FASCAR: New Smyrna results 2005-05-07

David Frohlich returns to Winner's Circle at New Smyrna Speedway Samsula, Fla. (May 7, 2005) Mothers were honored at New Smyrna Speedway with free entry and a flower Saturday night. And kids brought their moms out in force. The big race of...

David Frohlich returns to Winner's Circle at New Smyrna Speedway

Samsula, Fla. (May 7, 2005) Mothers were honored at New Smyrna Speedway with free entry and a flower Saturday night. And kids brought their moms out in force. The big race of the night was the Super Late Model 50 with some familiar old faces and some new faces.

But it was David Frohlich who took his second feature win in the Super Late Model division almost 2 years after his first win in May 2003. Frohlich, who ran a few Craftsman Truck races in 2004, finally came back home and came home in a big way.

Bruce Lawrence II had the pole for the 50 lapper and lead briefly until Frohlich took the lead and never let go. Frohlich was followed by Jacob Warren, Lawrence, David Rogers and Joe Fitos on the green. Rogers passed Lawrence and took over third as Lawrence settled into fourth.

The caution was thrown for A.J. Factor and Bruce Lawrence, Jr. who spun avoiding the lap car of W. Ingersoll. Factor and Lawrence rejoined the field in the rear and the green was out again as Frohlich took the point.

Rogers put the pedal down and powered pass Warren for second and set his goals on Frohlich. But inspite of some very close racing, even a little love patting, Frohlich held onto the lead and did not budge.

A caution was thrown again for debris on the track and the field was realigned for the restart with Frohlich, Rogers, Warren, Fitos and Lawrence in the top five. A.J. Factor retired his ride to the pits at this time with mechanical problems.

By halfway, Rogers was all over Frohlich but Frohlich did not budge. Lawrence passed Fitos for fourth as Fitos settled into fifth. Ingersoll brought out the yellow for the last time as he spun in turns 1 and 2. Ingersoll continued for a few laps but retired to the pits ending his night.

Frohlich held tight and took the checkered with Rogers only inches behind him. Completing the top five were Jacob Warren, Bruce Lawrence II and Joe Fitos.

Anthony King had the pole for the Mini Stock feature but before a lap was down, the #34 of David Castello began showing smoke and then alot of smoke. Castello was able to make it into the pits and done for the night.

On the restart, it was Chase Goodson on the point followed by Ben Cutler Jr. (our newly wed as of Thursday), Scott Reeves, Ron Karto Jr., and Wayne Wells. The #17 of Chuck Cook was blackflagged for dragging his tail pipe. Cook quickly went into the pits and was able to return to the field.

Jeff White brought out the yellow as he spun in turn 4. The field was realigned with Goodson on the point followed by Reeves, Cutler, Wells and Karto. White brings out the last caution as he spins down the frontstretch. Goodson takes the checkered for his first win in 2005 at New Smyrna Speedway followed by Scott Reeves, Ben Cutler Jr., Wayne Wells, and Ron Karto Jr.

Art Kunzeman had the pole for the Open Wheel Modifieds but with no cautions, it was Jerry Symons who lead the field to the checkered followed by Alan Bruns, Jared Allison, Art Kunzeman, and Ken McCracken.

Bruce Wingate had the pole for the Super Stock feature but it was George Spears who took the lead on the green followed by Jason Foster, Faris Crews, Josh Wronkowski, and Pat Buckley. Wronkowski passed Crews and took over third as Crews settled into fourth.

The yellow came out for Bruce Wingate who spun up in turns 1 and 2. Spears holds the point on the restart followed by Foster, Wronkowski, Crews and Buckley. Foster is hot on Spear's tail and is able to pass him and take over the lead as Wronkowski follows Foster and passes Spears for second with Spears settling into third. Foster holds on to the point as Spears comes back and passes Wronkowski for second. Foster takes the checkered followed by George Spears, Josh Wronkowski, Faris Crews and Pat Buckley.

