Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-06-20

Some more new faces were in the Indianapolis Speedrome's Victory Lane. Cynthia Sizemore, Jeff Smith, and Darrell Keith took their first wins of the season while veterans Jimmy Kirby, Kerry Wright and Charlie O'Connor showed their winning ...

Some more new faces were in the Indianapolis Speedrome's Victory Lane. Cynthia Sizemore, Jeff Smith, and Darrell Keith took their first wins of the season while veterans Jimmy Kirby, Kerry Wright and Charlie O'Connor showed their winning ways.

Cynthia Sizemore finally found the Winner's Circle at the Indianapolis Speedrome touching off one of the biggest trackside celebrations this season. The popular second-generation racer took the lead from pole-sitter Spike Brickley early in the go with three-time defending champion Billy George hot on her tail. Brickley held on to third for much the race before being passed by Johnny Hargraves about midway through the thirty-five lap race. Brickley later tangled with fast qualifier Max Olmsted taking both cars out of the event with two laps left. Sizemore, George and Hargraves took the checkers under a blanket while veteran Ray Evert and Fred Baumgardner, Sr. rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Evert and Tim George with Rodney Smith tops in the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash.

Corey Turner and Kerry Wright were winners again in the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks. Turner took control from Ricky Amos on lap 13 of the 25-lap oval main and was never headed. Jimmy Kirby was second, Richard Amos third, then Kerry Wright and rookie Johnny Hynes for the top five. Oval preliminaries went to Turner and Kirby with Wright fastest in qualifying.

The Figure-8 portion of the Outlaw Stocks saw Kerry Wright on top of the 15-lap run that also featured Late Model veteran Danny Turner. Corey Turner was second while his father Danny took third. Jimmy Kirby and Wayne Garner cane home in the top five.

Mike Adams once challenged for the championship in the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners and Friday night he showed his power but Charlie O'Connor showed Adams how to win. Adams led early in the 20-lap oval until O'Connor worked around him just passed halfway. Young Nick Moore mounted a late charge for second followed by Jimmy Hardcastle who has clinched the April/May/June Championship in the division. Last week's winner Scott Tabor was fourth just ahead of Adams. Heat wins went to Donnie Wild and Mike Carson.

Michael George came into Friday's Speedrome Hornets feature as the points leader but left early on the wrecker. Darrell Keith was another first-time winner as he triumphed in the 20-lap main. Danny Carson, Jamie Brickley, Shawn Chapman and championship challenger Bobby Keith made the top five. Qualifying races went to Rob Hurt, Tom Courtney and Jerry Moore.

2001 Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner champion Jeff Smith captured his first feature win in the Bomber Figure-8's 15-lap feature. Last year's Bomber champ Jerry Green was second followed by Brian Cantor, Rick Howard and division points leader Barry Tabor. Danny French and Howard were tops in the heat races.


FAST QUALIFIER - Max Olmsted 13.562
HEAT WINNERS - Ray Evert, Tim George
1. Cynthia Sizemore
2. Billy George
3. Johnny Hargraves
4. Ray Evert
5. Fred Baumgaardner, Jr.
6. Rodney Smith
7. Charlie Hargraves
8. Bob Higgins
9. Rob McCalister, Sr.
10. Joe Thurman
11. Dale McPeak
12. Mike Hadley, Jr.
13. Spike Brickley
14. Max Olmsted
15. Tim George

FAST QUALIFIER - Kerry Wright 14.266
HEAT WINNERS - Jimmy Kirby, Corey Turner
1. Corey Turner
2. Jimmy Kirby
3. Richard Amos
4. Kerry Wright
5. Johnny Hynes
6. Jack Smith
7. Ricky Schaeffer
8. Rick Gillespie
9. Wayne Garner
10. Brian Luttrell
11. Ed Brickley

1. Kerry Wright
2. Corey Turner
3. Danny Turner
4. Jimmy Kirby
5. Wayne Garner
6. Ricky Schaeffer
7. Johnny Hynes
8. Danny French
9. Jerry Green
10. Dan Gaines

HEAT WINNERS - Michael Carson, Donnie Wild,
1. Charlie O'Connor
2. Nick Moore
3. Jimmy Hardcastle
4. Scott Tabor
5. Mike Adams
6. Ricky Martin
7. Jeff Kowell
8. Barry Coy
9. Mark Keller
10. Shawn Eastridge
11. Kevin Smith
12. Mike Carson
13. John Collins
14. Eric Fiedler
15. Zach Ridener
16. Chad Tucker
17. Mark Eads, Jr.
18. Donnie Wild

HEAT WINNERS - Rob Hurt, Tom Courtney, Jerry Moore
1. Darrell Keith
2. Danny Carson
3. Jamie Brickley
4. Shawn Chapman
5. Bobby Keith
6. Rob Hurt
7. Chuck McGinnis
8. Oza Hoosier
9. Rodney Sizemore
10. Anna Wessell
11. Bret Brookshire
12. Michael George
13. Jerry Moore
14. Tom Courtney
15. Carl Schilling
16. Scott Baird
17. Howard Wessell
18. John Fullenkamp
19. John Van Tassel

HEAT WINNERS - Danny French, Rick Howard
1. Jeff Smith
2. Jerry Green
3. Brian Canter
4. Rick Howard
5. Barry Tabor
6. Frank Hardcastle
7. Buddy Tabor
8. Richard Rose
9. Ricky Martin
10. Danny French
11. Tony Hackney
12. Herb Carson


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