I-94 Raceway results 2004-08-28

Brockhouse Wins National Qualifier at I-94 Raceway SAUK CENTRE, MN (August 28, 2004) - Tim Brockhouse punched his ticket to the Legends Nationals by winning the Aggressive Hydraulics National Qualifying Race at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre....

Brockhouse Wins National Qualifier at I-94 Raceway

SAUK CENTRE, MN (August 28, 2004) - Tim Brockhouse punched his ticket to the Legends Nationals by winning the Aggressive Hydraulics National Qualifying Race at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre. Jon Lewerer sprang out front right away, but Dirk Henry soon took control of the race. Jesse Smith in his first-ever Minnesota start, quickly moved to Henry's tail. The front pair raced close as they tore through lapped traffic. Smith tried to use the traffic to get by, but his shot at the win would disappear as he brought out the race's only caution when he spun on lap 27. On the restart, Brockhouse, who was running in third, took advantage of the situation and grabbed the lead. Henry locked onto his rear bumper and the top two in points made it a race for the win. Al Renner, in his first- ever Minnesota race moved to as high as third, but without the aid of a caution, that would be as far as he would get. Out front Henry stayed put and settled for second as Brockhouse took the win and the $1,000 winner's check. The win gave Brockhouse an automatic spot in the Legends Pro Division Nationals Feature. Henry, a Semi-Pro Division driver, earned a spot as well and Renner captured the position for the Masters Division.

Todd Hansen fresh off of winning the Feature and the Championship at the Fergus Falls Raceway continued the march towards his second Championship as he added to his I-94 Raceway lead with a dominant run in the ASA Late Model Feature. Jake Jay took advantage of a front row starting spot as he moved to the early lead. Polesitter Benny VanCleve moved by on lap two, before Jay regained the spot a lap later. VanCleve reclaimed it three laps later as he edged his way past. Fourth starting Stacy Rossell came to the front as he moved to second and just before the half-way mark, he took his turn as the leader. While this was going on, ninth starting Hansen was picking off cars in his rally towards the front. With seven laps left, Hansen pulled alongside of Rossell, just before the yellow flag waved for the first of a series of incidents. When the action picked back up, Rossell gave up the lead as Hansen powered his way to the front. The final few laps saw Hansen run away from the field as he took the win.

John Notch returned to familiar territory as he won the Aggressive Hydraulics Modified Feature. Starting on the pole, Notch took the lead as Dave Ostendorf and then Tony Grams ran in second. Grams would edge his way into the lead with three laps left, but the two leaders would touch on the following lap, allowing Notch to regain the lead. Kevin Woeste used that action to move into second, but ran out of time to do much more as Notch held on for the win.

Gordy Mason returned to the Winner's Circle as he dominated the Limited Late Model Feature. Mason took the lead from the pole and slowly extended his advantage throughout the cautionless race. Mason was fortunate not to have any problems, because his crew chief Tony Brockhouse was making his first start of the season, eventually finishing in the seventh spot. Pete Ingebritson chased Mason the entire distance, but had to settle for second, while Mason led every lap on his way to the win.

Matt Miller took the lead at the right time to win in a wild finish in the Thunder Car Feature. Patrick Amelung took the lead on the opening lap as Jim Larkin moved into second. Larkin's night would end on lap 9, when he pulled off the track. This allowed Ace Valencour, who had been running third, to turn up the heat on Amelung. With one lap to go, it was Amelung, Valencour and Lance Stueve fighting for the win. Valencour would make the pass in turn two, but Amelung fought back and pulled alongside coming into the final two turns. The leaders got crossed up, just out of turn four and both cars slid out of control. Other cars were caught up in the wreck, but somehow, Miller managed to avoid the carnage and he slipped through to take the win. Stueve's slide through the grass was enough to take second, while Jonathan Olmscheid took advantage of the situation to finish third.

Mike Meagher was declared the winner in the dramatic UCAR Feature. Dan Bolstad, borrowed Josh Whipple's car for the night and it looked like he might be on his way to an uncontested win. However, late in the race Jeremy Fleck moved to second and turned up the pressure on Bolstad. As the white flag waved, both cars were side-by-side, with Bolstad holding a slight advantage. They would touch in turn three, with Fleck getting out of shape and Bolstad scooting on to the checkered flag. Following the race, Track Officials penalized Bolstad for rough driving, awarding Meagher the win.

