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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: DirtNews@aol.com Web site: http://members.aol.com/dirtnews/digest =================================== CONTENTS: July 3-4 results (published July 5) HAV-A-TAMPA: Moyer's Manic Monday pass nets win STARS: Shaver wins $6,000 at Portsmouth, Ohio STARS: Rod Conley gets first series win at Zanesville =================================== HAV-A-TAMPA DIRT RACING SERIES Hav-A-Tampa SuperNationals

WEST PLAINS, Mo. (Friday) Billy Moyer, taking the lead after slicing between Monday Motorsports teammates Wendell Wallace and Dale McDowell, won the opening 50-lap race in the Hav-A-Tampa SuperNationals at West Plains Motor Speedway for his second series win in a row and sixth overall.

Moyer split the high-running Wallace and low-running McDowell entering Turn 3 on the 29th lap and came out of Turn 4 with the lead and cruised to a victory worth $5,000 at the 3/8-mile oval in southcentral Missouri. McDowell held off Skip Arp at the line to finish second, while Wallace barely beat Ronnie Johnson for the fourth spot. Mark Miner, Freddy Smith, Marshall Green, Bill Frye and Bob Pierce finished sixth through 10th.

McDowell, starting outside the front row, jumped to an early lead over Moyer, who blistered the track in qualifying for a track record. As the leaders entered lapped traffic, McDowell lost a straightaway lead on Moyer, but Wallace was able to move past Moyer into second spot by the 17th lap, and then past McDowell for the lead on the 18th lap.

After cautions slowed the action, Moyer made his three-wide move on Wallace and McDowell and stayed ahead of furious battles for the other top-five positions.

CAR COUNT: 48 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Billy Moyer, 13.569 seconds (3/8-mile oval; new track record).

FIRST HEAT (12 laps; top four advance): Billy Moyer, Ronnie Johnson, Bob Pierce, Randle Chupp, Matthew Hayes, Willy Kraft, Alan Vaughn, Travis Mears, Blake Lane, Robbie Starnes, David Gibson.

SECOND HEAT: Dale McDowell, Clint Smith, Mark Miner, Donnie Barnhart, Marshall Green, Stan Massey, Rex Richey, Ken Essary, John Gill, Waylon Bullock, Johnny Virden, Brandon Ball.

THIRD HEAT: Skip Arp, Terry Phillips, Leslie Essary, Terry Muskrat, Al Purkey, Dusty Johnston, Randy Floyd, Stu Pringle, Carmon Vincent, Jason Bodenhammer.

FOURTH HEAT: Wendell Wallace, Freddy Smith, Bill Frye, Jeff Floyd, Jason Snodgrass, Stacy Taylor, Ray Cook, Jack Simmons, Gar Dickson, Darrell Carpenter, Donnie Moran.

FIRST CONSOLATION (15 laps; top three advance): Willy Kraft, Al Purkey, Alan Vaughn, Robbie Starnes, Matthew Hayes, Randy Floyd, Travis Mears, Stu Pringle, Blake Lane, Dusty Johnston (Carmon Vincent, Jason Bodenhammer and David Gibson scratched).

SECOND CONSOLATION: Stan Massey, Stacy Taylor, Marshall Green, Ray Cook, John Gill, Donnie Moran, Ken Essary, Jason Snodgrass, Jack Simmons, Waylon Bullock, Gar Dickson, Darrell Carpenter, Johnny Virden, Brandon Ball (Rex Richey scratched).

FEATURE 1. Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark., $5,000 2. Dale McDowell (17m), Rossville, Ga., $3,000 3. Skip Arp (31), Georgetown, Tenn., $2,000 4. Wendell Wallace (6m), Batesville, Ark., $1,750 5. Ronnie Johnson (5), Chattanooga, Tenn., $1,500 6. Mark Miner (7), Stockbridge, Ga., $1,250 7. Freddy Smith (00), Knoxville, Tenn., $1,000 8. Marshall Green, (89), Dalton, Ga., $900 9. Bill Frye (66), Greenbrier, Ark., $800 10. Bob Pierce (32), Danville, Ill., $700 11. Donnie Moran (99), Dresden, Ohio, $600 12. Al Purkey (33), Coffeyville, Kan., $575 13. John Gill (75), Mitchell, Ind., $550 14. Donnie Barnhart (11), North Little Rock, Ark., $525 15. Terry Muskrat (83), Stillwell, Okla., $500 16. Randle Chupp (114), Knoxville, Tenn., $475 17. David Gibson (G2), Ash Flat, Ark., $450 18. Stacy Taylor (27), Jacksonville, Ark., $425 19. Clint Smith (1), Griffin, Ga., $400 20. Alan Vaughn (22), Belton, Mo., $400 21. Leslie Essary (5), Crane, Mo., $400 22. Terry Phillips (75), Springfield, Mo., $400 23. Robbie Starnes (83s), Houston, Texas, $400 24. Jeff Floyd (F1), Walnut Ridge, Ark., $400 25. Ray Cook (53), Murphy, N.C., $400 26. Willy Kraft (83), Lakefield, Minn., $400 27. Stan Massey (22), Mableton, Ga., $400

NOTES: Moyer won the previous night at Granite City, Ill. .... Ray Cook, Willy Kraft and Stan Massey were eliminated in a lap-7 pileup in the feature, a wreck that also included Randle Chupp and Robbie Starnes .... Starnes and John Gill got provisional Hav-A-Tampa starting spots after several series regulars bypassed the offer .... promoter Don Gibson added Donnie Moran, Ray Cook and David Gibson to make it a 27-car feature field .... local drivers Billy Romans, Gary Stolba, Don Marsh and Bill Adams were disqualified for not using Racing Fuel.

