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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: DirtNews@aol.com Web site: http://members.aol.com/dirtnews/digest =================================== CONTENTS: Aug. 1-2 results (published Aug. 3) HAV-A-TAMPA: Skip Arp gets another win in Kentucky HAV-A-TAMPA: Wallace edges injured Moyer in Little Rock STARS: Steve Francis gets first career win at Brownstown =================================== HAV-A-TAMPA DIRT RACING SERIES Rebel 100

PADUCAH, Ky. (Saturday) Don't blame Tennessean Skip Arp if you catch him humming "My Old Kentucky Home." The Bluegrass State has been downright comfy for the Georgetown, Tenn., driver the past couple of weeks.

Arp, winning his second race on Kentucky soil in 15 days, took the lead from Billy Moyer on the 58th lap and pulled away the rest of the way for a $10,000 Hav-A-Tampa victory in the Rebel 100 at Paducah International Raceway.

Moyer, driving with a temporary cast on his left forearm after breaking his thumb in a racing accident the previous night in Little Rock, Ark., settled for his second consecutive runner-up finish, far ahead of low-running Johnny Virden, who battled the second half of the race with Donnie Moran (fourth) and Wendell Wallace (fifth) for the third spot. Freddy Smith, Bill Frye, David Gibson, Mark Miner and Marshall Green finished sixth through 10th at the overgrown 3/8-mile over in far western Kentucky.

"It got kinda dry, and that's the way we really like a racetrack," said Arp, who won $15,000 with the Ironman 100 title at Florence (Ky.) Speedway on July 19. "It was real racy and two or three wide, and you can't beat that for a racetrack. We tore (the car) up pretty bad last night. The crew got it back together ... boy it was great tonight."

At first, it appeared the polesitting Moyer -- despite his fractured thumb, broken in two places -- would be dominant, as he pulled out to a half-straightaway lead on Moran after a handful of laps while Ray Cook, Virden, Smith and Wallace battled behind them.

Slowed only by cautions in the first half of the race (mostly caused by cars stopping on the back stretch to enter the pits), Moyer effortlessly glided out to comfortable leads. The only threat early came when Moran tried a slide job in Turn 3 on a lap-28 restart, but the hard-charging move proved futile and Moyer again led by half a straightaway just a few laps later.

By that time, however, Arp had moved into contention from his fifth-row starting spot. Arp was strong on the lap-28 restart and a restart on lap 30, moving past Smith into fifth position on the 32nd lap before beginning a lively 15-lap skirmish with Virden and Wallace that saw Arp eventually grab the third spot by the 45th lap. Although Moyer was far ahead, Arp managed to pass Moran before a lap-56 caution caused when Clint Smith's car broke on the back stretch.

Arp maintained his momentum on the restart, motoring ahead despite a piece of his car connecting the roof to the body fluttering in the wind. Arp made his move for the lead on the back stretch of the 58th lap, bursting past Moyer and quickly pulling out to a half straightaway lead by the 65th lap.

One more caution (again for Clint Smith) slowed Arp on the 68th lap, but not for long. Arp pulled away to a half straightaway lead within five laps of the restart, and soon pulled out to a full straightaway lead he would hold. Moyer ran comfortably in second, far ahead of the ever changing battle for third eventually won by Virden. Virden, however, was more than half a lap behind Arp when the checkered flag flew.

CAR COUNT: 33 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Billy Moyer, 16.813 seconds.

FIRST HEAT (12 laps; top four advance): Billy Moyer, Johnny Virden, Freddy Smith, Earl Pearson Jr., Robbie Starnes, Dennis Erb Jr., Kevin Claycomb, Joe Morris.

SECOND HEAT: Bob Pierce, Wendell Wallace, Skip Arp, Rex Richey, Mark Miner, David Gibson, Pete Broughton, Greg Hensley.

THIRD HEAT: Donnie Moran, Dale McDowell, Marshall Green, Ronnie Poche, Donnie Barnhart, Gary Keeling, John Tindal, Brad Youngblood.

FOURTH HEAT: Ray Cook, Randy Sellars, Bill Frye, Clint Smith, Steve Ryan, Buster Goss, Dennis Erb Sr., Bruce Fiser, Nick Lyons.

FIRST CONSOLATION (15 laps; top four advance): Donnie Barnhart, Robbie Starnes, Kevin Claycomb, John Tindal, Dennis Erb Jr., Gary Keeling, Joe Morris.

SECOND CONSOLATION: Mark Miner, David Gibson, Pete Broughton, Buster Goss, Steve Ryan, Greg Hensley, Bruce Fiser, Dennis Erb Jr., Nick Lyons.

