a spin two laps later giving Bruce his lead back. The defending champ held the spot until breaking on lap 62 giving the front spot to last week's winner George Sutton. Sutton was strong in front until he left the track on lap 109 which gave Curtis McMurtrey his shot at the front spot. McMurtrey held off a spirited challenge from Rodney Sizemore, points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. and Bobby Douthitt for the win. Bill Tunny, Jr. soldiered home fifth one lap down.

Third-generation Speedrome racer Corey Turner was tops for the second time this weekend in the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks. Turner started deep in the field as Larry Hahn took of from the outside pole to lead the opening laps. Ricky Schaeffer. Championship contender Greg Snow demolished an engine on lap 13 bringing out the red flags and wiping out a half-lap lead for Hahn. On the restart Hahn and Turner left the field behind with Charlie Oakes anchoring third. Rookie Jimmy Anderson spun in the closing laps sending Turner diving to the infield and Hahn out of the groove. The scramble gave Turner the win with Hahn second then Oakes, Ricky Schaeffer and David Radcliffe. Richard Amos was tops in qualifying while Turner and Brian Madden claimed heat wins.

Kenny Denny topped the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners 20-Lap Main over Bill McLain, Nick Moore, Ricky Martin and early leader Jason Henson. Preliminary races went to Henson, Jeff A. Smith and Denny.

Jamie Brickley claimed his career first Speedrome Hornet feature in a wild run that saw several drivers take the lead and leave with damage. Brett Brookshire was second followed by Danny Carson, Nick Denny and Howard Wessel. Points leaders Michael George and Bobby Keith finished deep in the field out of the points positions. Qualifying races went to Brickley, Wessell and Denny.



FAST QUALIFIER - Bruce Tunny - 18.363

JAKE'S 150 - 150-Lap Figure-8 -
1. Curtis McMurtrey
2. Rodney Sizemore
3. R.J. Norton, Jr.
4. Bobby Douthitt
5. Bill Tunny, Jr.
6. Doug Greig
7. George Sutton
8. Jeff Hizer
9. Mark Murello
10. Donnie Garrigus III
11. Casey White
12. David Lee Byrd
13. Jeff Shackelford
14. Steve Durham
15. Bob Foster, Sr.
16. Steve Frost
17. Christopher Green
18. Leonard Basham
19. Bill Fortner
20. Bruce Tunny
21. Steve Prine
22. Bobby Whitaker
23. Ben Tunny
24. Ronnie Rigdon
25. Danny Turner
26. Mark Tunny
27. Darrell Doty


FAST QUALIFIER - Richard Amos 14.710
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Corey Turner, Brian Madden

1. Corey Turner
2. Larry Hahn
3. Charlie Oakes
4. Ricky Schaeffer
5. David Radcliffe
6. Kelly Whiteman
7. Richard Amos
8. Brian Luttrell
9. Rick Gillespie
10. Dusty Hunt
11. Jimmy Anderson
12. Greg Snow
13. Brian Madden
14. Don Miller
15. Don Doty
16. Jack Smith
17. Jimmy Swatts
18. Chris Shrum I


HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jason Henson, Jeff A. Smith, Kenny Denny

1. Kenny Denny
2. Bill McLain
3. Nick Moore
4. Ricky Martin
5. Jason Henson
6. Kevin Woodsmall
7. Danny French
8. Scott Camhi
9. Robert Perkins
10. Kevin Smith
11. Barry Coy
12. Shawn Eastridge
13. Joe Johnson
14. Mark Keller
15. Joe Seller
16. Robert Buskirk
17. Pete Grayer
18. Sam Wilson
19. Jeff A. Smith
20. Richard Byrd
21. D.J. Rhodes
22. Dean Smith
23. Larry Thomas
24. Mike McDougall


HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jamie Brickley, Nick Denny, Howard Wessell

1. Jamie Brickley
2. Brett Brookshire
3. Danny Carson
4. Nick Denny
5. Howard Wessell
6. Darrel Keith
7. Michael George
8. David Sims
9. Ricky Martin
10. Mike Church
11. Shawn Chapman
12. Anna Wessell
13. Richard Rose
14. Mike Bramlett
15. Mister Eeman
16. Bruce Wayne
17. Bobby Keith
18. Henry McDougalle, Jr.
19. Scott McKinney
20. Terry Neal
21. John Fullenkamp
22. Greg Wendel
23. Rob Hurt
24. Mike Gross
25. Stanley Stargell


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