SATURDAY'S HAV-A-TAMPA RACE: West Plains (Mo.) Motor Speedway, $10,000 to win.

CREDIT: Larry Olson <lwolson@mtnhome.com> of West Plains Motor Speedway. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) Glockner Firecracker 50

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (Friday) Steve Shaver, starting in the fifth row, broke away from a tight battle for the lead in the final 20 laps for a STARS victory worth $6,000 in the Glockner Firecracker 50 at Portsmouth Raceway Park.

Shaver dueled with Todd Andrews, Rick Eckert and Mike Balzano midway through the race before taking the lead on lap 30, then maintaining the lead after a lap-36 caution and heading to his second series victory of the year. Andrews, Eckert (who started 18th), Jack Boggs and Mark Frazier rounded out the top five finishers at the 3/8-mile oval in southern Ohio. Balzano collided with Barry Bragdon on the 40th lap, went to the tail, and ended up 10th.

The polesitting Andrews led the first three laps before Balzano took a turn up front until lap 12. As Balzano tried to lap Delmas Conley, Boggs slipped underneath to grab the point.

Andrews worked his way back to the front on the 23rd lap as Boggs faded to fourth over the next few circuits. Shaver inched in front of Andrews on the 30th lap, and held the lead the rest of the way while Andrews and Eckert continued to battle for the runner-up spot.

CAR COUNTY: 46 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Tim Hitt, 14.635 seconds (3/8-mile oval).

FAST DASH: Todd Andrews, Barry Bragdon, Mike Balzano, Joe Meadows, Tim Hitt, Shawn Holliday.

HEAT WINNERS: Jack Boggs, R.J. Conley, Steve Shaver, Charlie Swartz.

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Jackie Boggs and Bob Adams Jr.

FEATURE (50 laps): (1) Steve Shaver, (2) Todd Andrews, (3) Rick Eckert, (4) Jack Boggs, (5) Mark Frazier, (6) Steve Francis, (7) Rod Conley, (8) Tim Hitt, (9) Joe Meadows, (10) Mike Balzano, (11) Jackie Boggs, (12) Barry Bragdon, (13) Mike Benedum, (14) R.J. Conley, (15) Aaron Bapst, (16) Shawn Holliday, (17) Sam Lovejoy, (18) Randy Boggs, (19) Charlie Seymour, (20) Butch Dowdy, (21) Delmas Conley, (22) Charlie Swartz, (23) Jody Askins, (24) Bob Adams Jr.

SATURDAY'S STARS RACE: Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, "Penn National 100," $10,000 to win

CREDIT: Bret Emrick of STARS and PRP publicity. ------------------------------------------------------------- SHORT TRACK AUTO RACING STARS (STARS) Stars and Stripes 40

ZANESVILLE, Ohio (Thursday) Rod Conley of Wheelersburg, Ohio, captured his first career STARS victory, taking over when racelong leader Tim Hitt suffered a flat right rear tire on the 30th lap and going on to win $5,000 and the Stars and Stripes 40 title at Muskingum County Raceway. Conley was followed across the finish line by STARS points leader Steve Francis, Rick Eckert, Bart Hartman and Todd Andrews at the 4/10-mile oval in eastern Ohio. Hitt ended up in 16th as the last driver on the lead lap.

CAR COUNT: 42 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Steve Francis, 16.758 seconds (4/10-mile oval).

FAST DASH: Rod Conley, Tim Hitt, Rick Eckert, Steve Francis, Steve Shaver, Bart Hartman.

HEAT WINNERS: Darrell Lanigan, Todd Andrews, Aaron Scott.


FEATURE (40 laps): (1) Rod Conley, (2) Steve Francis, (3) Rick Eckert, (4) Bart Hartman, (5) Todd Andrews, (6) Steve Shaver, (7) Scott Peltz, (8) Davey Johnson (9) Mike Balzano, (10) Scott Hartley, (11) John Lawhorn, (12) Rob House, (13) Brent Rhebergen, (14) John Mason, (15) Bill Povlinko, (16) Tim Hitt, (17) Aaron Scott, (18) Darrell Lanigan, (19) Mike Benedum, (20) Delmas Conley, (21) Cortney Clewell, (22) Sam Lovejoy, (23) Tye Long, (24) Pat Novoria.

NOTES: An altercation in the scale area between Mike Balzano and Darrell Lanigan after the first heat resulted in STARS officials fining each driver $250 .... Lanigan blew an engine in the feature on the 29th lap .... the feature had five cautions and lasted less than a half hour .... racing was mostly follow the leader .... George Lee II flipped his car in the third heat, and Barry Bragdon turned over in the consolation race, but neither driver was injured.

CREDIT: Bret Emrick of STARS. -------------------------------------------------------------

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