FEATURE (Pos., driver, car no., hometown, chassis, laps, winnings) 1. Skip Arp (31), Georgetown, Tenn., GRT, 100, $10,000 2. Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark., MasterSbilt, 100, $6,000 3. Johnny Virden (1v), Russellville, Ark., GRT, 100, $3,000 4. Donnie Moran (99), Dresden, Ohio, MasterSbilt, 100, $2,500 5. Wendell Wallace (6m), Batesville, Ark., GRT, 100, $2,000 6. Freddy Smith (00), Knoxville, Tenn., GRT, 100, $1,800 7. Bill Frye (66), Greenbrier, Ark., GRT, 100, $1,600 8. David Gibson (G2), Ash Flat, Ark., GRT, 100, $1,400 9. Mark Miner (7), Stockbridge, Ga., MasterSbilt, 100, $1,200 10. Marshall Green (89), Dalton, Ga., Warrior, 99, $1,100 11. Robbie Starnes (83s), Houston, Texas, American Made, 99, $1,000 12. Ronnie Poche (5x), Natchitoches, La., GRT, 98, $950 13. Randy Sellars (3), Mayfield, Ky., Rayburn, 97, $900 14. Donnie Barnhart (11), North Little Rock, Ark., GRT, 97, $875 15. Pete Broughton (98), Wimauma, Fla., Barry Wright, 96, $850 16. John Tindal (7t), Fancy Farm, Ky., Rayburn, 96, $825 17. Ray Cook (53), Murphy, N.C., GRT, 80, $800 18. Clint Smith (1), Griffin, Ga., GRT, 58, $750 19. Bob Pierce (32), Danville., Ill., MasterSbilt, 56, $700 20. Rex Richey (87), Ringgold, Ga., Shaw, 38, $700 21. Dale McDowell (17m), Rossville, Ga., GRT, 23, $700 22. Kevin Claycomb (28), Vincennes, Ind., Rocket, 15, $700 23. Earl Pearson Jr. (7), Jacksonville, Fla., GRT, 15, $700 24. Buster Goss (89), Rome, Ga., Shaw, 2, $700

NOTES: Front-row starter Bob Pierce spun in front of the field on the initial start, and suffered heavy damage when Dale McDowell's car climbed the No. 32 .... both drivers completed more laps but dropped out before the race was over .... Freddy Smith, Earl Pearson Jr. and Marshall Green spun to avoid Pierce, but none suffered much damage .... Billy Moyer said his broken thumb was "throbbing" but bearable .... Randy Sellars and John Tindal were the only local drivers to make the feature field .... Buster Goss parked his No. 24 after the consolation race and drove Marshall Green's backup car in the feature, but lasted just a couple of laps .... the last 100-lapper at Paducah was run in 1982 .... Paducah will run its World 50 on Aug. 30, a race that will actually run 80 laps and pay $6,000 to the winner .... the track's Wayne Coakley Memorial on Sept. 20 will pay $5,000 to win .... Marshall Green's car carried a new all-yellow paint job, with his No. 89 in green .... Clint Smith, who normally pilots a GRT car, says he plans to race a brand-new MasterSbilt car at Hagerstown during the 50th anniversary events in mid-August.

NEXT HAV-A-TAMPA RACE: Sunday, Tri-State Speedway, Haubstadt, Ind., $10,000 to win.

CREDIT: Todd Turner <DirtNews@aol.com> of DirtNews Digest. ------------------------------------------------------------- HAV-A-TAMPA DIRT RACING SERIES GRT 100

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Friday) Wendell Wallace won, but he found out you can never count Billy Moyer out.

Although Moyer started 17th in the feature after fracturing his thumb in a heat-race accident, the Hav-A-Tampa points leader gave Wallace all he could handle before Wallace held off Moyer in the GRT 100 at I-30 Speedway for his second consecutive victory on the Hav-A-Tampa Series.

Wallace pocketed $11,050 after leading the final 69 laps on the quarter-mile oval just west of Little Rock. Moyer settled for second while Donnie Barnhart -- who led laps 2-30 -- Bill Frye and Dale McDowell rounded out the top five finishers. Polesitter Johnny Virden, Ronnie Poche, Donnie Moran, Clint Smith and David Gibson finished sixth through 10th in the opening race of the Hav-A-Tampa Mason-Dixon Summer Tour.

