Flat Rock Speedway results 2004-07-24

The Street Stocks had the choice to invert 14 cars or the whole field could draw for position. It was up to fast qualifier Regan Ford to decide and he chose the drawing. Wouldn't you.... 14 invert and you're starting 14th. If you draw you have...

The Street Stocks had the choice to invert 14 cars or the whole field could draw for position. It was up to fast qualifier Regan Ford to decide and he chose the drawing. Wouldn't you.... 14 invert and you're starting 14th. If you draw you have just of good chance of getting the pole as anyone. Regan didn't get the pole, but second is probably just as good. Congrats to Tod Sturgeon Jr. on his second career feature win. It wasn't that easy for him, first he had to hold off Regan Ford, then Terry Humphrey, then there was the sticky accelerator. Guess the air cleaner dropped down. Well when it's your night it's your night. "I want to thank everyone for racing me clean. Especially Terry (Humphrey), he could've chopped down on me but raced me clean. I'm out of breathe! That was a lot of fun... nerve wracking ... but fun," said the driver of the #88. Oddly enough, Tod is sponsored by Canton Tree Service, giving the sponsor two 100 lap wins in two days ... Tod in the Street Stocks and Dennis Strickland Friday night in the SLMs.

Side bets: Tod did 'lose' a bet with his crew. The crew had bet him the next time he won, off came his earrings. (Last time I looked he had them in his ear and eyebrow.) Supposedly the crew told him his next feature win, he can put them back in.

Terry Humphrey came from 17th to finish second. The crew did a major overhaul on the cars, changing springs and shots between qualifying and the feature and hoping it would work out alright. "That was a good race. We put on a good show for the fans. It was a lot of fun run 100 laps ... it allows the cream to rise to the top. I'm pretty tired, but still had a great time," said the driver of the #81. Who passed the most cars from his starting position.

At one point during the afternoon Dave Tanner probably didn't think he was going to even get to race. A rear gear broke in his car. He qualified first but had to leave the track to get some parts for his stricken car. "I thought I had more for the first two, but guess not. I have to thank Clyde McKee (#4). He gave me a gear to fix the car and I really appreciate it. Also my crew did a great job getting the car back together. It was a fun race," said Tanner who drives the #22.

The most cars passed tonight was by Regan Ford, who actually started second. A spin early in the race sent the #86 to the rear. He managed to get back to fifth.

Dave Kensler came out of "retirement" to race in the race he sponsored. He finished sixth, but gave out trophies all night (even though he wanted to keep them all for himself).

Terry Lilley apparently broke a panard, although I did hear an official saying his exhaust fell off originally... Derek Wiley broke a transmission at the break, he was running fifth at the time (and as high as third, I'm not sure where he came from but he did a nice job). Gary Majchrzak was leaking oil and Jarod MacZink dropped out with mechanical problems (he had a rubbing tire early in the race and the officials had him pit... he came back three laps down and ran with the lead group for about 20 laps).

The winner of the best number award goes to Tim Moore. He has the biggest numbers of anyone ... taking up the entire door area. I always appreciate a car with nice big numbers (also they're a nice and bright fluorescent color).

The other two Street Stock divisions also ran extended laps tonight. The B division ran 35 laps and Steve Chartrand was victorious. "Much better run than qualifying. We had a spark plug come off. It's a little rough with no power steering running the extra laps. Thank everyone that supports me and dad for giving me a great car." said the #14 driver.

A footnote on the B division feature from July 17. I was talking to Scott Johnson, who won his second career feature that night... his first in a couple season. In the articles that went out to the local papers it said got around several cars to his win ... Scott told me he started on the pole and led all the laps. I told him I'd put his remarks in this week ... While we're on it, congrats to Randy DeMaggio, who won the A division feature (his second in a row and sixth of his career), Ronnie Allen won the SLMs (his 11th in his career at Flat Rock)... we'll get to the C division SS and the Figs in a minute.

Ian Jezylo won his second consecutive C division feature. Before the race Ian said it's been a rough season for him. "Green, white, checker ... that's the way I like it. It means I haven't been wrecked and I'm sitting in the infield," said the driver of the #90.

The Figure 8's drew for position, like the A division Street Stocks (the B and C division were inverted like usual). Jeremy Vanderhoof got a great draw, getting the pole, which is helpful. For the fifth consecutive time, Jeremy was the winner. "We tore up last night at Toledo and worked all morning fixing the car. I'd like to thank all of the people who helped me." said the driver of #93.

Welcome Back!!!! to Dave Lambert (Figure 8s). The last time I found him in the Figure 8 division at Flat Rock was April 24, 1999 (the crew thought it was three or four years since he raced, but did concede it had been quite a while). Dave finished 17th after getting hung up on the track and it took him a while to work himself loose.


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