Darin Nelson was back in business as he won the TQ Stock Car Feature. Nathan Johanneck brought out the only yellow of the race, when he spun on the opening lap. When the green waved again, Nelson took the lead and slowly pulled away from Steve Strandlund. Without any further interruptions, Nelson expanded his lead to a half of a straightaway by the time he took the checkered flag.

I-94 Raceway Results Aug. 28, 2004

ASA Super Late Models

First Heat
1. Benny VanCleve (Prior Lake) 2. Bill Rhode (Hudson, WI) 3. Jake Jay (Harris) 4. JR Studinski (St. Joseph) 5. Gary Mueller (Chisago City) 6. Jon Olson (Hamel) 7. Joe Berthiaume (Hamel) 8. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls)

Second Heat
1. Brittany Fischer (Villard) 2. Ritch Johnson (Monticello) 3. Molly Rhoads (Hastings) 4. Scott Blake (Randall) 5. Will Kendall (Baxter) 6. Dave Diel (Hastings) 7. Brett Nordine (New Prague) 8. Tim Dehaan (Pine City)-DNF

Fast Dash
1. AJ Rhoads (Hastings) 2. Todd Hansen (Minneapolis) 3. Eugene Dick (Watkins) 4. Andy Hanson (Ramsey) 5. Tim Olson (Hamel) 6. Stacy Rossell (Atwater)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Todd Hansen (17.10 sec.) 2. Andy Hanson (17.15 sec.) 3. Eugene Dick (17.35 sec.) 4. Tim Olson (17.36 sec.) 5. AJ Rhoads (17.38 sec.) 6. Stacy Rossell (17.44 sec.)

1. Todd Hansen 2. Stacy Rossell 3. Eugene Dick 5. Andy Hanson 6. Benny VanCleve 7. AJ Rhoads 8. JR Studinski 9. Jake Jay 10. Ritch Johnson 11. Jeff Lofquist 12. Brittany Fischer 13. Tim Olson 14. Joe Berthiaume 15. Gary Muller 16. Molly Rhoads 17. Will Kendall 18. Dave Diel 19. Scott Blake 20. TimDehaan-DNF 21. Jon Olson-DNF 22. Brett Nordine-DNS


First Heat
1. Jeff Rohner (Willmar) 2. Terry Merten (Sauk Centre) 3. Tony Grams (Zimmerman) 4. Dave Ostendorf (St. Cloud) 5. John Notch (St. Cloud) 6. Matt Anderson (Atwater) 7. John Gottwald (Paynesville) 8. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 2. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 3. Jerry Voigt (Cold Spring) 4. Kevin Woeste (Watie Park) 5. Brady Barker (Grove City) 6. Dick Graves-DNF 7. Wally Mass (Wheaton)-DNF

1. John Notch 2. Kevin Woeste 3. Tony Grams 4. Jon Lewerer 5. Dave Ostendorf 6. Jerry Voigt 7. Terry Merten 8. Joey Johnson 9. Jeff Rhoner 10. John Gottwald 11. Brady Barker 12. Matt Anderson 13. Tim Brockhouse 14. Wally Mass 15. Dick Graves-DNS

Great North Legends

First Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Stan Davis (Maple Grove) 3. Kim Kraus (Prior Lake) 4. Jamie Walker (Kimball) 5. Gary Oie (St. Paul) 6. Bruce Allen (Chanhassen) 7. Ross Zumbach (Racine) 8. Tim Bumgardner (Coon Rapids) 9. Jesse Smith (St. Louis, MO)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Todd Tracy (Belle Plaine) 2. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 3. Al Renner (Indianapolis, IN) 4. Rollie Davidson (Burnsville) 5. Doug Petty (Oak Grove) 6. Dave Schafer (Glenwood) 7. Paul Hartman (Willmar) 8. Robbie Carter (Prior Lake)

Third Heat
1. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 2. Zack Davids (Apple Valley) 3. Jaycen Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 4. Chad Flynn (Alexandria) 5. Ray Walker (Kimball) 6. Charlie Balderston (Freeport) 7. Matt Hendrickson (Albany) 8. Cam Schafer (Glenwood)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Jesse Smith (18.77 sec.) 2. Jon Lewerer (18.87 sec.) 3. Dirk Henry (18.89 sec.) 4. Tim Brockhouse (18.94 sec.) 5. Jaycen Brockhouse (18.96 sec.) 6. Al Renner (18.97 sec.)