Wallace, second in Hav-A-Tampa standings, sliced 10 points of Moyer's points lead, but it wasn't easy. Wallace took the lead from Barnhart on lap 31, but by the 50th lap Moyer, who won a consolation race, moved up from his ninth-row starting spot into the top five.

As the laps wound down, Moyer moved up to second place and began pressuring Wallace with five laps to go. On the 96th lap, Moyer pulled alongside Wallace on the back stretch, but Wallace drove deep into Turn 3, diving beneath a pair of lapped cars to help thwart Moyer's challenge.

CAR COUNT: 40 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Johnny Virden, 14.460 (62.240 mph).

FIRST HEAT (top four advance): Johnny Virden, Bill Frye, Clint Smith, Rex Richey, Mike Bowers, Ricky Ingalls, Eddie Provence, Brian Holloway, Stacy Taylor.

SECOND HEAT: Donnie Barnhart, Kenny Merchant, David Gibson, Freddy Smith, Brady Adams, Bobby Derryberry, Marshall Green, Jason Bodenhammer, Skip Arp, Dewaine Hottinger.

THIRD HEAT: Wendell Wallace, Dale McDowell, Earl Pearson Jr., Ray Cook, Billy Moyer, Jeff Chanler, Duke Whiseant, Buster Goss, Donnie Jennings, Shane Harris.

FOURTH HEAT: Ronnie Poche, Robbie Starnes, Donnie Moran, Ronnie Adams, Bub McCool, Greg Herron, Travis Mears, Blake Lane.


FEATURE (Pos., driver, car no., hometown, chassis, laps, winnings) 1. Wendell Wallace (6m), Batesville, Ark., GRT, 100, $11,050 2. Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark., MasterSbilt, 100, $6,600 3. Donnie Barnhart (11), North Little Rock, Ark., GRT, 100, $3,100 4. Bill Frye (66), Greenbrier, Ark., GRT, 100, $2,650 5. Dale McDowell (17m), Rossville, Ga, GRT, 100, $1,950 6. Johnny Virden (1v), Russellville, Ark., GRT, 100, $1,600 7. Ronnie Poche (5x), Natchitoches, La., GRT, 100, $1,600 8. Donnie Moran (99), Dresden, Ohio, MasterSbilt, 100, $2,000 9. Clint Smith (1), Griffin, Ga., GRT, 100, $1,700 10. David Gibson (G2), Ash Flat, Ark., GRT, 100, $1,600 11. Marshall Green (89), Dalton, Ga., Warrior, 100, $1,650 12. Earl Pearson Jr. (7), Jacksonville, Fla., GRT, 100, $950 13. Ray Cook (53), Murphy, N.C., GRT, 100, $1,400 14. Rex Richey (87), Ringgold, Ga., Shaw, 99, $875 15. Freddy Smith (00), Knoxville, Tenn., GRT, 99, $1,600 16. Kenny Merchant (c28), Ruston, La., Barry Wright, 98, $875 17. Stacy Taylor (27), Jacksonville, Ark., Shaw, 97, $800 18. Skip Arp (31), Georgetown, Tenn., GRT, 97, $1,250 19. Robbie Starnes (83s), Houston, Texas, American Made, 69, $700 20. Duke Whiseant (A1), Texarkana, Ark., GRT, 56, $700 21. Mike Bowers (60), Sherwood, Ark., GRT, 47, $700 22. Ronnie Adams (1a), Greenwood, La., GRT, 47, $700 23. Ricky Ingalls (81), Longview, Texas, GRT, 30, $700 24. Bub McCool (57j), Vicksburg, Miss., GRT, 25, $700

NOTES: Billy Moyer will go to Baton Rouge, La., on Monday to have his left thumb, broken in two places, repaired, probably with surgery .... his steering wheel broke the thumb during a collision in a third heat, but Moyer still finished the race in fifth then got the thumb wrapped before the consolation .... according to GVS team manager Joel Hedrick, Moyer's reaction on the two-ray radio: "I just broke my thumb" .... Moyer had a temporary cast put on after the races at a nearby hospital, a cast he wore at Paducah on Saturday night .... the GRT 100 was run as a makeup after being rained out April 25-26 .... Kenny Merchant passed Donnie Barnhart for second place on the 45th lap, but got tangled up with the lapped car of Stacy Taylor on the 47th lap and ended up two laps down in 16th .... Johnny Virden led only the first lap .... there were five cautions in the feature .... Skip Arp and Freddy Smith were involved in an accident on the back stretch in the feature, but both were able to continue .... Arp was also in a heat-race crash with Marshall Green.

