Flat Rock Speedway 1999-07-10

The fourth round of the Royal Truck/Trailer, G-Tec Truck Equipment Gold Cup Series at Flat Rock Speedway Saturday night was won by Ron Allen. The series is run between the sister tracks of Flat Rock and Toledo Speedways and has not had a repeat...

The fourth round of the Royal Truck/Trailer, G-Tec Truck Equipment Gold Cup Series at Flat Rock Speedway Saturday night was won by Ron Allen. The series is run between the sister tracks of Flat Rock and Toledo Speedways and has not had a repeat winner in the series so far in 1999.

Two track records were broken (LM and Figure 8) on a night sponsored by Thorn Apple Valley. History was apparently made with two father daughter teams in competition tonight. Steve and Lori Bunge competed in the late model division while Rich and his daughter Jennifer raced in the street stock division.

Of the four Gold Cup races three events have had new track records set in qualifying. Race #2 saw Rick Knowles setting the Flat Rock track record at 11.471. Tonight Knowles lowered his own track record to 11.368. Also breaking the track record today was Len Roberts (11.420). Dennis Strickland narrowly missed breaking the record with a 11.474.

Knowles rolled a 12 which put Jimmy Thiel and Ron Allen on the front row for the 50-lap feature. Thiel led the initial seven circuits until Allen pulled high and passed him. Allen would not be challenged for the remaining 42 laps. Thiel was able to stay with him when the field came off of a caution period, but soon Allen would just pull away from him. Allen was a straightaway ahead of Thiel at the checkered flag. "This was a perfect weekend. Winning yesterday then today. It's the first time I've ever had back to back late model wins. The car was a little bit tight at the end." said Allen after the race. But Allen's perfect weekend was put on hold for a couple days while ARCA officials sent his carburetor in to be checked. Late Monday night Allen called to say, "ARCA had my carburetor checked out and found it was legal. I hope this puts to rest all the rumors that were going around about me and the legality of my car. The carburetor had been checked several times this year at both tracks and has passed every time, including after Saturday's race."

Eric Britt won the 15-lap last chance race with six cars transferring to the feature: Jay Rohrback, Danny Lippner, Dan Trosen Jr, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Cronenwett (second-sixth).

Fast Time: Rick Knowles, 11.368 NTR Last Chance: (non transferring) Robbie Loving, Bryan Nelson, Dusty Whitney Feature: Ron Allen, Jimmy Thiel, Bill Steinhilber, Steve Bunge, Royce Cornett, Knowles, Sean Monahan, Dennis Strickland, Rob Randa, Joey Shuryan, Joe Hawes, Len Roberts, Steve Cronenwett, Len Fritz, Chris Benson, Jay Rohrback, Lori Bunge, Stan Yee Jr, Craig Pace, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Hahn, Danny Lippner, Eric Britt, Dan Trosen

The A main Street Stocks also ran a 50-lap feature as part of the nights events. The street stock feature also had a large invert of 11 with Canadian Randy Casey and John Rowloff sharing the front row. Rowloff got the jump and led the first seven laps with Tom Selmi driving to the high side to take over the lead on lap eight. Selmi racked up $75 in lap money ($5 a lap) before being overtaken by Brian Norton. Norton would have tough competition from Ron Allen before a broken sway bar and subsequent flat tire put the SLM feature winner out. Norton held on for the win over Rick Knowles. Rich Grzych took over the lead on lap 13 of the 15-lap B main division feature from Jeff MacZink. The pair raced cleanly but after they took the checkered all hell broke lose with cars crashing and spinning after MacZink bounced off the wall. Everyone was okay, although MacZink's car was a little worst for wear.

Fast Time: Rick Knowles, 13.147 A Dash: Ken Knight A Heats: Tony Ortega, Ron Allen A Main: Brian Norton, Knowles, Tom Selmi, Randy Casey, Arnold Kirsch, Randy DeMaggio, Clayton Spruell, John Rowloff, Terry Humphrey, Terry Lilley, Ortega, Arnold Hall, Rich Frantz, Gary Majchrzak, Mel Worley, John Sullivan, Bobby Rae, Carl Bumgardner, Allen, Bryan Ausmus, Jeff Carnacchi, Knight, Dan Schuchardt, Mike Spruell

B Dash: Tim Moore B Heat: Mark Howie, Dave DeBash B Main: Rich Grzych, Jeff MacZink, Lonnie York, Steve Chartrand, James Potter, Jeff Kurzyniec, Rich Abel, Ed Wettlaufer, Bill Collinger, Howie, Henry Bradley, John Huebner Sr, Skip Kissell, Larry Smouthers, DeBash, Jim Kourtakis, Jennifer Abel, Moore, Earl Roth Jr C Main: Pat Logan, Paul Falkenburg, Ron Jacobs, Al Smith

Four drivers took turns leading the Figure 8's 50-lap feature. Rookie Ricky Kargel led the first lap from his pole position before veteran Bob Studt took over the point until his son, Greg passed him on lap 17. Greg Studt continued to lead with Jeremy Miller hot on his tail. When "little" Studt and Robbie Loving had a near collision in the intersection Miller saw his chance and took over the lead on lap 37. Miller held on for the lead over Greg Studt. Randy Cronenwett broke Dennis Whisman's four year old track record of 21.022 with a lap of 20.549. Whisman (20.859) and Greg Studt (20.944) also surpassed the old track record.

Fast Time: Randy Cronenwett, 20.549 NTR Heats: Troy Herrmann, Robbie Loving Feature: Jeremy Miller, Greg Studt, Dennis Whisman, Bob Studt, Cronenwett, Ken Ahlgren, Parker Wade, Loving, Danny Leppen, Ricky Kargel, Eric Hart, Eric Buck, Jerry Carpenter, Craig Pace, Vern Okopski Jr, Rob Parker, Scot Bunge, Hermann, Duane Mosley

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