Indianapolis Speedrome results 2001-09-01

Saturday, September 1, at the Indianapolis Speedrome - - - -Rodney Sizemore pulled a rare sweep of the Bryant's 76 Late Model features Saturday night at the Indianapolis Speedrome winning the 25-Lap Oval event and the 50-Lap Figure-8 as well as ...

Saturday, September 1, at the Indianapolis Speedrome - - - -Rodney Sizemore pulled a rare sweep of the Bryant's 76 Late Model features Saturday night at the Indianapolis Speedrome winning the 25-Lap Oval event and the 50-Lap Figure-8 as well as setting fast time for the evening. Defending series champ and points leader Bruce Tunny chased Sizemore at the line with Rich Fenwick, Bill Tunny, Jr., and Jack Dossey, Jr., following. The last time Greg Snow won a feature at the Speedrome the other George Bush was in the White House but time has been kind to the August 1987 Speedrome Stock Class Champion as he took the 25-Lap Oval go for the Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks. Ravenswood is a part of Indianapolis best known for its seasonal flooding and "Southern Charm" but lately its been the source of some strong racers as Kenny McRee traveled "up from the river" to take the 20-Lap Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner "A" feature over Scott Tabor and championship contender Casey Victery. The crowd-pleasing "Flagpole Races" returned for the "B" Mains and it was veterans Dean Smith and James Syra who snagged the 5-turn special races. <pre> ------------------- Results 9/1/2001

Bryant's 76 Late Models Fast Qualifier - Rodney Sizemore - 13.825 Trophy Dash - Rich Fenwick Heats - Curtis McMurtrey, Steve Prine, Jimmy Mays Last Chance Race - Bobby Whitaker 50-Lap Figure-8----- 1.    Rodney Sizemore 2.    Bruce Tunny 3.    Rich Fenwick 4.    Bill Tunny Jr. 5.    Jack Dossey Jr. 6.    George Sutton 7.    Doug Greig 8.    Wayne Arnold 9.    Steve Prine 10.    Curtis McMurtrey 11.    Jeff Hizer 12.    Keith Richee 13.    R.J. Norton 14.    Bobby Whitaker 15.    Bill Ellis 16.    Steve Frost 17.    Bobby Douthitt 18.    Danny Turner 19.    Fred Bear Jr. 20.    Casey White 21.    Wes Spillers 22.    Jimmy Mays 23.    Country Brown 24.    Robert Downey Jr. 25.    Manny Aguilar 26.    Donnie Garrigus Jr. 27.    David Reel ----- 25-Lap Late Model Oval----- 1.    Rodney Sizemore 2.    Bill Tunny Jr. 3.    Bobby Douthitt 4.    Jack Dossey Jr. 5.    Jimmy Mays 6.    Rich Fenwick 7.    Bruce Tunny 8.    Steve Prine 9.    Jeff Hizer 10.    Keith Richee 11.    Casey White 12.    Bobby Whitaker 13.    Robert Downey Jr. 14.    Steve Frost 15.    Curtis McMurtrey 16.    Country Brown 17.    David Reel 18.    Manny Aguilar -----

------------------- Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks Fast Qualifier - Al Fullenkamp - 14.786 Heats - Corey Turner, Rob Taylor, David Lee Byrd, Mark Waugh, Jr. Last Chance Race - Bill Montag 25-Lap Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks Oval Main----- 1.    Greg Snow 2.    David Radcliff 3.    Richard Amos 4.    Corey Turner 5.    Jimmy Kirby 6.    Rob Taylor 7.    Tim Mink 8.    Mark Waugh Jr. 9.    Speedy Teepe 10.    Larry Hahn 11.    Brian Luttrell 12.    Kenny McDonough 13.    Charlie Hargraves 14.    Oza Hoosier 15.    Henry McDougalle 16.    Jeffrey Smith 17.    Jack Smith 18.    Spike Brickley 19.    Don Miller 20.    Scott Settles 21.    Brad Kendall 22.    David Lee Byrd 23.    Jamie Brickley 24.    Gary Wray 25.    Al Fullenkamp 26.    Gregory Jines 27.    Bill Montag 28.    Chris Shrum I 29.    Barry Pettis -----

------------------- Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners Heats - Robert Perkins I, Rex Cox, Herb Carson, Steve Grubbs, Scott Tabor, 20-Lap Roadrunner "A" Main----- 1.    Kenny McRee 2.    Scott Tabor 3.    Casey Victery 4.    Jim Knifely 5.    Kerry Wright 6.    Jeff Thomas 7.    Jimmy Hardcastle 8.    Barry Tabor 9.    Robert Perkins II 10.    Buddy Tabor 11.    Shane Brothers 12.    Robert Perkins I 13.    Jeremy Smith 14.    Mark Harrison 15.    David Vass 16.    Herb Carson 17.    D.J. Rhodes 18.    Chris Legg 19.    Dale Roys 20.    Rex Cox II 21.    Steve Barton 22.    Steve Grubbs 23.    Kevin Woodsmall 24.    Dave Collier ----- 12-Lap Roadrunner "B" Main #1----- 1.    James Syra II 2.    Sam Wilson 3.    Cliff Turpin 4.    Ronnie Richardson 5.    Richard Martin 6.    Carl Schilling 7.    Dennis Summers 8.    Tim Moorman 9.    Larry Bentley 10.    Jonathan Willis 11.    Mike Smith, Jr. 12.    Josh Keisner ----- 12-Lap Roadrunner "B" Main #2----- 1.    Dean Smith 2.    Barry Coy 3.    Jerry Green 4.    Barry White 5.    Jerry Givens 6.    James Swatts 7.    Steve Gyetko 8.    Jeremy Ross 9.    Ron Crabtree 10.    Mark Waugh Jr. 11.    George Gates 12.    Jerry Johnson 13.    Joe Stewart 14.    Todd Amos 15.    Larry Thomas -----

Upcoming Events
Sunday, September 2 - Championship Night for the Late Models with their annual 1-Hour Figure-8, the stocks in an oval program and the Roadrunners settle their championship run in a set of features.

Gates open at 5PM, Qualifications are at 6PM and first race is at 7PM both nights.

THE 25TH ANNUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 3-HOUR FIGURE-8 IS JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY! - - Thursday, September 6 - Free grandstand admission for an evening of open practice and Roadrunner races starting at 5:00PM

Friday, September 7 - Registration and practice plus Figure-8 Qualifying races for the Speedrome's biggest show ever. Gates open at 1:00PM

Saturday, September 8 - Practice all day and race all night as the $25,000-to-win Championship crowns a new winner. Gates open at 1:00PM.


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