Florida Speed Park hosts Demolition Derby, 2000-05-20

April 19, 2000 - Florida Speed Park will be hosting a Demolition Derby Saturday, May 20th. The derby will take place in the speedway infield, on the Turn 1 and 2 side. Rules and purse are identical to the derby hosted by the St. Johns County Fair...

April 19, 2000 - Florida Speed Park will be hosting a Demolition Derby Saturday, May 20th. The derby will take place in the speedway infield, on the Turn 1 and 2 side. Rules and purse are identical to the derby hosted by the St. Johns County Fair in March. It will pay $500 to win, $250 for second and $50 for third place. The derby will be in addition to the Saturday night racing program scheduled for that evening.

<pre> Rules and Regulations

A. EACH DRIVER MUST FILL OUT AN ENTRY BLANK. Entry fee payable by check, money order, or cash ($15.00 + $10.00 towing deposit). B. ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS MUST BE OBSERVED. Officials reserve the right to approve or reject any an all entries. C. ONLY DRIVER AND ONE (1) MECHANIC will be permitted in the pit area or on track. ARM BANDS WILL BE ISSUED AND MUST BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES. D. BOTH DRIVER AND MECHANIC must be present when vehicle is inspected and certified. Also, both must be present at driver-mechanic meeting held one hour before event. E. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in pit area. Possession of alcohol by crew or driver disqualifies car.


1. DRIVERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE and have a valid driver’s license in their possession. 2. ALL DRIVERS MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN CARS. Entries limited to one car per driver. 3. ALL DRIVERS AND CARS must be entered and at the track 2 hours before the scheduled starting time of derby. 4. PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT BEFORE ENTERING ANY RESTRICTED AREA. 5. ENTER EARLY! 6. ANY DRIVER NOT OBEYING THE RULES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. 7. PAINT YOUR NUMBER on each side of your car in large, bright numbers. Numbers assigned upon receipt of entry.


1. ANY AMERICAN MADE FULL-SIZE STOCK HARDTOP AUTOMOBILE OR STATION WAGON ALLOWED. No trucks, jeeps, hearses, ambulances, Chrysler Imperials or compacts will be allowed. 2. ALL GLASS AND CHROME TRIM and anything that might become imbedded in the track, must be removed from the car before bringing auto to the grounds. Also, car must be cleaned out, including trunk. Do not leave broken glass in doors, clean it out. WINDSHIELDS ARE NOT OPTIONAL, THEY MUST BE REMOVED. 3. TIRES MUST BE STOCK SIZE, 4 ply only, no inner liner, no truck tires. Tires can only be filled with air, no fluids or solids. 4. A MAXIMUM OF FIVE (5) GALLONS OF GASOLINE WILL BE ALLOWED. GAS TANKS may be moved to the trunk but will not be allowed in driver’s compartment unless covered by a firewall. Only unleaded gasoline with a maximum octane level of 93 will be permitted. BOOSTED or RAICNG FUEL will not be allowed. 5. ONLY ONE (1) STOCK BATTERY will be allowed. A maximum of 850 cold cranking amps will be permitted. 6. NO REINFORCEMENTS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED. Only exception will be the driver side front door. Trailer hitches or any type of stiffening device are considered reinforcements. 7. STANDARD EXHAUST SYSTEM must be as intact as possible at inspection. NOT PERMITTED: additional headers, stacks, custom manifolds, etc. 8. DO NOT WELD OR BOLT hood or trunk lids down. Use wire. All doors must be welded shut or tied with rope or preferably wire. A maximum of four welds four inches in length per door permitted. If a driver’s side door comes open, he or she will be disqualified. 9. A 12 BY 15 INCH HOLE must be cut into the center of the hood. 10. ALL FAN BLADES must be removed. Only exception will be if your car is equipped with a slip clutch fan blade and fan shroud or came stock with an electric fan and shroud. 11. PRIOR TO BRINGING CARS TO FAIRGROUND radiators must be flushed of all antifreeze coolants. They can be filled with water only. 12. SAFETY BELTS, HELMETS, AND IMPACT RESISTANT EYE PROTECTORS are required. If car was equipped with a shoulder restraint system including lap belt, both must be used. Driver can be disqualified at any time if either belt or helmet is removed during derby. 13. DRIVERS MAY MANEUVER FORWARD OR BACKWARD. No deliberate head-on collisions or deliberately ramming a driver’s door. This can lead to disqualification. 14. A TIME LIMIT will be set by the judges. IF A DRIVER DOES NOT HIT A LIVE CAR WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT, this can lead to disqualification. DO NOT PLAY POSSUM. 15. ALL CARS MUST BE REMOVED FROM GROUNDS BY THE OWNER NO LATER THAN 10:00AM THE NEXT DAY FOLLOWING THE DERBY. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, so make arrangements before derby time. There will be a $10 deposit on each car entered to be returned when car is removed by owner. Deposit on cars which are abandoned will be turned over to derby operators to hire wreckers to remove cars from grounds. 16. Depending on entry count, the derby may consist of several heats plus a feature, with cash prizes going to top 3 finishers in feature. 17. ADDITIONAL SAFETY REGULATIONS MAY BE IMPOSED depending on the facility. Rules are subject to change to fit the event. 18. THE DECISION OF DERBY OFFICIALS IS FINAL.


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