Fergus Falls results 2004-07-16

Hanson Great Two Straight At Fergus Falls Raceway FERGUS FALLS, MN (July 16, 2004) - Fifteen-year-old Andy Hanson backed up his first-ever Late Model Feature win, by showing the way for a second straight week in the ASA Super Late Model Feature...

Hanson Great Two Straight At Fergus Falls Raceway

FERGUS FALLS, MN (July 16, 2004) - Fifteen-year-old Andy Hanson backed up his first-ever Late Model Feature win, by showing the way for a second straight week in the ASA Super Late Model Feature at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Tim Olson led the field to the start and he took control on lap one. Things got interesting on lap two, when Hanson and Todd Hansen made it a three-wide race for the lead. Olson got squeezed out as Hanson took the lead. Blake Bjorklund was also on the move as he battled Hansen for the second spot. Bjorklund took second and then pulled up next to Hanson for the lead. The front pair raced wheel-to-wheel for several laps. On lap 18 the two touched in turn one. Both drivers would maintain control as Bjorklund had a tire start to go down. The leaders again got together in turn four, with Hanson spinning and Bjorklund darting to the pits to make repairs. When racing resumed, Hanson picked up the lead with Todd Hansen moving back into second. Hanson would break away in the closing laps to take his second win in as many weeks by a full straightaway over Hansen.

Oren Hoeper continued his phenomenal season as he won the Modified Feature. Duane Werner led the early going, before Jon Lewerer emerged from a three-wide battle to take the lead. Hoeper quickly made his presence known as he pulled ahead by a wheel to become the new race leader on lap five. Two laps later, Lewerer's engine gave out, forcing him out of the race. Hoeper continued to show the way as Joey Johnson showed signs of life as he kept pace with the leader. Johnson stayed within two car lengths the rest of the way as Hoeper drove to the win.

Hard charging Tim Brockhouse turned a early race power move into a win in the Great North Legends Feature. Rollie Davidson took the lead from the start as the Legends cars roared to life. Seventh starting Brockhouse shot through the field on the opening lap and was soon alongside Davidson. Brockhouse took control on lap two as "The Iceman" Scott Brandt was moving toward the front. Brandt caught up with Brockhouse and the top two broke away from everyone as the race wore on. Brandt didn't have enough to make a run for the lead, as he chased Brockhouse to the win.

A strange turn of events produced a new winner in the Thunder Car Feature. Shawn Robinson led a majority of the race as early leader Pat Dillon crossed the line second. This would be all thrown out the window however as in the Post-Race inspection, several cars were penalized for ride height violations and Casey Kurtz was declared the winner.

Adam Fronning proved once again to be a front runner as he won the UCAR Feature. Doug Fick, in search of his first win, took the lead on the opening lap. Fourth starting Fronning quickly made his move and on lap three, he was out in front. Dan Bolstad and Cory Flynn took the next two spots as they sought to hunt down Fronning. The race for second was a heated one and that helped Fronning as he went on to take home the win. Bolstad edged out Flynn for second, just a couple of car length's back.

Orv Nettifee in his 1963 Midget won the IMCA Old-Timers race. Frenchy Vasser in his 1932 Ford Coupe was second, and Gary Stein was a close third.

Fergus Falls Raceway Results
July 16, 2004

ASA Super Late Models

1. Clay Montella (Ottertail) 2. Shane Rudrud (Erhard) 3. Jason Rund (Fergus Falls) 4. Larry Button (Clitherall) 5. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls)

Fast Dash
1. Tim Olson (Hamel) 2. Todd Hansen (Minneapolis) 3. Blake Bjorklund (Isanti) 4. Andy Hanson (Ramsey) 5. Molly Rhoads (Hastings)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Blake Bjorklund (16.53 sec.) 2. Andy Hanson (16.73 sec.) 3. Todd Hansen (16.75 sec.) 4. Molly Rhoads (17.13 sec.) 5. Tim Olson (17.17 sec.) 6. Shane Rudrud (17.33 sec.)

1. Andy Hanson 2. Todd Hansen 3. Tim Olson 4. Molly Rhoads 5. Shane Rudrud 6. Jeff Lofquist 7. Jason Rund 8. Larry Button 9. Blake Bjorklund 10. Clay Montella-DNF


1. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 2. Dave Schafer (Glenwood) 3. Jason Hintermeister (Garfield) 4. Oren Hoeper (Dalton) 5. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 6. Dave Ostendorf (St. Cloud) 7. Jeff Berg (Dalton) 8. Duane Werner (Breckenridge)

1. Oren Hoeper 2. Joey Johnson 3. Dave Ostendorf 4. Dave Schafer 5. Duane Werner 6. Jeff Berg 7. Jason Hintermeister-DNF 8. Jon Lewerer-DNF

Great North Legends

1. Rollie Davidson (Burnsville) 2. Zack Davids (Apple Valley) 3. Dave Ewert (Fergus Falls) 4. Cam Schafer (Glenwood) 5. Gary Oie (St. Paul)

Fast Dash
1. Greg Lohrenz (Chanhassen) 2. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 3. Jason Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 4. Scott Brandt (Olivia) 5. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Dirk Henry (19.10 sec.) 2. Tim Brockhouse (19.14 sec.) 3. Scott Brandt (19.21 sec.) 4. Greg Lohrenz (19.22 sec.) 5. Jason Brockhouse (19.28 sec.) 6. Rollie Davidson (19.52 sec.)

1. Tim Brockhouse 2. Scott Brandt 3. Dirk Henry 4. Rollie Davidson 5. Cam Schafer 6. Jason Brockhouse 7. Greg Lohrenz 8. Zack Davids 9. Dave Ewert 10. Gary Oie 11. Shimon Casper (Cottage Grove)

Thunder Cars

1. Kurt Kort (Fergus Falls) 2. Shawn Robinson (Fergus Falls) 3. Mark Milbeck (Erhard) 4. Pat Dillon (Fergus Falls) 5. Deon Roth (Fergus Falls) 6. Tom Weinhandl (Henning) 7. Steve Devaney (Fergus Falls) 8. Cory Eggen (Fergus Falls) 9. Casey Kurtz (Fergus Falls)

1. Casey Kurtz 2. Shawn Robinson 3. Pat Dillon 4. Mark Milbeck 5. Kurt Kort 6. Tom Weinhandl 7. Cory Eggen 8. Deon Roth-DNF 9. Steve Devaney-DNF


First Heat
1. Josh Whipple (Fergus Falls) 2. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 3. Jay Gronewold (Fergus Falls) 4. Jesse Dreschel (Fergus Falls) 5. Doug Fick (Fergus Falls) 6. Cory Flynn (Alexandria)-DNF

Second Heat
1. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Ryan Sampson (Fergus Falls) 3. Adam Fronning (Dalton) 4. Craig Maack (Pelican Rapids) 5. Levi Stenerson (Fergus Falls)

1. Adam Fronning 2. Dan Bolstad 3. Cory Flynn 4. Doug Fick 5. Ryan Sampson 6. Josh Whipple 7. David Bolstad 8. Jay Gronewold 9. Craig Maack-DNF 10. Levi Stenerson-DNF 11. Jesse Dreschel-DNF

IMCA Old-Timers

1. Orv Nettifee (Sioux Falls, SD) 2. Frenchy Vasser (Delano) 3. Gary Stein (Northfield) 4. Mike Stein (Northfield)


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