Flat Rock Speedway 98-06-20

The second leg of the Royal Truck & Trailer Gold Cup was run under 90 degree temperatures Saturday night at Flat Rock Speedway. Bill Steinhilber took home the win in convincing fashion for his second feature win in 1998. Last week (6-13) rain ...

The second leg of the Royal Truck & Trailer Gold Cup was run under 90 degree temperatures Saturday night at Flat Rock Speedway. Bill Steinhilber took home the win in convincing fashion for his second feature win in 1998. Last week (6-13) rain washed out the feature events. The Street Stock A & B main divisions along with the Figure 8 divisions ran double features tonight, with 6 different drivers taking home victories. Bill Steinhilber who started the race on the inside of the third row stayed in fifth until lap 40 when he moved up to the second groove. The South Lyon, Michigan driver raced side-by-side with third place Steve Bunge for five laps. After passing Bunge on the outside he sailed around second place Dan Ford Jr & leader Dennis Strickland. That was the closest anyone ever got to the South Lyons, Michigan driver for the remaining 52 laps. The driver of the Martins True Value Hardware/Bracketts Auto Parts Camaro continued to utilize the high groove and took the checkered flag 3.5 seconds ahead of Dan Ford Jr, completing the 100 lap grind in 45 minutes. The race was delayed for only 4 short cautions. The two time track champion has won three of the last five races long distance races at the high banked 1/4 mile track. (For further report see "Gold Cup") Two drivers pulled double duty, racing in both the street stock & SLM divisions. Coincidently they each won a Street Stock A main feature tonight. Mel Worley jumped into the lead from his pole position and proceeded to lead the first 20 laps when Rick Knowles snuck by him for the lead. Worley wasn't through and battled back to regain the top spot. On the final lap Worley's white No. 15 got out of shape in turn two and Knowles dove low & took the win for the second time this year. Worley held on for 2nd.

In the second feature, Ron Allen started on the pole but unlike Worley was able to hold on for the win. Brian Norton battled with Allen most of the feature but Allen wasn't going to be denied his fourth win of the season. Allen set a new track record for 25 laps, 5 minutes 53.3 seconds. Both of the B main features ended with a bit of excitement. In the makeup feature Tim Moore lost the lead when he encountered a lapped car. Jerry Eritano dove low around the slower car, with Moore taking the high route. Eritano crossed the finished line ahead of Moore taking his first career B division feature.

Eritano figured into the second feature and looked like he was on his way to sweeping the evening. The top five cars were racing under a blanket with Eritano leading the pack. The quintet came up on two lap cars battling each other in turn 3-4 on the final lap. Craig Smith was racing third going down the backstretch took to the third groove and pasted everyone, nosing out Eritano by a bumper or so. Tim Moore spun coming across the finish line in the infield dirt. The Figure 8 division started and finished the night, with their makeup feature being the first event of the night and their regular feature the night closer. Dennis Whisman started on the pole and went on to take home the win finishing the race with a new track record of 7 minutes, 20.88 seconds. In the second feature, Bob Studt was the victor. By Debi Domby GOLD CUP

Fast Time: Rob Randa, 12.048

Feature: Bill Steinhilber, Dan Ford Jr, Rick Knowles, Steve Bunge, Royce Cornett, Dennis Strickland, Chad Guinn, Paul Hahn, Ed Hage, Jimmy Thiel, Ron Allen, Steve Cronenwett, Paul Young, Tim Hebert, Rob Randa, Chris Benson, Jerry Cook, Sean Monahan, Dan Trosten Jr, Craig Pace, Stan Yee Jr, Joe Hawes, Mike Fritz, Joy Fair, Jeremy Miller Street Stocks Fast Time: Rick Knowles, 13.666

A Dash:  Ron Allen 
A Heats:  Randy Casey, Randy DeMaggio 

A MAIN:(makeup) Knowles, Mel Worley, Ken Knight, Brian Norton, Tom Selmi, John Sullivan, Jeff Carnacchi, Ron Allen, Rich Frantz, John Rowloff, Terry Humphrey, Jim Hubbard, Bruce Kirkendall, Regan Ford, Craig Smith, Mark Mayville, Arnold Hall, DeMaggio, Tony Ortega, Casey, Bob Rae, John Huebner Sr, Gary Majchrzak A Main: Allen, Norton, Knowles, Knight, Sullivan, Selmi, Carnacchi, Frantz, Ford, Rae, Rowloff, Humphrey, Jim Froling, Worley, Kirkendall, Casey, Hubbard, Ed Wood Ortega, Mayville, MacZink, DeMaggio, Huebner Sr B Dash: Mo Volckaert B Heats: Rich Grzych, Kevin Butzin, Doug Stump

B Main: (makeup) Jerry Eritano, Tim Moore, Brian Ausmus, Rich Abel, Volckaert, Jeff MacZink, Dan Schuchardt, Lonnie York, Barry Reeck, Grzych, Joe Harbin, Jim Kourtakis, Larry Hall, Earl Roth Jr, Kevin Butzin, Joe Morgan, Doug Stump, Grover Smith, Eddie Wettlaufer, Henry Bradley

B Main: C Smith, Eritano, Abel, Ausmus, Volckaert, York, Moore, Grzych, L Hall, A Hall, Bradley, Reeck, Pat Logan, G Smith, Wettlaufer, Morgan, Roth Jr, Schuchardt, James Potter, Butzin, Majchrzak FIGURE 8's Heats: Bob Studt, Parker Wade Feature #1: (makeup) Dennis Whisman, Randy Cronenwett, Bob Studt, Ken Ahlgren, Greg Studt, Eric Hart, Parker Wade, Frankie Bockstanz, Robbie Loving, Eric Lee, Jerry Lee, Danny Doyle, Fred Spaulding, Scot Bunge, John Huebner Sr, Vern Okopski

Feature #2: B Studt, Loving, Wade, Bunge, Ahlgren, G Studt, Whisman, J Lee Jr, Cronenwett, Bockstanz, E Lee, Ken Carpenter, Hart, Doyle, Dave Lambert, Spaulding, Gary Vanderhoof, Huebner Sr

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