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A second spoiled night for Denis Labonté LUKE PLANTE IS BACK IN THE WINNER& ...


GRANBY, Qué., August 15, 1998 -- Luke Plante from Sorel made a comback in the winner’s circle, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby, but he has to thank Denis Labonté from Victoriaville for it. For the second time this season, Labonté spoiled a perfect night because his car didn’t weigh the minimum stated in the modified division regulations. For the Labatt driver, it was his first win since the 1995 season.

First at the green flag, Labonté who was the winner of the first heat, led all this 30-lap feature. As for Plante, fifth at the start, he found himself second on the first restart on lap 8. Plante tried for the rest of the race to pass Labonté but without any success. Then, Labonté couldn’t pass the mandatory inspection after his performance.

Plante who was also the other heat winner was followed by Gino Clair, Robert Ranger, Todd Stone and Dominic Dufault.

This feature race was disastrous for two of the Molson championship leaders. For one, Dave Camara who is looking for a first championship at Autodrome Granby was forced to quit at midpoint when he was in the third spot. A low oil pressure forced the Poultney driver to withdraw. Despite this situation, Camara was able to retain his first place in this championship, but his leading margin was reduced to only 26 points on his nearest rival. Then, Steve Poirier was involved in an accident with Alain Boisvert on lap 21. Both drivers were fighting for the fourth spot when they touch each other in corner one. The two drivers had to retire because of the damages done to their cars. With a fifth place finish, Dominic Dufault has taken the third position from Poirier in the standings.

A noticed absence

For one of the rare times, Marco Potvin from Sorel was not at Autodrome Granby for this program. His absence was noticed by his fans.The Ste.Victoire driver was rushed to the hospital at the beginning of the week due to heart problem and he will have to undergo surgery later this week. Two weeks ago, the 34 year old driver had a problem after winning the feature race in Cornwall.

In the sportsman class, it was the 11th Mr. Sportsman Championship. Louis Bouthillier and Alain Mathieu, the two leaders for the championship, have failed to finish in the first five positions. So the battle for the title is at its highest.

Gerry Patenaude, the defending champion, was able to register his fourth win of the season by having the best on Robin David, Mario Moreau, Mario Clair and Michel Dussault. Patenaude and Clair took advantage of the ninth place finish of Alain Mathieu and the sixteenth of Bouthillier to reduce the margin. Despite his ninth place finish, Mathieu was able to move in the first spot in front of Bouthillier but Patenaude has reduced the leading margin from 51 to 13 points and Clair from 95 to 66.

In the late models division, Daniel and Marcel Messier were involved in an incident on lap 8 of this 10-lap feature. While Daniel Messier was leading since the drop of the green flag, he was involved in the second one. After a spin out, Daniel Messier loss the race while Marcel Mercier was disqualified by the officials for his misconduct. Marcel Godbout was given the victory. Yannick Ledoux finished second followed by Stéphane Michaud while in the tourism class, Stéphane Ruel led the entire race to claim his third success of the season.

RESULTS MODIFIED (30 laps) 1- L50, Luke Plante 2- 44J, Gino Clair 3- 27, Robert Ranger 4- 1X, Todd Stone 5- 63, Dominic Dufault 6- 3, Claude Brouillard 7- R39, Clément Therrien 8- 50, Hugues Mercier 9- D50, Martin Roy Jr. 10- 72, Mario Lajoie 11- 71, Pierre Hébert 12- 87, Richard Chauvin 13- X50, Renald Daoust 14- 1NY, Gregory Atkins 15- 4, Leon Gonyo 16- 73, Alain Boisvert 17- 28, Steve Poirier 18- 02, Mike Reyell 19- 26, Dave Camara 20- 8, François Becksted 21- 85, Alain Langlois ( 7 Denis Labonté, disqualified)

11th Mr. Sportsman Championship (25 laps)

1-57, Gerry Patenaude 2- 33, Robin David 3- 26, Mario Moreau 4- 22, Mario Clair 5- 27, Michel Dussault 6- 8, Christian McDermott 7- 48, Mario Giguère 8- 44, François Lareau 9- 77, Alain Mathieu 10- 68, Mark Cross 11- 59, Yannick Mathieu 12- 07, Claude Morrissette 13- 15, Pierre Raymond 14- 16, Éric Sundborg 15- 60, Wallace Stacey 16- 61, Louis Bouthillier 17- 1, Daniel Ruel 18- 14, Rock Poulin 19- 88, Dany Lapalme.

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