Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-05-31

Last week he went airborne but Saturday night Bill Fortner was walking on air. The Red Line Graphics Late Model division rookie started up front and was never headed after getting around pole-sitter Bob Foster early in the 25-Lap Oval feature....

Last week he went airborne but Saturday night Bill Fortner was walking on air. The Red Line Graphics Late Model division rookie started up front and was never headed after getting around pole-sitter Bob Foster early in the 25-Lap Oval feature. Last Saturday night was a wild ride for Fortner after contact in the Figure-8 feature sent him skyward and into the garage for some heavy wrenching. Fellow rookie Christopher Green held off the pack for second with veteran George Sutton followed by rookie Mark Tunny and former class champion Bobby Douthitt for the top five. R.J. Norton, Jr. took fast time with Doug Greig tops in the Hutchison Signs Trophy Dash. Heat wins went to Rodney Sizemore, Jeff Shackelford and Steve Frost.

The Figure-8 portion of the card saw defending champ Bruce Tunny back on top at the checkers. A fierce battle for second saw Doug Greig beat Bill Tunny, Jr. for second with past champs Bobby Douthitt and Rodney Sizemore rounding out the top five. Tunny took over the lead from Steve Frost after Frosty lost power at mid-race. Rookie Bill Fortner led the opening laps with points leader R.J. Norton, Jr. finishing sixth with traffic problems.

Track record holder Kerry Wright spent some extra time in the Speedrome tech line with the inspectors trying to slow him down. It looks like the only thing that is going to work is a heavy anchor and a short chain. Wright captured the night's 25-Lap feature for the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks. Fast qualifier Brian Luttrell followed him across the line with Jimmy Kirby, rookie Ed Brickley and Bob Johnson finishing out the top five. Wright and points challenger Greg Snow took the heat races with Snow dropping out early in the main for a tough night.

Is there anything that can stop the mass of momentum that is Jimmy Hardcastle? The Juggernaut held off Dustin Sapp to take another feature in the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners. Robert Buskirk, Rob Perkins and Kevin Smith chased the duo for top five spots. Points leader Hardcastle also took a heat as did Kenny Denny and Ricky Martin.

Bobby Keith headed into the night's Speedrome Hornets races with his points lead in jeopardy but left with a healthy cushion in the chase for the season championship. Keith took the main over a scrappy Michael George after red flags kept the field bunched up. John Fullenkamp, Shawn Chapman and Shorty Gross made the top five with teenagers George and Nick Moore splitting the heat races.

FAST QUALIFIER - R.J. Norton, Jr. 13.563
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Rodney Sizemore, Jeff Shackelford, Steve Frost

1. Bill Fortner [rookie]
2. Christopher Green [rookie]
3. George Sutton
4. Mark Tunny [rookie]
5. Bobby Douthitt
6. Bill Tunny, Jr.
7. R.J. Norton, Jr.
8. Jeff Shackelford
9. Jeff Hizer
10. Rodney Sizemore
11. Bruce Tunny
12. Bob Foster, Sr.
13. Ben Tunny [rookie]
14. Steve Frost
15. Donnie Garrigus III
16. Doug Greig
17. Steve Durham
18. Curtis McMurtrey
19. Ronnie Rigdon

1. Bruce Tunny
2. Doug Greig
3. Bill Tunny, Jr.
4. Bobby Douthitt
5. Rodney Sizemore
6. R.J. Norton, Jr.
7. Donnie Garrigus III
8. Ben Tunny
9. Jeff Shackelford
10. Bob Foster, Sr.
11. Bill Fortner
12. Christopher Green
13. George Sutton
14. Jeff Hizer
15. Curtis McMurtrey
16. Steve Frost
17. Mark Tunny
18. Steve Durham

FAST QUALIFIER - Brian Luttrell 14.643
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Greg Snow, Kerry Wright
1. Kerry Wright
2. Brian Luttrell
3. Jimmy Kirby
4. Ed Brickley
5. Bob Johnson
6. Dusty Hunt
7. Greg Snow
8. Johnny Hynes
9. Richard Amos
10. Corey Turner
11. Ricky Schaeffer

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Kenny Denny, Jimmy Hardcastle, Ricky Martin
1. Jimmy Hardcastle
2. Dustin Sapp
3. Robert Buskirk
4. Rob Perkins
5. Kevin Smith
6. David Lee Byrd
7. Jeff Johnson
8. Mike Smith, Jr.
9. Kenny Denny
10. Mike Couture
11. Aaron Couture
12. Lee McTarsney
13. Charlie O'Connor
14. Ricky Martin
15. William Clark
16. Joshua Carroll
17. Larry Thomas
18. Bobby Johns
19. Mike Light
20. Bob Mathes
21. Mike Wadsworth
22. Gary Grant
23. Jacob Miller

HEAT RACES - Michael George, Nick Moore
1. Bobby Keith
2. Michael George
3. John Fullenkamp
4. Shawn Chapman
5. Shorty Gross
6. Nick Moore
7. Mike Gross
8. Anna Wessel
9. Darren Keith
10. Jerry Moore
11. Henry McDougalle, Jr.
12. Robert Hunt
13. Scott McKinney
14. Eddie Brown
15. David Lee Byrd


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