1. Tim Brockhouse 2. Dirk Henry 3. Al Renner 4. Stan Davis 5. Kim Kraus 6. Zack Davids 7. Chad Flynn 8. Todd Tracy 9. Jaycen Brockhouse 10. Matt Hendrickson 11. Ray Walker 12. Doug Petty 13. Jamie Walker 14. Rollie Davidson 15. Bruce Allen 16. Charlie Balderston 17. Ross Zumbach 18. Dave Schafer 19. Tim Bumgardner 20. Cam Schafer 21. Robbie Carter 22. Gary Oie 23. Paul Hartman-DNF 24. Jesse Smith-DNF 25. Jon Lewerer-DNF

Limited Late Models

1. Gordy Mason (Excelsior) 2. Pete Ingebritson (Farmington) 3. Rob Dubnecay (Maple Grove) 4. Jim Larkin (Big Lake) 5. Pat Heny (Sauk Centre) 6. Tony Brockhouse (Glyndon) 7. Jason Martagon (St. Cloud) 8. Greg Michaud (Minnetrista)

Thunder Cars

First Heat
1. Matt Miller (Glenwood) 2. Matt Hoechen (Sauk Centre) 3. Ace Valencour (Sauk Centre) 4. Lance Stueve (Greenwald) 5. Jim Larkin (Big Lake) 6. Jarmin Henry (Sauk Centre) 7. Joe Karl (Osakis) 8. Keith Nohner (Grey Eagle)-DNS

Second Heat
1. Jerry Messer (Sauk Centre) 2. Jonathan Olmscheid (Elrosa) 3. Patrick Amelung (St. Joseph) 4. Kurt Kort (Fergus Falls) 5. Mark Milbeck (Erhard) 6. Doug Olmscheid (Elrosa) 7. Tim Wojtowicz (Minneapolis)-DNF 8. Pat Henry (Sauk Centre)-DNF

1. Matt Miller 2. Lance Stueve 3. Jonathan Olmscheid 4. Jarmin Henry 5. Ace Valencour 6. Jerry Messer 7. Mark Milbeck 8. Kurt Kort 9. Matt Hoeschen 10. Joe Karl 11. Pat Henry 12. Tim Wojtowicz 13. Doug Olmscheid 14. Jim Larkin-DNF 15. Keith Nohner-DNF 16. Patrick Amelung-DQ


First Heat
1. Andy Mayavski (St. Cloud) 2. Jeremy Fleck (Sauk Rapids) 3. Andy Heying (St. Cloud) 4. Mike Meagher (Grey Eagle) 5. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 6. Cory Flynn (Alexandria) 7. Alan Thompson (Watie Park) 8. Matt Peterson (Burtrum) 9. Doug Fick (Fergus Falls)-DNF

Second Heat
1. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Nick Panitzke (Sauk Centre) 3. Scott Petty (Elk River) 4. Curt Peterson (Burtrum) 5. Billy Weyer (Sartell) 6. Carrie McDougall (Monticello) 7. Tony Hallerman (Sauk Centre) 8. Kris Wensman (Burtrum) 9. Marc Rosenow (Grey Eagle)-DNF

1. Mike Meagher 2. Andy Mayavski 3. Dan Bolstad 4. Andy Heying 5. Jeremy Fleck 6. David Bolstad 7. Alan Thompson 8. Curt Peterson 9. Billy Weyer 10. Nick Panitzke 11. Carrie McDougall 12. Scott Petty 13. Matt Peterson 14. Doug Fick 15. Tony Hallerman 16. Kris Wensman 17. Marc Rosenow 18. Cory Flynn-DNF

TQ Stock Cars

1. Darin Nelson (Isanti) 2. Steve Strandlund (Martin Lake) 3. Nathan Johanneck (Hutchinson) 4. Leroy Nelson (Isanti) 5. Jim Beck (Elk River)


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