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DirtNews Digest Your Online News Source for Late Model Dirt Track Racing "Get Some Dirt On Your Computer!" Todd Turner, editor

Email address: DirtNews@aol.com Web site: http://members.aol.com/dirtnews/digest =================================== CONTENTS: Aug. 15 results (published Aug. 16) HAGERSTOWN: Frye passes Moyer to win inverted 50-lapper =================================== UNSANCTIONED 50th Anniversary Late Model Extravaganza

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (Friday) Bill Frye, starting in the seventh spot, tracked down polesitter Billy Moyer and made a pass with six laps to go to win a 50-lap feature worth $10,000 in the third race of Hagerstown Speedway's four-day 50th Anniversary Late Model Extravaganza.

Although Frye won the feature in which Friday's top 24 qualifiers were inverted, the biggest purse of the week -- $50,000 -- is up for grabs on Saturday at the half-mile oval. On Saturday, lineups for a dash and heat races will be formed according to previous finishes in the week and Friday's qualifying as drivers will attempt to make the 32-car starting field for Hagerstown's 50th Anniversary 100.

On Friday night, Moyer held on for second place to Frye while Bob Pierce, Steve Francis and John Mason rounded out the top-five finishers. Charlie Schaffer, Rick Workman, Clint Smith, Billy Hicks and Mike Balzano finished sixth through 10th as none of the fastest qualifiers starting in the rear of the field were able to make a dramatic rally to the front.

Moyer, qualifying 24th quickest, started on the pole and led outside front-row starting Pierce early in the race while Frye worked his way into third place.

Moyer build a big lead, but it was erased when Marvin Winters brought out the second caution on the 26th lap. Four laps later, Frye dispatched Pierce to grab second spot and started hunting down Moyer.

Moyer was slowed by traffic by the 40th lap and Frye closed in on the leader by the 42nd circuit. Frye pulled even with Moyer on the next lap, then edged ahead to lead lap 44. Moyer hounded Frye the rest of the way, but he was never able to get back around in the battle of Arkansas drivers.

CAR COUNT: 58 late models.

FAST QUALIFIER: Rodney Franklin, 21.223 seconds (half-mile oval; complete qualifying results below).

FEATURE (50 laps; Friday's top 24 qualifiers were inverted): (1) Bill Frye, (2) Billy Moyer, (3) Bob Pierce, 4) Steve Francis, (5) John Mason, (6) Charlie Schaffer, (7) Rick Workman, (8) Clint Smith, (9) Billy Hicks, (10) Mike Balzano, (11) Ronnie Johnson, (12) Booper Bare, (13) Jimmy Mars, (14) Rick Eckert, (15) Doug Timmons, (16) Tim Hitt, (17) Gary Stuhler, (18) Scott Bloomquist, (19) Rodney Franklin, (20) C.S. Fitzgerald, (21) Bart Hartman, (22) Todd Andrews, (23) Marvin Winters, (24) Roy Deese Jr. (25) Scott Hartley, (26) Nathan Durboraw, (27) Donnie Moran, (28) D.J. Myers.

NOTES: According to the format listed in advertisements, Rodney Franklin, C.S. Fitzgerald, Todd Andrews, Donnie Moran and Rick Eckert have clinched starting spots in Saturday's fast dash .... the top six cars from the dash will form the first three rows of Saturday's feature .... rows 4-12 will be filled with cars advancing from the heats, with rows 13-15 filled from cars transferring through the consolation races .... provisionals for the top two 1997 Hagerstown drivers not qualified will round out the 32-car field .... Friday's feature was Billy Moyer's first of the week.

FRIDAY'S QUALIFYING (Top two clinch spot in dash race Saturday; others will be aligned in heat races Saturday) 1. Rodney Franklin, 21.223 seconds 2. C.S. Fitzgerald, 21.399 3. Scott Hartley, 21.453 4. Tim Hitt, 21.480 5. Roy Deese Jr., 21.491 6. Marvin Winters, 21.523 7. Scott Bloomquist, 21.590 8. Ronnie Johnson, 21.592 9. D.J. Myers, 21.642 10. Jimmy Mars, 21.643 11. Booper Bare, 21.645 12. Bart Hartman, 21.673 13. Mike Balzano, 21.681 14. Nathan Durboraw, 21.691 15. Clint Smith, 21.694 16. Rick Workman, 21.709 17. John Mason, 21.724 18. Bill Frye, 21.734 19. Steve Francis, 21.738 20. Doug Timmons, 21.754 21. Charlie Schaffer, 21.767 22. Billy Hicks, 21.800 23. Bob Pierce, 21.800 24. Billy Moyer, 21.814 25. Frankie Plessinger, 21.844 26. Mike Johnson, 21.689 27. David Williams, 21.811 28. Les Hare, 21.903 29. Rusty Sites, 21.942 30. Randy Boggs, 21.945 31. Freddy Smith, 21.987 32. Paul Crowl, 21.987 33. Mark Miner, 22.002 34. Marshall Green, 22.009 35. Tommy Armel, 22.011 36. Doug Burkholder, 22.063 37. Dick Barton, 22.100 38. Steve Shaver, 22.101 39. Chub Frank, 22.134 40. Jim Daversa, 22.137 41. Rodney Combs, 22.148 42. Mike Duvall, 22.177 43. Denny Bonebrake, 22.185 44. Richard Irwin, 22.244 45. Scott Brode, 22.248 46. Davey Johnson, 22.308 47. Jack Boggs, 22.339 48. Jeff Robinson, 22.394 49. Brent Smith, 22.402 50. Al Richards, 22.425 51. Andy Fries, 22.428 52. Luke Hoffner, 22.448 53. Johnny Johnson, 22.681 54. Bobby Stokes, 22.744 55. Ray Kable Jr., 22.881 56. Don Gross, 22.922 57. Rick Aukland, 23.512 58. Bill Palmer, 35.283

NEXT HAGERSTOWN 50th ANNIVERSARY RACE: Saturday, 100-lap feature, $50,000 to win.

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