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Cornelius Blasts To Win in Fall Nationals Opener at I-94 Raceway By Dean Reller SAUK CENTRE, MN (September 17, 2004) - Dean Cornelius blew away the competition on his way to winning the Limited Late Model Feature on the opening night of the ...

Cornelius Blasts To Win in Fall Nationals Opener at I-94 Raceway

By Dean Reller

SAUK CENTRE, MN (September 17, 2004) - Dean Cornelius blew away the competition on his way to winning the Limited Late Model Feature on the opening night of the Dondelinger Chevrolet Fall Nationals at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre. Starting outside the front row, Scott Baker shot into the lead from the start as Pat Henry moved to second. Henry turned up the heat and took over the top spot on lap five. Henry's stay was a short one however as seventh starting Cornelius wasted no time in getting by and taking the lead on lap seven. Once in front, Cornelius blasted away from everyone, leaving Henry, Gordy Mason and Rob Dubnecay to fight it out. The 25 lap race ran without a caution and that played right into Cornelius's favor as he extended his lead on every lap. By the time the checkered flag waved, Cornelius's lead was well over a half of a lap over the second place finisher Mason. Henry and Dubnecay rounded out the top four.

Jerry Messer wrapped up his Track Championship a week ago, so with no pressure, Messer could concentrate on winning and that's what he did in the Thunder Car Feature. Darren Werner took off from the start and managed to lead the race's first lap. Mark Milbeck then moved to the front as he then took over the lead on lap two. Messer looked strong as he raced wheel-to-wheel with Milbeck, but Messer would gain the upper hand after a few laps as he took over the lead. Jim Larkin brought out the race's lone caution as he spun on lap 10. Messer took the restart as Matt Hoeschen then jumped into the second spot. Hoeschen, a protege' of Messer's, chased down his teacher as the race wore on. Veteran experience proved to be the key as Messer held off his young challenger as he finished off the race unscathed to pick up the win.

Mike Kelly had only raced at I-94 Raceway only once before and he made his second time out a memorable one as he won the UCAR Feature. Tim Brockhouse, driving Matt Peterson's truck, took the early lead. Things would slow down on lap three when Kurt Deters spun in turn two. On the restart, Brockhouse and Kelly fought for the lead and after several laps of running beside each other, Kelly finally grabbed the lead, just before Cory Flynn brought out the final caution when he slowed on the track. The restart saw Brockhouse take the lead as Kelly was all over him. The pair again raced wheel-to-wheel, before Kelly finally took the lead the lead with ten laps remaining. Kelly pulled away in the final few laps as he went on to take the win by a half of a straightaway over Brockhouse.

Darin Nelson showed why he is a two-time Champion as he drove the wheels off his car on his way to winning the TQ Stock Car Feature. Chuck Nelson took the lead from the start, but it was Leroy Nelson who managed to lead the race's first lap. Chuck Nelson brought out the race's first caution as he spun in turn one. On the restart, Darin Nelson turned up the pressure and after a few laps, he took the lead. Nathan Johanneck followed along, but he would lose the handle on lap 17, while battling for the lead. Nelson would run strong the rest of the way to take the win.

Ricky Martin turned in a dominant run as he won the Fall Nationals Enduro.

I-94 Raceway Results Sept. 17, 2004

Limited Late Models

First Heat
1. Pete Ingebritson (Farmington) 2. Pat Henry (Sauk Centre) 3. Scott Baker (Osakis) 4. Jim Larkin (Monticello) 5. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre)

Second Heat
1. Dean Cornelius (Chaska) 2. Rob Dubnecay (Maple Grove) 3. Gordy Mason (Excelsior) 4. Ritch Johnson (Monticello) 5. David Fredrickson (Lakeville) 6. Jason Martagon (St. Cloud)-DNS

Fast Qualifiers
1. Dean Cornelius (17.40 sec. TRACK RECORD) 2. Rob Dubnecay (17.92 sec.) 3. Gordy Mason (18.17 sec.) 4. Ritch Johnson (18.38 sec.) 5. Pat Henry (18.47 sec.) 6. Scott Baker (19.00 sec.)

