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Mid-season championship at Autodrome Granby ...

Mid-season championship at Autodrome Granby #Leon Gonyo had the right combination

GRANBY, Que., July 20, 2003---Regular driver for many seasons at Autodrome Granby, American Leon Gonyo had the right set-up and, last Friday night, took the honors of the 18th edition of the Mid-season championship sponsored by Lettrage Richard. The Chazy racer who has a very small budget compared to other teams, had the best on Steve Poirier and Clement Therrien. It was Gonyo first win since August 24, 2001 at this speedplant.

In the early laps, Gonyo who took the green flag from the first row with Clement Therrien, gave a good challenge to his rivals and took the lead on lap 12 to fly home with the victory. Plagued with mechanical problems on Tuesday night, Steve Poirier was never able to get near Gonyo in this 40-lap feature. The St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil driver seemed to have handling problems in that race all under green. As for Therrien, he finished third. Ian Bussière and Real Lafrance completed the top five.

As for Claude Brouillard, last Tuesday winner, he wasn't able to do better than an eighth place finish and this cost him the first place in the Carquest Auto parts championship trail in the Modified division. At the beginning of the evening, Brouillard was involved in an accident with Wallace Stacey. After hitting the outside concrete wall, his Teo/Eau de source Labrador car was badly damaged in front. His mechanics worked all evening to get him in the feature race, but as you can imagine, the car was not perfect.

Earlier in the evening, Kayle Robidoux and Steve Poirier were the winners in their respective heats.

Spectacular crash

The start of the 25-lap feature for the Sportsman division was more than spectacular. At the entrance of the first turn after the green flag, many cars came in contact and Pierre Raymond's car ended up on the roof after a few rollovers. Nobody was injured but at the restart, Jean Boissonneault was sent back at the end of the field being blamed by the officials for this mishap. As for Pierre Raymond, who was standing second in the Castrol championship, his night was over and he was furious.

At the restart, Alain Mathieu took the early lead but on lap 6, he was passed by Sebastien Gougeon who started ninth on the grid. In the top five on a steady basis since a few weeks, Gougeon was finally able to score his first victory at Autodrome Granby. Mathieu had to settle for a second place finish followed by Francois Becksted. As for Jean Boissonneault, he couldn't do better than an eighth place finish. With seven laps remaining, Boissonneault was forced to pit due to an other contact with some rivals.

In the Semi-Pro division, Denis Tremblay registered his fourth win of the season while in the 4 Cylinders division, Sylvain Gagnon had a perfect night.

Tuesday night

Four nights before this 18th Mid-season championship, it was the presentation of the second segment of the "Confrontation Canadienne DIRT/ADL Tobacco" a serie involving also Edelweiss Speedway and Cornwall Speedway.

The 100-lap race for the Modified division was won by veteran driver Claude Brouillard. The Teo/Eau de source Labrador, took the lead from Pierre Dagenais for the second time of the race on lap 39 and was never in trouble after this move.

In the early stage of the race, Steve Poirier who was the favorite, had his share of problems. On lap 19, while he was leading that race, Poirier had to concede the lead to Pierre Dagenais due to motor problems. Poirier was looking for a second straight win in this mini series since he had won the first segment at Autodrome Edelweiss on June 30.

By finishing second, Alain Boisvert took the first place in the standings. Dagenais had to settle for the third place followed by Luke Plante and Real Lafrance.

The other winners of that special night were Yannick Ledoux (Sportsman), Denis Tremblay (Semi-Pro) and Steve Bernier (4 Cylinders).


Friday July 18

Modified (40 laps) 18th Mid-season championship

1- 4, Leon Gonyo; 2- 61, Steve Poirier; 3- 39, Clement Therrien; 4- 21, Ian Bussière; 5- 11, Real Lafrance; 6- 73, Alain Boisvert; 7- 46, Kayle Robidoux; 8- 3, Claude Brouillard; 9- 90, Martin Roy; 10- 2, Luke Plante; 11- 31, Richard Chauvin; 12- 1x, Wayne Stearns; 13- 41, Greg Monica; 14- 78, Vince Quenneville Jr.

Tuesday, July 15

MODIFIED (100 laps) Confrontation Canadienne DIRT/ADL Tobacco

1- 3, Claude Brouillard; 2- 73, Alain Boisvert; 3- 124, Pierre Dagenais; 4- 2, Luke Plante; 5- 11, Real Lafrance; 6- 46, Kayle Robidoux;7- 5, Mario Moreau; 8- 31, Richard Chauvin; 9- 4k, Jasmin Leveille; 10-21, Ian Bussière; 11- 7nh, Dan Douville; 12- 23, Laurent Ladouceur; 13- 95j, Dan Jalbert; 14- 4, Leon Gonyo; 15-6, CV Elms; 16- 19, Michel Pelletier; 17- 41, Greg Monica; 18- 151, Brian McDonald; 19- 22, Eric Gauvreau; 20- 39, Clement Therrien; 21- 90, Martin Roy; 22- 95, Mark Hitchcock; 23- 330, Pierre Charrette; 24- 24, Stephane Michaud; 25- 61, Steve Poirier; 26- 66w, Wallace Stacey; 27- 8s, Christian Salvas; 28- 54, Jean-Guy Primeau.

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