CREDIT: Ozzie Altman <VctoryLane@aol.com> of Hav-A-Tampa. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) The Night Before the Brickyard

BROWNSTOWN, Ind. (Friday) Steve Francis, turning back charges from recent Rayburn race-car converts Scott Bloomquist and Rick Aukland, finally got a victory at Brownstown Speedway.

A lap-46 caution set up a four-car shootout among Francis, Bloomquist, Aukland and Bart Hartman, but Francis was able to hold on for his first-ever feature victory at Brownstown Speedway, winning $6,000 in the STARS 50-lap Night Before the Brickyard feature.

Bloomquist, driving a Calvin Kenneda-owned and 7UP-sponsored car, edged Aukland for second place on the quarter-mile oval in southern Indiana, while Hartman, who started in the eighth row and appeared to be the fastest car on the track the last part of the race, settled for fourth. Jim Curry rallied late to finish fifth, while Steve Barnett, Tim Hitt, polesitter John Gill, Mike Balzano and Doug McCammon finished sixth through 10th in the first STARS race at Brownstown in more than three years.

Francis, whose best previous finish at Brownstown was fifth in 1994, was glad to get the monkey off his back at Brownstown in 1997, the same year he got his first victory at Florence (Ky.) Speedway. He was also glad to put his Rocket chassis in victory lane at the home track of venerable car builder C.J. Rayburn.

"He had two guys and they made a strong run at us at the end, but we were able to hold 'em off," Francis said.

Gill led the first 13 laps, but it was clear early his No. 75 wasn't fast enough to lead the whole way. Bloomquist began challenging Gill early, and switched from a high to a low groove on the 14th lap to beat Gill into Turn 3 and grab the lead, and Francis followed Bloomquist's path to knock Gill back to third.

Bloomquist and Francis worked through lapped traffic and by the 20th lap pulled away slightly from the rest of the the top eight, made up of Gill, Aukland, Barnett, McCammon, Rayburn and Hartman. Aukland got past Gill into third on the 23rd lap, just as Francis was putting the heat on Bloomquist up front.

Francis pulled alongside Bloomquist on the back stretch of the 26th lap, then made a clear pass on the next lap to take the lead just as the leaders got behind a heavy pack of slower cars. Francis was momentarily held up by the inside-running Rod Conley as the leaders recorded the 30th lap, and Aukland pulled up to make it a tight three-car battle among the low-running Francis, the higher-running Bloomquist and the low-running Aukland.

Francis eventually gave Conley a nudge between Turns 3-4 to get past, and the jostling allowed Aukland to get under Bloomquist and take second place on the 37th lap, just before Bob Pierce stopped in Turn 2 to bring out a caution flag.

On the restart, Bloomquist went back to his higher line on an uncharacteristic night at the Brownstown track when the high line wasn't competitive with the low groove. Bloomquist made his middle-of-the-road groove work, getting past Aukland as the green flag flew and summoning enough of his borrowed car to retake the lead from Francis on the 43rd lap.

But Francis stuck with his lower groove and mustered a charge on the back stretch of the 46th lap to take the lead again. A caution appeared a lap later when Rayburn spun on the inside of Turn 4, and several slow laps were run before the field was put in order.

"I think Rayburn kinda tried to extend that caution there at the end, because I guess Scott was on a little softer tires than we were," said Francis, who also watched Rayburn slow on the front stretch after the lap-46 restart, nearly coming to a stop before pulling off the track. "I don't know what (Rayburn) was doing there but I guess he was holding it up letting Scott get his tires cool there."

But Rayburn's tactics didn't matter as Francis, who got a good jump on the backstretch when the race went back to green for the final time, kept his edge and ended up winning by a couple of car lengths despite picking up a push over the final laps. Coming for the checkered flag, Francis came out of Turn 4 very high, but he said it was a mistake, not a blocking maneuver.

"I got in (Turn 4) too far and was in just a dead push," Francis said. "I figured (Bloomquist would) make a turn and come back in there under me. That's kinda what I was expecting. It was actually a mistake on the last lap. I guess Scott had committed himself to going out there, so it all turned out for the best."

CAR COUNT: 48 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Rick Aukland, 15.177 seconds (quarter-mile oval).

FAST DASH (six laps; sets first three rows of feature): John Gill, Doug McCammon, Scott Bloomquist, Steve Francis, Steve Barnett (Rick Aukland scratched).

FIRST HEAT (10 laps; top three advance): Jim Curry, Doug Ault, Dan Sturgeon, Rod Conley, Steven Godsey, Ernie Barrow, Butch Shay, Lee Hobbs, Bradley Sturgeon, Jeff Hart, Cale Kern.