1. Dean Cornelius 2. Gordy Mason 3. Pat Henry 4. Rob Dubnecay 5. Pete Ingebritson 6. Ritch Johnson 7. Scott Baker 8. Jim Larkin 9. David Fredrickson-DNF 10. Jason Martagon-DNF 11. Dirk Henry-DNF

Thunder Cars

First Heat
1. Jerry Messer (Sauk Centre) 2. Jason Schroepfer (Comfry) 3. Jim Larkin (Monticello) 4. Mark Milbeck (Erhard) 5. Lance Stueve (Greenwald) 6. Jarmin Henry (Sauk Centre) 7. Matt Miller (Glenwood) 8. Matt Hoeschen (Sauk Centre) 9. Duane Werner (Breckenridge)

Second Heat
1. Daryl Harth (Glenwood) 2. Jonathan Olmscheid (Elrosa) 3. Tom Weinhandle (Henning) 4. Patrick Amelung (St. Joseph) 5. Doug Olmscheid (Elrosa) 6. Jobie Gutzmer (Fergus Falls) 7. Deon Roth (Fergus Falls) 8. Steve Devaney (Fergus Falls)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Matt Miller (19.79 sec. TRACK RECORD) 2. Lance Stueve (20.21 sec.) 3. Jim Larkin (20.25 sec.) 4. Jerry Messer (20.33 sec.) 5. Matt Hoeschen (20.39 sec.) 6. Mark Milbeck (20.41 sec.)

1. Jerry Messer 2. Matt Hoeschen 3. Lance Stueve 4. Mark Milbeck 5. Patrick Amelung 6. Matt Miller 7. Jason Schroepfer 8. Jonathan Olmscheid 9. Doug Olmscheid 10. Jobie Gutzmer 11. Tom Weinhandle 12. Deon Roth 13. Duane Werner 14. Steve Devaney-DNF 15. Daryl Harth-DNF 16. Jarmin Henry-DNF 17. Jim Larkin-DNF


First Heat
1. Mike Kelly (Inver Grove Heights) 2. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 3. George Dimmick (Lake Elmo) 4. Andy Mayavski (St. Cloud) 5. Carrie McDougall (Monticello) 6. Alan Thompson (Waite Park) 7. Jeremy Fleck (Sauk Rapids) 8. Marc Rosenow (Grey Eagle)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Kurt Peterson (Upsula) 3. Billy Weyer (Sartell) 4. Cory Flynn (Alexandria) 5. Jay Gronewald (Fergus Falls) 6. Andy Heying (St. Cloud) 7. Nick Panitzke (Sauk Centre) 8. Kris Wensmann (Elmdale)

Third Heat
1. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Bobbi Maras (Grey Eagle) 3. Troy Nelson (Alexandria) 4. Scott Petty (Elk River) 5. Josh Christi (Sauk Rapids) 6. Tony Hallerman (Sauk Centre) 7. Kurt Deters (Sauk Centre)

Fast Qualifiers
1. George Dimmick (20.35 sec. TRACK RECORD) 2. Jeremy Fleck (20.58 sec.) 3. Marc Rosenow (20.62 sec.) 4. Alan Thompson (20.64 sec.) 5. Carrie McDougall (20.76 sec.) 6. Mike Kelly (20.80 sec.)

1. Mike Kelly 2. Tim Brockhouse 3. Dan Bolstad 4. Andy Heying 5. George Dimmick 6. Alan Thompson 7. Kurt Peterson 8. Andy Mayavski 9. Marc Rosenow 10. Jeremy Fleck 11. David Bolstad 12. Nick Panitzke 13. Billy Weyer 14. Carrie McDougall 15. Scott Petty 16. Troy Nelson 17. Bobbi Maras 18. Kurt Deters 19. Josh Christi 20. Tony Hallerman 21. Cory Flynn-DNF 22. Jay Gronewald-DNF 23. Kris Wensmann-DNF

TQ Stock Cars

1. Darin Nelson (Isanti) 2. Nathan Johanneck (Hutchinson) 3. Leroy Nelson (Isanti) 4. Steve Strandlund (Martin Lake) 5. Chuck Nelson (Isanti)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Nathan Johanneck (18.52 sec. TRACK RECORD) 2. Darin Nelson (18.79 sec.) 3. Steve Strandlund (18.92 sec.) 4. Leroy Nelson (19.21 sec.) 5. Chuck Nelson (20.52 sec.)

1. Darin Nelson 2. Steve Strandlund 3. Leroy Nelson 4. Nathan Johanneck 5. Chuck Nelson

50 Lap Enduro
1. Ricky Martin 2. Mark Milbeck 3. Steve Motley 4. Dennis Barta 5. Louis Ansolabehere 6. Cory Pourier 7. Tim Brockhouse 8. John Simonson 9. Dustin Karl


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