I-55 Raceway UMP Nationals results 2001-09-15

Moyer claims I-55 Pepsi Nationals Title! PEVELY, MO (September 15, 2001) Billy Moyer of Batesville, Arkansas earned his fifth Pepsi Nationals title on Saturday night at the I-55 Raceway and claimed $10,000 for picking up the win. The win came in...

Moyer claims I-55 Pepsi Nationals Title!

PEVELY, MO (September 15, 2001) Billy Moyer of Batesville, Arkansas earned his fifth Pepsi Nationals title on Saturday night at the I-55 Raceway and claimed $10,000 for picking up the win. The win came in his sponsors' backyard as he drove the Petroff Towing, B AUTO Parts, J&J Steel, Hoosier Tire, AFCO, C.J. Rayburn, Jay Dickens FORD powered #21 to victory lane.

The night was kicked off with a very emotional tribute to the victims in New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. Drivers and crews formed a complete circle around the speedway, all holding candles while God Bless the USA played in the background. I-55 Raceway collected over $6300 in donations from fans, sponsors and crews to donate to the American Red Cross.

I-55 Raceway's 2001 UMP Late Model Champion Ed Dixon set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.398 seconds.

The Tall Cool One, Bob Pierce jumped out front early and led all nine laps to claim the victory in the dash, giving him a front row pole starting spot in the main event. Ed Dixon followed in second with Kevin Weaver, Mark Oller, Shannon Babb, Dan Schlieper, Randy Korte, Kevin Gundaker and Jeff Leka rounding out the finishing order.

Billy Moyer won the first heat race over Don O'Neal, Randy Korte and Dave Jumper. Billy Drake took the second heat race by besting Kevin Gundaker, Jr. Shickel and NASCAR Winston Cup star Ken Schrader. The third and final heat race went to Mike Mullvain over Jeff Leka, Tim Ratajczyk and Clay Baumann.

Matt Taylor took the Semi-Feature over Danny Haynes, Gary May, Don Klein and Greg Johnson.

As the green flag fell on the main event, Bob Pierce and Ed Dixon battled side-by-side, with Pierce on the low side and Dixon up on the cushion. The two swapped the lead back and fourth for the first nine laps before Pierce pulled ahead. As Pierce opened up his lead, Billy Moyer started moving up through the field from his seventh place starting spot. Moyer took over second place on lap eighteen and began to reel-in Pierce who had almost a full straight away lead. Pierce and Moyer worked their way through heavy lapped traffic, Moyer made the pass going into turn one on lap 36. Pierce fought back and pulled along side Moyer on lap 39, but Moyer held on to take the 40-lap event. Kevin Weaver followed the duo to the line for third. Shannon Babb was fourth and Don O'Neal fifth. Billy Drake, Ed Dixon, Mark Oller, Dan Schlieper and Randy Korte rounded out the top ten.

In the UMP Modified division, the Rocket Man, Scott Weber was untouchable as he drove away from the field to claim the win. This was Weber's third consecutive Pepsi Nationals Title in the UMP Modifieds. Jim Shereck provided an early challenge to Weber, but Shereck and Rich Whaley tangled on lap ten, sending both cars spinning. For the final ten laps there was a big battle for second place and in the end it was Brent Mullins taking the spot over Tom Ratajczyk, Dean Hoffman and Rusty Griffaw.

Troy Naeger won his first ever AARA Sportsman Pepsi Nationals Title. Naeger held off rookie driver Ricky Horton who took second. The 2001 AARA Sportsman track champion Paul Belken was third. Brian Worley and Mark Blanke completed the top five.

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<pre> RESULTS:

UMP Late Model Feature: 1. 21 Billy Moyer 2. 32 Bob Pierce 3. B12 Kevin Weaver 4. 18 Shannon Babb 5. 71 Don O'Neal 6. 9 Billy Drake 7. 50 Ed Dixon 8. 67 Mark Oller 9. S9 Dan Schlieper 10. 00 Randy Korte 11. 11 Kevin Gundaker 12. 112 Tim Ratajczyk 13. 77 Clay Baumann 14. 117 Matt Taylor 15. 4 Mike Mullvain 16. 47 Danny Haynes 17. 99 Ken Schrader 18. 2J Dave Jumper 19. S10 Jr. Shickel 20. 441 Jeff Leka 21. 26 Billy Faust 22. 45 Gary May 23. 21K Dewayne Kiefer 24. 33 Jason Frankel

Heat Winners: Billy Moyer, Billy Drake & Mike Mullvain -- Dash Winner: Bob Pierce

UMP Modifieds Feature: 1. 4J Scott Weber 2. 4M Brent Mullins 3. 12 Tom Ratajczyk 4. 1D Dean Hoffman 5. 16 Rusty Griffaw 6. 01 Brett Cygan 7. 95 Jerry Grither 8. 5 Marty Smith, Jr. 9. 27 R.J. Gall 10. 90 Tim Meara 11. 59 Rich Whaley 12. 292 Bobby Allen 13. 56 Kevin Epperson 14. 41 Larry Hull 15. 8 Kirk Murphy 16. 40 Steve Ellison 17. 6 Ray Wagner 18. 10 D.J. Cygan 19. 14 Leroy Haney 20. 21 Dennis Richards 21. 17 Jim Shereck 22. 14K Loren Knox 23. 45 Brandon Maxwell 24. 45M Eric Mabery

Heat Winners: Dennis Richards, Jim Shereck, Rusty Griffaw & Ray Wagner

AARA Sportsman Feature: 1. 12 Troy Naeger 2. 4 Ricky Horton 3. 46 Paul Belken 4. 166 Brian Worley 5. 38D Mark Blanke 6. 44 Nick Werner 7. 500 Dan Dixon 8. 00 Scott Stuppy 9. 51 John Hoffman 10. 19 Joe Volluz 11. 24 Paul Bauman 12. 45 Mike Seymour 13. 40 Ed DeMille 14. 20 Brad McKinnon 15. 10 Todd McGraw 16. 30 Todd Frolik 17. 87 Gary Haynes 18. 59 Jeff Whaley 19. 92 Jim Abshier 20. 411 Marty Heck 21. 49 Steve Borgetti 22. 9 Dale Carroll 23. 105 Matt Hancock 24. 41 Steve Maisel

Heat Winners: Nick Werner, Steve Maisel, Troy Naeger & Gary Haynes


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