I-37 Speedway results 2005-06-17

Top two in nation square off in Pleasanton Scary wreck sidelines good racer Let's start with the stock cars... Pure Stocks Ten cars lined up for the fifteen lap Pure Stock feature race. The first try to get the race started didn't go to...

Top two in nation square off in Pleasanton
Scary wreck sidelines good racer

Let's start with the stock cars...

Pure Stocks

Ten cars lined up for the fifteen lap Pure Stock feature race. The first try to get the race started didn't go to well, as there would be a three car pile up in turn four. Involved were Bubba Meyer, Devin Adler, and Frank Okruhlic. All would continue after getting separated. On the restart they would be three wide back in the pack, racing hard for third. J. D. Reynolds was on the bottom, with Adler on the high side, and Mark Mathias the meat in the middle. Mathias would split Adler and Reynolds to get the third spot, Adler would be fourth, and Reynolds fifth. Up front the top two were Chris Mclendon in the lead, and Abraham Mares IV in second.

On lap five Meyer would try to go low into turn one in a bid for fifth. But Reynolds would rebuff his attack. On the next lap, Adler would try low under Mathias into turn one for second place. The two would race side by side all the way to turn four, where Adler would take over third. On lap six, Anthony Mellon would take his El Camino to the pits.

As the field took the crossed flags at halfway, Mares IV would spin his car in turn two. He kept the car running and rejoined the fight without causing a caution, although he lost two places. He wouldn't be so lucky in turn four of the same lap, as he would spin this time to a stop. The restart would see the top five as Mclendon, Adler, Mathias, Reynolds, and Meyer.

On the restart, Reynolds would try to get around Mathias using the high side in turn one. Reynolds would fall back into the clutches of Meyer, and the two would bang doors in turn four. Reynolds would keep his spot.

A red flag would be displayed on lap ten. Three cars went three wide into turn one. Mathias was on the bottom, Reynolds in the middle, and Abraham Garza up high. Too high it would turn out, as Garza hit the tire wall in turn two and flipped his car twice, landing on his roof. The track safety crew rushed to Garza's aid and helped him climb out of his car. He was checked over and eventually walked away from the accident.

There wasn't any movement in the top five as they waved the green flag. Mares IV, on the restart, tried to get into the top five in turn one. He dived under Meyer and raced him out of turn two. Mares IV would get the fifth position. As the white flag waved, Reynolds had problems and slowed. Mares IV would try for third and banged doors with Mathias in turn one. Mares IV would spin, but again not bring out a yellow. Mclendon would not be denied as he raced under the checkered flag.

Chris Mclendon is a rookie driver from Atascosa, Tx. This was the third win of the year for the 24 year old. He drives a 1979 Buick Regal with a 350 Chevy engine. It is sponsored by The Sign Depot, Ibarra Automotive Services, and Long Run Seamless Gutters of Atascosa.

1. 11 Chris Mclendon
2. 17 Devin Adler
3. 70 Mark Mathias
4. 4 Abraham Mares IV
5. 76 Bubba Meyer
6. 5 J. D. Reynolds
7. 71 Abraham Garza
8. 48 Anthony Mellon
9. 8 Frank Okruhlic
10. 66 Danny Webb

Street Stocks

Seven Street Stocks came out to run their fifteen lap feature race. On the green flag lap, the field would pour through turn two three wide. As they got to turn three, Johnny Torres would get under older brother Adam Torres in a bid for the lead. Coming out of turn four, J. Torres would get the top spot. On the second lap Cham Savage Jr, in his I-Stock legal car, would get into third in turn three. The top five would be J. Torres up front, with David Boggs, Savage, Don Lewis in another I-Stock, and Randy Guzman. As the third lap started, the top five would break away from the rest of the pack.

The racing heated up on the fifth lap when Boggs would get under J. Torres. The two raced side by side down the back straight. Boggs would get the lead from the 2004 Super Stock Champion. Two laps later, and the 2004 Pure Stock Champion, Darin Leonard would hit the front straight wall coming out of turn four bringing out the yellow. Leonard's night would be over as the right front tire was torn from the car.

On the restart your top five were, Boggs, J. Torres, Savage, Guzman, and Lewis. All would hold their positions as the laps wound down. Guzman would try to go to the outside of Savage in turn one for third on lap ten. Savage would hold him off, but Guzman would try high again in turn four, with the same result. Up front it was Boggs winning his fifth race of the year by two car lengths over J. Torres and Savage.

