Indianapolis Speedrome results 2001-08-11

Another wild one at the Indianapolis Speedrome sees Bill Tunny, Jr. back in the winner's circle after weeks of hard luck. Tunny thanked the crew and sponsors for not losing faith in crowded victory celebration. Little brother Bruce Tunny ...

Another wild one at the Indianapolis Speedrome sees Bill Tunny, Jr. back in the winner's circle after weeks of hard luck. Tunny thanked the crew and sponsors for not losing faith in crowded victory celebration. Little brother Bruce Tunny retains the points lead in the Bryant's 76 Racing Fuels Late Models with a second place finish over Rodney Sizemore, R. J. Norton, Jr. and Bobby Douthitt rounding out the top five.

Earlier in the evening Speedrome Hall of Fame member Wayne Arnold captured the Late Model Oval main in a thrilling run through heavy traffic over Kenny Stewart, Charlie Reed, Norton and George Sutton. It was the first Speedrome victory for one of the track's winningest drivers since returning to racing late last season.

"Big Al" Fullenkamp marked his return to the Chuck's Race Car Parts Stock division with a win over former champ Victor Rybolt and surprising rookie Scott McGill.

Doug Watt triumphed in the "A" Main of the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners as a warm-up to his defense of his points lead in Sunday's Hutchison Signs' Red, White & Blue Roadrunner Challenge. A second-place finish for Barry White just nudges him ahead of Casey Victery for top spot on the season point board. A pair of 12-lap "Flagpole" races rounded out the Roadrunner events with Chad Kerr and Frank Kikendall each snatching gold.

Earlier in the evening the Pepsi Kids Bicycle races wrapped up their series with Derek Hanneman winning for the boys in a five-lap, one mile chase and Brittany Feldman taking the girls bike race.


------------------------------- BRYANT'S 76 RACING FUELS 50-LAP FIGURE-8 1. Bill Tunny, Jr. 2. Bruce Tunny 3. Rodney Sizemore 4. R. J. Norton, Jr. 5. Bobby Douthitt 6. George Sutton 7. Wayne Arnold 8. Charlie Reed 9. Curtis McMurtrey 10. Jeff Hizer 11. Steve Frost 12. Jimmy Mays 13. Keith Richee 14. Donnie Garrigus, Jr. 15. Robert Downey, Jr. 16. Bill Ellis 17. Casey White 18. Wes Spillers 19. Kenny Stewart 20. Leonard Basham 21. Tim Skinner, Jr. 22. Country Brown 23. Danny Turner 24. Bobby Whitaker 25. Ronnie Rigdon 26. David Reel

25-LAP OVAL 1. Wayne Arnold 2. Kenny Stewart 3. Charlie Reed 4. R. J. Norton, Jr. 5. George Sutton 6. Jeff Hizer 7. Rodney Sizemore 8. Bill Tunny, Jr. 9. Bobby Douthitt 10. Bruce Tunny 11. Country Brown 12. Casey White 13. Tim Skinner, Jr. 14. David Reel 15. Bobby Whitaker 16. Fred Bear, Jr. 17. Donnie Garrigus, Jr. 18. Jimmy Foster

FAST QUALIFIER - Rodney Sizemore - 14.053 TROPHY DASH - Bobby Douthitt HEATS - Charlie Reed, Bobby Whitaker, Country Brown LAST CHANCE RACE - Jimmy Foster ---------------------- CHUCK'S RACE CAR PARTS STOCKS 25-LAP OVAL FEATURE 1. Al Fullenkamp 2. Victor Rybolt 3. Scott McGill 4. Brad Kendall 5. Charlie Hargraves 6. Corey Turner 7. Gregory Jines 8. Don Miller 9. Larry Hahn 10. Russell Goodnight 11. Tim Mink 12. Greg Snow 13. Bill Montag 14. Speedy Teepe 15. Kerry Wright 16. Joe Alley 17. Roy Roberts 18. Mike Adams 19. Mark Wiker 20. Chris Shrum I 21. Junior LeMasters 22. Jack Smith 23. Eddie Snapp, Jr. 24. Jimmy Kirby

FAST QUALIFIER - Eddie Snapp, Jr. - 14.837 HEATS - Brad Kendall, Jimmy Kirby, Tim Mink, Kerry Wright LAST CHANCE RACE - Roy Roberts ----------------------------- SUNSHINE CAFE ROADRUNNERS 20-LAP "A" FEATURE - (Normal Oval) 1. Doug Watt 2. Barry White 3. Barry Tabor 4. Mike McDougalle 5. Bruiser French 6. James Swatts 7. Mark Waugh, Jr. 8. Randy Hutchison 9. Brian Brown 10. James Curry 11. David Vass 12. Kerry Wright 13. Randy Allen 14. Jesse Cothron 15. Barry Coy 16. Jerry Givens 17. Dale Roys 18. Todd Amos 19. Frank Hardcastle 20. Herb Carson

12-LAP "B" FEATURE #1 - (Flagpole) 1. Chad Kerr 2. Scott Tabor 3. Dean Smith 4. Chris Gordon 5. Kevin Woodsmall 6. Richard Martin 7. Jason McDonough 8. Don Strother, Jr. 9. Richard Moorman 10. Mike Smith, Jr. 11. A. J. Januszkiewicz 12. Mike Tutrow 13. Brian Canter

12-LAP "B" FEATURE #2 - (Flagpole) 1. Frank Kikendall 2. Buddy Tabor 3. Chuck McGinnis 4. Scott Camhi 5. William Clark 6. Robert V. Perkins 7. Lee McTarsky 8. D.J. Rhodes 9. Corey Fleener 10. David Collier 11. Teddy Monroe

HEATS - Herb Carson, Jesse Cothron, Buddy Tabor, Mike McDougalle

PEPSI KIDS BICYCLE RACES BOYS 12-15 YEARS-OLD 1. Derek Hanneman 2. Ben Tunny 3. Aaron Brown 4. Tony Roberts 5. Jesse Tunny

GIRLS 12-15 YEARS-OLD 1. Brittany Feldman 2. Brittni Greig 3. Emerald McMurtrey 4. Chassidy Barger 5. Christin James


UPCOMING EVENTS - - - - - - Sunday, August 12 - The Hutchison Signs' Red, White & Blue Series wraps up with three champions to be crowned. The Outlaw Stocks battle for 76-laps on the Figure-8 to decide who is the Weekend Warrior King of grassroots stock car racing. The Speedrome's Rodney Sizemore, Louisville's Artie B. Ware, Anderson's Mike & Doug Riddle and Dale Shelton of Memphis, Indiana duke it out through the crossover in the Speedrome's wide-open infield. The Roadrunners and Chuck's Race Car Parts Powder Puff challengers settle their differences on the track for their own championship with gates opening at 5PM, qualifications at 6PM and the first race at 7PM. -

Wednesday, August 15 - Sponsor Appreciation Night with a special midweek show with the Late Models, Stocks, Roadrunners and Bomber Figure-8 cars

Friday, August 17 - The Modifieds, Legend Cars, Bandoleros, Roadrunners and Bomber Figure-8's return for their weekly series. Plus, the Chuck's Race Car Parts Stocks go for a pair of 25-Lap qualifying races leading up to the Kenny's Auto Sales 50-Lap oval on Saturday.

Saturday, August 18 - Kenny's Auto Sales 50-lapper for the Stockers, Late Models on the oval and "8" and Roadrunners.

All shows are evening events with pit gates open at 4PM, spectator gates open and practice begins at 5PM, Qualifications at 6PM and the first race at 7PM.


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