I-94 Raceway results 2004-07-17

Bjorklund Tough To Beat Again At I-94 Raceway SAUK CENTRE, MN (July 17, 2004) - Blake Bjorklund is running only a limited schedule at his home track and that's good news for everyone else as once again he proved to be on top of his game as he...

Bjorklund Tough To Beat Again At I-94 Raceway

SAUK CENTRE, MN (July 17, 2004) - Blake Bjorklund is running only a limited schedule at his home track and that's good news for everyone else as once again he proved to be on top of his game as he won the K-95.3 ASA Super Late Model Feature at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre. "Wild" Bill Rhode kicked things off as he took the lead on the opening lap. Third starting Tim Olson moved up to challenge and on lap four, he became the new race leader. Eighth starting Bjorklund was on the move and he took the lead, just before the first caution flag waved for Stacy Rossell's stalled car in turn three. When the action picked back up again, Dan Fredrickson moved by Tim Olson to take the second spot. Fredrickson used lap traffic to close the gap on Bjorklund. On lap 25, as the leaders were attempting to lap JR Studniski, the front pair got together. Bjorklund spun and Fredrickson was placed at the rear of the field. Just one lap back to green, Eugene Dick spun out of turn two. His car slid across the track, collecting Molly Rhoads, putting both cars out of the race. The sprint to the finish saw Bjorklund step away to take the win, with Olson holding off Trent Snyder for second.

Since returning to racing this year, Kevin Woeste was asked several times if he would do cartwheels following a win. Race Fans were treated to some extra action as following Woeste's win in the Modified Feature, the acrobatic driver did three cartwheels in Victory Lane. The Action starting off hot and heavy as Points Leader John Notch spun on the front stretch, slid through the infield grass and collected an unsuspecting Terry Merten in turn one, before the car finally came to a stop. When the race finally got underway, Brady Barker took control upfront. Fifth starting Woeste stepped things up and he took over the top spot on lap three. It wasn't long before Woeste has a full straightaway advantage over Jon Lewerer. This was all wiped away when Dave Ostendorf spun with seven laps left. Woeste, a former Mod-Four Champion, took the restart and led the rest of the way to take home the win. Lewerer held off Tony Grams for second.

Rob Thurston has been running a limited schedule this season and he showed some of his former Championship style as he won the K-95.3 Great North Legends Feature. Rookie Cam Schafer took the lead from his front row starting spot as the 21 car field shot into turn one. Second-year driver Jason Brockhouse came flying to the front and on lap five, he moved into the lead. A trio of cautions slowed the action near the race's midpoint, the worst of which saw Schafer spin just out of turn two and Mike Turbes rolled his car in the aftermath. Everyone was uninjured, but were out for the rest of the race. Once racing resumed, Brockhouse had plenty of company as tenth starting Thurston was right on the door step. One lap, later Thurston made his move in turn three and never looked back as he went on to claim his 40th career Legends win.

Part of the standard race procedure is a post-race technical inspection and following this week's Thunder Car Feature, the events of this inspection altered the final race results. Ace Valencour was the first to take the checkered flag on the track. However, he and several drivers were penalized for a rules infraction which ended up giving the race win to Joe Karl.

Jeremy "The Hornet" Fleck's car looks like a Matt Kenseth car and the rookie driver drove like the NASCAR Champ as he continued his remarkable season with yet another UCAR Feature win. Pole-sittter David Bolstad led the field to the green, but fellow front row starter Fleck, made his move on the first lap and took the lead. The cautionless race allowed Fleck to extend his lead to a much as a full straightaway by the time he crossed the finish line. Andy Mayavski held off Mike Meagher and Dan Bolstad in a close race for second.

Gary Stein in his USAC Stock Car was the big winner in the IMCA Old-Timers race. Mike Stein drove his USAC Stock Car to a second place finish, while Dave Huska in his Sprint Car finished third.

I-94 Raceway Results
July 17, 2004

ASA Super Late Models

First Heat
1. Bill Rhode (Hudson, WI) 2. Gary Mueller (Chisago City) 3. Eugene Dick (Watkins) 4. Matt Lundberg (Des Monies, IA) 5. Stacy Rossell (Atwater) 6. Paul Milford (Apple Valley) 7. Molly Rhoads (Hastings) 8. Scott Atkinson (Little Falls)

Second Heat
1. Jake Jay (Harris) 2. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls) 3. Ritch Johnson (Monticello) 4. JR Studniski (St. Joseph) 5. Clay Montella (Ottertail) 6. Scott Blake (Randall) 7. Josh Farnum (Brooklyn Park) 8. Gordy Mason (Excelsior)

Fast Dash
1. Trent Snyder (Ironton) 2. Dan Fredrickson (Elko) 3. Tim Olson (Hamel) 4. Todd Hansen (Minneapolis) 5. Blake Bjorklund (Isanti) 6. Andy Hanson (Ramsey)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Dan Fredrickson (16.77 sec.) 2. Blake Bjorklund (17.04 sec.) 3. Todd Hansen (17.21 sec.) 4. Andy Hanson (17.22 sec.) 5. Trent Snyder (17.22 sec.) 6. Tim Olson (17.23 sec.)