David Boggs is 42 years old from Pleasanton, Tx. He drives a Monty Carlo that is powered by a Chevy 350. He is sponsored by Mission Auto Parts, PCI Transportation, and Denis Hilla Auto Parts. Joining him in victory lane were his wife Shelly, and daughters Breley, Chaslin and Katlin. The boys turning the wrenches are Kiki, Jason, Brian Denis and John.

1. 11 David Boggs
2. 66 Johnny Torres
3. 4c Cham Savage Jr.
4. 79 Randy Guzman
5. 51 Don Lewis
6. 25 Adam Torres
7. 79x Michael Odem
8. 26 Darin Leonard

Limited Late Models

Only four cars made it out for the fifteen lap Limited Late Model feature race. On the green, Denis Hilla would get the jump over Abraham Mares, Howie Marcx, and Gary Hunter. On lap three Marcx would get under Mares for second. Marcx would get under Hilla in the race for the lead in turn two and took the top spot. Three laps later, and the 2004 Limited Late Model Champion, Gary "Taz" Hunter would get by Mares for third.

As the field raced to the crossed flags, Hilla would pounce on Marcx in turn four in the race for the lead. Hilla would have the lead going into turn one, but then Marcx would put an awesome crossover move on Hilla in turn two to retake the lead. Hilla, not one to give up easily, tried to go high on Marcx in turn three, but Marcx would hold Hilla off.

As the laps were winding down, Hilla would again try the same move high in turn three. This time there was contact as the two cars raced hard. Marcx again would hold off Hilla. Contact happened between the two leaders again in turn one with two laps to go, with the same results. As the white flag flew over the track, Hunter would try going low in turn two in a bid to take second from Hilla. Hilla would hold off Hunter's challenge, but had nothing left for Marcx.

The 2005 Limited Late Model King of the Hill, Howie Marcx won his first race of the year. He drives a 1979 Chevy Camero with a Chevy 350 built by Denny Anderson Race Engines. He is from Summerset and sponsored by Terry Sammons Real Estate, D&S Garage, Howie's Lawn Service, Alexander Trucking, Hodges 1-Stop, and Red Neck Racing. Joining him in victory celebrations were his wife Kim, and five daughters, Jordon, Halley, Kenndal, Janna Lyn and Kalyn.

1. 13 Howie Marcx
2. 2x Denis Hilla
3. 14 Gary Hunter
4. 3 Abraham Mares

I.M.C.A. Southern Sports Mods

Three of the newly sanctioned I.M.C.A. Southern Sports Mods raced a fifteen lap feature race. On the drop of the green, Derrick Flora would get the jump, with Robert Williams and Jeffery Walker in chase.

The positions stayed static, as Flora had a half straight away lead as the field was shown the crossed flags. On lap twelve, with Flora's engine getting sick, Williams moved to within two car lengths of Flora's back bumper. One lap later, and Williams would be right on Flora's bumper. As the white flag flew, Williams would get along side Flora and the two would bump and bang in turn two. As the two raced into turn three, Williams would try an ambitious move in turn three as he tried to stuff his mod under Flora's. There was heavy contact, and even though Williams got to the line first, it wouldn't be the checkered flag he saw waving, but the black flag. Flora would get his first win.

Derick Flora is fifteen years old from Ingram, Tx. He ride is a Kemp Racing Chassis powered by a Chevy 350. He is sponsored by The Shop, Jerry Rechenau Construction, and Sundowner RV Repair

1. 39 Derrick Flora
2. 56 Jeffery Walker
3. 02 Robert Williams

I.M.C.A. Modifieds

Included in the sixteen drivers that lined up for the twenty lap I.M.C.A. Modified feature race were the top two in national points. Henry Witt Jr, the 2001 National I.M.C.A. Modified Champion is the current points leader. Second in national points, P. J. Egbert, is the 2003 National I.M.C.A. Modified Rookie of the Year. The crowd would see the best race head to head.

Pacing the field to green was Greg Dinsmore. He would get the jump over Curt Clegg, and Egbert. Witt Jr would be side by side with Billy Pittaway for fourth. Witt Jr would get that spot. On the second lap, Egbert would get by Clegg for third. Witt Jr. would get around Clegg, but had to move back behind him when a red flag was displayed.

