Fergus Falls results 2005-06-17

Olson Goes Flag To Flag At Fergus Falls Raceway FERGUS FALLS, MN (June 17, 2005) - Randin Olson turned in a strong run as he dominated the ASA Super Late Model Feature at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Sporting an unpainted car, Olson got the jump...

Olson Goes Flag To Flag At Fergus Falls Raceway

FERGUS FALLS, MN (June 17, 2005) - Randin Olson turned in a strong run as he dominated the ASA Super Late Model Feature at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Sporting an unpainted car, Olson got the jump from the start over second running Jeff Lofquist. Olson slowly extended his lead as Lofquist had to fend off Jason Rund for much of the race. That battle for second allowed Olson to stretch his lead to nearly a full straightaway by the time he took the checkered flag. Lofquist hung onto second, while Tim Olson staged a late race charge to finish third.

Joey Johnson picked up his first win of the year as he came out on top in the Modified Feature. Starting outside the front row, Johnson moved by Shawn Robinson and took the lead. Oren Hoeper and Rich Snyder tucked in behind Johnson. Jay Karch brought out the race's only caution when he spun in turn two. On the restart, Johnson continued to show the way as Hoeper tapped him on the rear bumper a few times. With five laps remaining Johnson and Hoeper made contact in turn four, but both drivers remained under control and Johnson finished off the race and took the win.

It was Father's Day in Victory Lane as Tim Brockhouse outran his son Jaycen Brockhouse in the Great North Legends Feature. Dirk Henry got the race rolling as he darted into the lead at the start. Tim Brockhouse moved by Henry out of turn two on lap four to take over the top spot. Henry and Jaycen Brockhouse rallied two turns later as the race for the lead became three-wide for a brief moment. Tim held the position, while Henry and Jaycen fell in behind. Jaycen would get past Henry for second, just before the race's only caution, for Jake Varnum's spin. On the restart, Tim held the lead as Jaycen pressured, but this time, father would prevail over son as Tim narrowly took the win.

Kurt Kort made it two-for-two as he won the Thunder Car Feature. Matt Milbeck led the charge into the first turn, but by the end of the first lap, Kort had worked his way into the lead. Chris Harig took the second spot and matched Kort move for move. Harig tried the low side several times, but couldn't make the car stick. The front pair ran nose-to-tail the majority of the race and Harig's bid came up just short as the veteran Kort racked up another win.

Dan Bolstad, won the battle of the brothers as he held off David Bolstad in the UCAR Feature. Doug Fick showed the way from the start as David Bolstad got loose in turn two. Fick's stay upfront was brief as he hit the backstretch wall on lap three and quickly went from race leader to race spectator. Dan Bolstad inherited the lead and soon had David right on his rear bumper. The race's only caution happened with a handful of laps remaining when Jesse Dreschel exited from the race with mechanical problems. Earlier in the evening, Dreschel had proposed to his girlfriend on track's public address system. When racing resumed, Dan and David went at it again and Dan proved to have the better car this time around as he scored the win.

Tom Weinhandl continued his winning ways as he took another win in the Pure Stock Feature. Justin Kort led the first lap, before he tagged the wall and was forced to the pits. Weinhandl picked up the lead as Rick Hoeper Jr. grabbed second. Hoeper made a couple of late race attempts, but didn't have anything more as he chased Weinhandl to the finish line.

Fergus Falls Raceway Results
June 17, 2005

ASA Super Late Models

1. Jake Jay (Harris) 2. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls) 3. Randin Olson (Ottertail) 4. Jason Rund (Fergus Falls) 5. Tim Olson (Hamel) 6. Pat Maloney (Alexandria) 7. Jon Olson (Hamel) 8. Mark Grewe (Fergus Falls)-DNS

1. Randin Olson 2. Jeff Lofquist 3. Tim Olson 4. Jake Jay 5. Jason Rund 6. Jon Olson 7. Mark Grewe-DNF 8. Pat Maloney-DNF


1. Rich Snyder (Alexandria) 2. Oren Hoeper (Dalton) 3. Corey Flynn (Alexandria) 4. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 5. Shawn Robinson (Fergus Falls) 6. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 7. Jay Karch (Fergus Falls)

1. Joey Johnson 2. Oren Hoeper 3. Rich Snyder 4. Corey Flynn 5. Shawn Robinson 6. Dan Bolstad 7. Jay Karch-DNF

Great North Legends

First Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 3. Tyler Sjoman (Alexandria) 4. Rollie Davidson (Eagan) 5. Robbie Carter (Prior Lake) 6. Zac Davids (Apple Valley) 7. Jake Varnum (Morris) 8. Jeff Ryan (Grand Forks, ND)

Second Heat
1. Jaycen Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Matt Hendrickson (Albany) 3. Tommy Jordan (Hartsville, SC) 4. Scott Petty (Elk River) 5. Gary Oie (St. Paul) 6. Patrick Brejcha (Alexandria) 7. Kasey Kurtz (Fergus Falls)

1. Tim Brockhouse 2. Jaycen Brockhouse 3. Dirk Henry 4. Tommy Jordan 5. Matt Hendrickson 6. Scott Petty 7. Zac Davids 8. Robbie Carter 9. Tyler Sjoman 10. Rollie Davidson 11. Gary Oie 12. Patrick Brejcha 13. Kasey Kurtz 14. Jeff Ryan 15. Jake Varnum

Thunder Cars

1. Kurt Kort (Fergus Falls) 2. Mark Milbeck (Erhard) 3. Deon Roth (Fergus Falls) 4. Darren Werner (Breckenridge) 5. Chris Harig (Fergus Falls) 6. Matt Milbeck (Erhard)-DNF 7. Jobie Gutzmer (Erhard)-DNF

1. Kurt Kort 2. Chris Harig 3. Matt Milbeck 4. Deon Roth 5. Jobie Gutzmer 6. Darren Werner-DNF 7. Mark Milbeck-DNF


1. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 3. Doug Fick (Fergus Falls) 4. Craig Maack (Pelican Rapids) 5. Jay Gronewold (Fergus Falls) 6. Jesse Dreschel (Fergus Falls) 7. Jason Lofquist (Fergus Falls) 8. Dean Baker (Fergus Falls)-DNF

1. Dan Bolstad 2. David Bolstad 3. Jay Gronewold 4. Jason Lofquist 5. Craig Maack-DNF 6. Jessse Dreschel-DNF 7. Doug Fick-DNF 8. Dean Baker-DNS

Pure Stocks

1. Tom Weinhandl (Henning) 2. Rick Hoeper Jr. (Fergus Falls) 3. Dustin Karl (Osakis) 4. Justin Kort (Fergus Falls)


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