Indianapolis Speedrome results 2001-09-15

Saturday, September 15 at the Indianapolis Speedrome - - - Billy George proved yet again that he's one of the toughest racers ever to hit the pavement at Indy's Eastside speedway. In the Speedrome's annual "Late Model vs. Modifieds showdown George...

Saturday, September 15 at the Indianapolis Speedrome - - - Billy George proved yet again that he's one of the toughest racers ever to hit the pavement at Indy's Eastside speedway. In the Speedrome's annual "Late Model vs. Modifieds showdown George beat the best of the Speedrome's two fastest classes. The 50-Lap two-class event started past Late Model champion Jack Dossey, Jr. on the front row with 25-year veteran George Sutton and Modified champions Billy George and Jim Begley right behind. George quickly dispatched Dossey and held off Begley and a doggedly determined Marshall Emberton, Jr. for the win over the 23-car field.

The traditional 50-Lap Team Figure-8 event provided a mix of Speedrome Late Models, Stocks and Bomber Figure-8 cars for an old-fashioned battle of supremacy on the "left-right" circuit. Dossey triumphed with the win and also picked the right team as Late Model drivers Kenny Stewart, Charlie Reed, Bomber Figure-8's Scott Settles and occasional Stocker Dave Lewis drove hard for the team win as well.

Surprising performances from rookie Mark Daily, Jr. and Robert Downey, Jr.'s first Top 10 finish gave the "WildCARds" team their best finish of second. The "WildCARds' are the unpicked cars in the team event that had four of the Speedrome's top Late Model racers choosing four cars each.

Kevin Williams claimed his first career win in the Stock's 25-Lap Oval Main while Scott Tabor claimed the Roadrunner "A" Main and his cousin Jerry Givens snagged the "B".

<pre> Results 9/15/2001

Bryant's 76 Late Models Team Figure-8 Winner - DOSSEY'S POSSE!!!! Captain Jack Dossey Hot Rod Kenny Stewart The Whiteland Warrior - Charlie Reed The Underdog - Scott Settles The Chicken - Dave Lewis 50-Lap Team Figure-8----- 1.    Jack Dossey Jr. 2.    Kenny Stewart 3.    Doug Greig 4.    Bill Tunny Jr. 5.    Danny Turner 6.    Charlie Reed 7.    Jeff Hizer 8.    Donnie Garrigus Sr. 9.    Mark Dailey Jr. 10.    Robert Downey Jr. 11.    Scott Settles 12.    Dale Knauss 13.    Gary Wray 14.    Oza Hoosier 15.    Dave Lewis 16.    Jimmy Kirby 17.    Dennis Sloan 18.    Eddie VanMeter 19.    Keith Richee 20.    R.J. Norton 21.    Rodney Sizemore 22.    Eddie Snapp Jr. 23.    Steve Prine 24.    George Sutton 25.    Ronnie Rigdon 26.    Donnie Sloan 27.    Country Brown 28.    Steve Frost 29.    Fred Baumgardner -----

------------------- Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks Fast Qualifier - Larry Hahn - 14.827 Heats - Kevin Williams, Scott Settles, James Curry 25-Lap Oval----- 1.    Kevin Williams 2.    Eddie Snapp Jr. 3.    Jack Smith 4.    Larry Hahn 5.    Jimmy Kirby 6.    Don Miller 7.    Speedy Teepe 8.    Scott Settles 9.    Dave Lewis 10.    Oza Hoosier 11.    Joe Mackey 12.    Richard Amos 13.    Mark Waugh Jr. 14.    James Curry 15.    Charlie Hargraves 16.    Roy Roberts 17.    Gary Wray 18.    Brian Madden 19.    Mike Patterson 20.    Mike Adams 21.    Chris Miller 22.    Bill Montag 23.    Wayne Thompson 24.    Rick Gillespie -----

------------------- Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners Heats - Jerry Lovell, Jeremy Ross, Scott Tabor, Ron Payne 20-Lap "A" Main----- 1.    Scott Tabor 2.    D.J. Rhodes 3.    Barry Tabor 4.    Dean Smith 5.    Barry Coy 6.    Kerry Wright 7.    Bruiser French 8.    Ron Payne 9.    Barry White 10.    Brian Brown 11.    Scott Cothron 12.    Diane Bohnenkamp 13.    Kenny McRee 14.    Steve Gyetko 15.    Robert Perkins II 16.    Jeremy Ross 17.    Jimmy Hardcastle 18.    James Eads 19.    David Lee Byrd 20.    Jerry Lovell 21.    Buddy Tabor 22.    Duane Gullion 23.    Herb Carson ----- 12-Lap "B" Main #1----- 1.    Jerry Givens 2.    Jeremy Dillon 3.    Jim Knifely 4.    Mike Tutrow 5.    Mike Poynter Jr. 6.    William Clark 7.    Larry Moorman 8.    Brian Tabor 9.    Jeff Clark 10.    Keith Taylor 11.    Kevin Woodsmall 12.    Mike Light 13.    Larry Harrison 14.    Steve Grubbs 15.    Lee McTarsney 16.    Richard Martin 17.    Cory Fleenor 18.    James Swatts 19.    Brian Canter 20.    Larry Bentley ----- 12-Lap "B" Main #2----- -----

------------------- Special Races Fast Qualifier - Jim Begley - 13.537 Trophy Dash - Billy George Last Chance Race - Steve Prine 50-Lap Late Model vs. Modifieds Shootout----- 1.    Billy George 2.    Jim Begley 3.    Marshall Emberton Jr. 4.    Jack Dossey Jr. 5.    George Sutton 6.    Rob McCalister, Sr. 7.    Rodney Sizemore 8.    Kelly Whiteman 9.    R.J. Norton 10.    Bill Tunny Jr. 11.    Kurt Nahre 12.    Danny Turner 13.    Dave Cumbee 14.    Bruce Cooper 15.    Steve Prine 16.    Eddie VanMeter 17.    Jimmy Mays 18.    Jimmie Foster 19.    Kenny Stewart 20.    Keith Richee 21.    Steve Frost 22.    Porter Bennett 23.    Jeff Hizer -----

Upcoming Events - - - - - - - - -Friday, September 21 - Qualifying races for the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner 100 and the Hutchison Signs Stock 100 join with a full card for the Legend Cars and Bandoleros. First Race is at 7:00 - - - - Saturday, September 22 - Roadrunners have their biggest race of the year with a 100-Lap survival match on the oval. The 2nd Annual Hutchison Signs 100 features a Stock Class battle for the top dog spot in their century race. The return of Open Competition Figure-8 racing fills out the card with an exciting challenge for all-comers on the Speedrome's "8" course. - - - - First race at 7:00 both nights.


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