1. Blake Bjorklund 2. Tim Olson 3. Trent Snyder 4. Todd Hansen 5. Dan Fredrickson 6. Bill Rhode 7. Andy Hanson 8. Scott Atkinson 9. Matt Lundberg 10. Ritch Johnson 11. Paul Milford 12. Gordy Mason 13. Jake Jay 14. Molly Rhoads-DNF 15. Eugene Dick-DNF 16. Gary Mueller-DNF 17. Stacy Rossell-DNF 18. Jeff Lofquist-DNF 19. JR Studniski-DNF 20. Clay Montella-DNF 21. Scott Blake-DNF 22. Josh Farnum-DQ


1. Dave Ostendorf (St. Cloud) 2. Brady Barker (Grove City) 3. Terry Merten (Sauk Centre) 4. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 5. Jeff Rohner (Willmar) 6. Matt Anderson (Atwater) 7. Dave Deters (Sauk Centre)

Fast Dash
1. Kevin Woeste (Waite Park) 2. Jerry Voigt (Cold Spring) 3. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 4. John Notch (St. Cloud) 5. Tony Grams (Zimmerman) 6. John Gottwald (Paynesville)

Fast Qualifiers
1. John Notch (17.85 sec.) 2. Jon Lewerer (17.88 sec.) 3. Kevin Woeste (17.93 sec.) 4. John Gottwald (18.17 sec.) 5. Jerry Voigt (18.34.) 6. Tony Gram (18.43 sec.)

1. Kevin Woeste 2. Jon Lewerer 3. Tony Grams 4. John Gottwald 5. Dave Ostendorf 6. Joey Johnson 7. Brady Barker 8. Jerry Voigt 9. Matt Anderson 10. John Notch 11. Terry Merten 12. Dave Deters-DNF 13. Jeff Rohner-DNF

Great North Legends

First Heat
1. Rob Thurston (Olivia) 2. Cam Schafer (Glenwood) 3. Ray Walker (Kimball) 4. Doug Petty (Oak Grove) 5. Zack Davids (Apple Valley) 6. Nick Binsfeld (St. Cloud) 7. Dave Schafer (Glenwood)

Second Heat
1. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 2. Greg Lohrenz (Chanhassen) 3. Jason Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 4. Rollie Davidson (Burnsville) 5. Tim Bumgardner (Coon Rapids) 6. Robbie Carter (Prior Lake) 7. Shimon Casper (Cottage Grove)

Third Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Rick Dubay (Coon Rapids) 3. Todd Tracy (Belle Plaine) 4. Matt Hendrickson (Albany) 5. Jamie Walker (Kimball) 6. Charlie Balderston (Freeport) 7. Mike Turbes (North Mankato)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Tim Brockhouse (18.87 sec.) 2. Dirk Henry (19.07 sec.) 3. Rob Thurston (19.12 sec.) 4. Todd Tracy (19.21 sec.) 5. Jason Brockhouse (19.26 sec.) 6. Zack Davids (19.30 sec.)

1. Rob Thurston 2. Tim Brockhouse 3. Dirk Henry 4. Jason Brockhouse 5. Greg Lohrenz 6. Jamie Walker 7. Zack Davids 8. Todd Tracy 9. Doug Petty 10. Charlie Balderston 11. Ray Walker 12. Rollie Davidson 13. Shimon Casper 14. Nick Binsfeld 15. Matt Hendrickson 16. Rick Dubay 17. Robbie Carter 18. Mike Turbes-DNF 19. Cam Schafer-DNF 20. Tim Bumgardner-DNF 21. Dave Schafer-DNS

Thunder Cars

First Heat
1. Jonathan Olmschied (Elrosa) 2. Lance Stueve (Greenwold) 3. Daryl Harth (Glenwood) 4. Patrick Amelung (St. Joseph) 5. Doug Olmscheid (Elrosa) 6. Matt Hoeschen (Sauk Centre) 7. Jim Larkin (Monticello)

Second Heat
1. Ace Valencour (Sauk Centre) 2. Jerry Messer (Sauk Centre) 3. Jarmin Henry (Sauk Centre) 4. Tim Wojtowicz (Minneapolis) 5. Joe Karl (Osakis) 6. Matt Miller (Glenwood)-DNF

1. Joe Karl 2. Lance Stueve 3. Ace Valencour 4. Patrick Amelung 5. Jerry Messer 6. Daryl Harth 7. Jarmin Henry 8. Tim Wojtowicz 9. Jonathan Olmscheid 10. Matt Hoeschen 11. Jim Larkin 12. Doug Olmscheid-DNF 13. Matt Miller-DNF


First Heat
1. Cory Flynn (Alexandria) 2. Adam Fronning (Dalton) 3. Andy Mayavski (St. Cloud) 4. Jeremy Fleck (Sauk Rapids) 5. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 6. Matt Peterson (Burtrum) 7. Curt Peterson (Burtrum)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Mike Meagher (Grey Eagle) 3. Alan Thompson (Waite Park) 4. Lee McDougall (Monticello) 5. Tony Hallerman (Sauk Centre) 6. Troy Nelson (Alexandria) 7. Josh Christi (Sauk Rapids)

1. Jeremy Fleck 2. Andy Mayavski 3. Mike Meagher 4. Dan Bolstad 5. David Bolstad 6. Adam Fronning 7. Cory Flynn 8. Lee McDougall 9. Alan Thompson 10. Troy Nelson 11. Tony Hallerman 12. Josh Christi 13. Curt Peterson-DNF 14. Matt Peterson-DNF

IMCA Old-Timers

1. Gary Stein (Northfield) 2. Mike Stein (Northfield) 3. Dave Huska (Shoreview) 4. Daryl Johnson (Lindstrom) 5. George Shields (Cameron, WI) 6. Orv Netiffe (Sioux Falls, SD)-DNF 7. Lou Fegers (Delano)-DNS 8. Frenchy Vasser (Delano)-DNS


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