SECOND HEAT: Bob Pierce, Steve Shaver, Bart Hartman, Dion Deason, Kevin Claycomb, Barry Bragdon, Paul Davis, Brian Wilhite, Gerald Barnett, Mike Darlage, Greg Ault.

THIRD HEAT: C.J. Rayburn, Don O'Neal, James Huff, Mark Barber, Jeff Wilson, Jeff Mounce, Greg Johnson, Jesse Lay, Tory Collins, Mike Benedum.

FOURTH HEAT: Mike Balzano, Tim Hitt, Rick Eckert, R.J. Conley, Mike Jewell, Frankie Coomer, Mike Johnson, Delmas Conley, John Finn, Gary Barrow.

FIRST CONSOLATION (15 laps; top two advance): Steven Godsey, Jeff Wilson, Mark Barber, Ernie Barrow, Lee Hobbs, Greg Johnson, Jesse Lay, Jeff Mounce, Bradley Sturgeon, Toy Collins, Mike Benedum, Jeff Hart, Butch Shay, Cale Kern, Rod Conley.

SECOND CONSOLATION: Dion Deason, Mike Jewell, Delmas Conley, Gary Barrow, Kevin Claycomb, Mike Johnson, Gerald Barnett, John Finn, Barry Bragdon, Paul Davis, Frankie Coomer, Mike Darlage, R.J. Conley, Greg Ault.

FEATURE (Pos., driver, car no., hometown, chassis, laps, winnings) 1. Steve Francis (15), Ashland, Ky., Rocket, 50, $6,000 2. Scott Bloomquist (7up), Mooresburg, Tenn., Rayburn, 50, $3,500 3. Rick Aukland (12), Fargo, N.D., Rayburn, 50, $2,000 4. Bart Hartman (75), Zanesville, Ohio, MasterSbilt, 50, $1,500 5. Jim Curry (7), Norman, Ind., Rayburn, 50, $1,200 6. Steve Barnett (89), Franklin, Ind., Rayburn, 50, $1,000 7. Tim Hitt (68), Weston, W.Va., Rocket, 50, $900 8. John Gill (75), Mitchell, Ind., MasterSbilt, 50, $850 9. Mike Balzano (E1), Parkersburg, W..Va., Rocket, 50, $800 10. Doug McCammon (92), Palestine, Ill., Rayburn, 50, $750 11. James Huff (5), Milton, Ky., Rayburn, 50, $700 12. Steve Shaver (30), Parkersburg, W.Va., Rayburn, 50, $650 13. Dan Sturgeon (26), Bloomington, Ind., MasterSbilt, 50, $600 14. Rick Eckert (24), York, Pa., Rayburn, 50, $550 15. Mike Jewell (9), Scottsburg, Ind., MasterSbilt, 50, $500 16. Dion Deason (D1), Indianapolis, Ind., Rayburn, 50, $450 17. Rod Conley (71r), Wheelersburg, Ohio, Rocket, 49, $400 18. Steven Godsey (G4), Bedford, Ind., Rayburn, 49, $350 19. Barry Bragdon (77), Wheelersburg, Ohio, Rocket, 49, $350 20. C.J. Rayburn (1cj), Whiteland, Ind., Rayburn, 46, $350 21. Don O'Neal (71), Martinsville, Ind., MasterSbilt, 38, $350 22. Doug Ault (1a), Brownstown, Ind., MasterSbilt, 37, $350 23. Jeff Wilson (55), Butlerville, Ind., Rayburn, 36, $350 24. Bob Pierce (32), Danville, Ill., MasterSbilt, 36, $350

NOTES: It was the 27th STARS race of the year .... STARS hadn't raced at Brownstown since the Silver Cup race in 1994, won by Scott Bloomquist .... although he was the fast qualifier, Rick Aukland didn't make it to the track for the fast dash after colliding with the Mike Fields' street stock car in the pits .... Aukland was coming off a victory Thursday night in the UMP Outlaw National Series at Southlake Speedway in Crown Point, Ind. .... John Gill's crew changed his left-rear tire on the front stretch during driver introductions .... Tim Hitt was making his first appearance at Brownstown .... Brownstown will host the UMP-sanctioned American Late Model Series for the first time in two weeks .... the rained out $5,000-to-win Kenny Simpson Memorial at Brownstown has been rescheduled for Sept. 20.

CREDIT: Todd Turner <DirtNews@aol.com> of DirtNews Digest. -------------------------------------------------------------

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