The red came out for one of the scariest accidents this reporter has ever seen. As he was coming out of turn four, the 2004 Hill Country Raceway Champion, Randy Yount, pushed high and almost got into the front straight wall. He pulled the car to the left to keep off the wall and unfortunately turned right into the path of Steve Whiteaker Sr who had nowhere to go. The two touched and that turned Yount hard into the wall. Yount's car dug in and started a series of violent flips down the front straight, at one point getting into the fence above the wall just ahead of the flag stand. As the fence bounced him back onto the track, Yount would land on two cars, first Steve Whiteaker Jr's and then landing upside down directly on top of Tanner Whitmire's machine. Yount's car would come to a rest just past the flag stand, right side up, on the infield edge of the track.

Thankfully, when the track safety crew reached Yount's car, he was awake and alert. Though he complained of some soreness in his shoulder and neck, he eventually climbed from his beaten and battered car and walked to thunderous applause into the pit area. All reports are that he is sore, but he was able to go to work Monday morning, thank the Lord above. All others involved were fine, with Whitmire the only other car out of the race. Though missing the roof and most of the body work on the right side of the car, Whiteaker Jr, would be able to continue after repairs in the pits. Whiteaker Sr pitted his car also and but returned.

The top eight on the restart were Dinsmore, Egbert, Clegg, Witt, Pittaway, track points leader Mickey Helms, Dale Flanagan, and Elias Anderson. The field would stream three wide through turn two in a battle for fifth, but no positions changed hands. On lap three, Witt Jr would move high in turn one in a bid to pass Clegg for third. Witt Jr would have to battle all the way into turn four until he could claim the third spot.

Elias Anderson was making hay back in the pack, as on lap four, he would get around Clegg to take over fourth. Egbert in second would try Dinsmore low in turn four for the lead of the race. Dinsmore would lead the lap, but would finally lose it to Egbert, who maintained the inside position in turn two. Two laps later, and Whiteaker Jr would get up to sixth by passing D. Flanagan. Lap eight and Witt Jr would get by Dinsmore by getting inside of him in turn one and took over second. Dinsmore would continue to slide back as Anderson would go around him on the outside in turn two to haul himself up to third.

At the halfway mark, the top five were Egbert, Witt Jr, Anderson, Dinsmore, and Clegg. Anderson would get under Witt Jr in turn two in a bid for second, but Witt Jr would hold him off. On lap twelve Neal Flanagan would get into the top five by getting around Clegg. Lap sixteen and Helms would send Clegg back another spot as the two raced down the back straight.

With five laps to go the top two drivers in the nation would be nose to tail. Witt Jr would then try Egbert on the high side, but would be held off. As there were only two laps to go, Witt Jr would get alongside Egbert in turn three. As the two raced out of turn four they would bang wheels, with Egbert again holding off Witt Jr. The two raced hard the remainder of the race, with Witt Jr throwing everything including the kitchen sink at his young rival, but Egbert would beat Witt Jr to the checkered flag for his second win this season by 2/3 of a cars length.

The 2003 National I.M.C.A. Modified Rookie of the Year, and the 2003 Co-Track Champion at Texas Thunder Speedway in Killeen, Tx. is 23 years old from Copperas Cove, Tx. He drives a 2003 Excaliber Chassis that is sponsored by Phil's Paint and Body, Nite Mare Graphics, Texas Towing, Cooper and Bright Plumbing, Cove Glass and Mirror, Two Brothers Trucking, David Crisp Homes, Big S Construction and Pflugerville Machine. Nate Lanear turns the wrenches.

1. 707 P. J. Egbert
2. 701 Henry Witt Jr
3. 31 Elias Anderson
4. 8g Greg Dinsmore
5. 5 Neal Flanagan
6. 174 Mickey Helms
7. 89 Steve Whiteaker Jr
8. 35 Curt Clegg
9. 57 Dale Flanagan
10. 37 Billy Pittaway
11. 25 Bobby Grobe
12. 88 Steve Whiteaker Sr
13. 01 Tanner Whitmire
14. 66 Randy Yount

Mechanics Race - Pure Stocks
1. 79x Randy Frauche
2. 11 Phillip Haywood
3. 4 Roger Hernandez

Street Stock/Limited Late Models
1. 51 Josh Winner
2. 66 Frank Torres
3. 79 Greg Mares


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