The Strictly Stocks had two feature races due to their rainout last week. In the first race, it was Jose Rivera taking the win over Tammy Clouser, Greg Dame, Ray Tanguay, and Chris Ridley.

In their second feature, it was Tim Logue on the pole but it was Nick Boley who took the lead followed by Logue, Tammy Clouser, Jose Rivera and Greg Dame. The caution comes out when Boley and Clouser spin at the bottom of turns 3 and 4. Both join the field in the rear giving the point over to Greg Dame.

Dame obviously breaks with Rivera taking over the lead followed by Tanguay, Boley, Logue and Mike Wofford. Rivera takes the checkered for his second win of the night followed by Ray Tanguay, Nick Boley, Tim Logue, and Mike Wofford.

Bobby Snodgrass had the pole for the Pro Trucks but it was Jamie Skinner who took the point followed by Chad Akins, Marty Wolf, Brandon Johnson, and Dalton Zehr. Zehr passes Johnson and takes over fourth as Akins is hot on Skinner's tail. No cautions were thrown as Akins passes Skinner for the lead and takes the checkered followed by Jamie Skinner, Dalton Zehr, Marty Wolf, and Brandon Johnson.

Tom Gamache had the pole for the Sportsman feature but it was Ron Lufcy who took the point followed by Randy Jones, Donny Williams, Mike Soukup and Dale Clouser. Clouser passes Soukup for fourth and then passes Jones and Williams for second settling his eyes on Lufcy in the lead.

Clouser eventually takes over the lead and the checkered followed by Ron Lufcy, Randy Jones, Donny Williams, and Earl Beckner.


1. #22 David Frohlich
2. #11 David Rogers
3. #51 Jacob Warren
4. #116 Bruce Lawrence Jr.
5. #63 Joe Fitos
6. #16 Ray Derry
7. #12 Win Ingersoll
8. #62 A.J. Factor

1. #66 Jerry Symons
2. #4b Alan Bruns
3. #18 Jared Allison
4. #9 Art Kunzeman
5. #56 Ken McCracken
6. #21 Mike Damn

1. #30 Dale Clouser
2. #07 Ron Lufcy
3. #75 Randy Jones
4. #111 Donny Williams
5. #3 Earl Beckner
6. #31 Paul Colgan
7. #55 Jim Snyder
8. #18D Brian Dula
9. #18 Ken Lewton
10. #7 Tom Gamache
11. #74 Robert Glover
12. #330 Joe Gerard
13. #45 Mike Soukup
14. #70 John Nusbaum

1. #60X Jamie Skinner
2. #5 Dalton Zehr
3. #9 Marty Wolf
4. #41 Brandon Johnson
5. #11 Ron Dubeau
6. #32 Bill Stacy
7. #6 Bobby Snodgrass

1. #49 Jason Foster
2. #18 George Spears
3. #21 Josh Wronkowski
4. #8up Faris Crews
5. #34 Pat Buckley
6. #5 Jonathan Rowe
7. #01 Chuck Smith
8. #210 Bill Wingate
9. #22 Bruce McGonigal Jr.
10. #67 Billy Boggs
11. #2 Ron Whaley
12. #33 Bruce Wingate

1. #16 Chase Goodson
2. #21 Scott Reeves
3. #83 Ben Cutler Jr.
4. #23 Wayne Wells
5. #2 Ron Karto Jr.
6. #69 Anthony King
7. #17 Chuck Cook
8. #5 Jeff White
9. #52 Joe Waldren
10. #34 David Castello

STRICTLY STOCK (rainout feature)
1. #73 Jose Rivera
2. #30 Tammy Clouser
3. #67 Greg Dame
4. #007 Ray Tanguay
5. #88 Chris Ridley
6. #75 Tim Logue
7. #667 Randy Kough
8. #15 Mike Wofford

1. #73 Jose Rivera
2. #007 Ray Tanguay
3. #88 Nick Boley
4. #75 Tim Logue
5. #15 Mike Wofford
6. #12 Rudy Arnold
7. #30 Tammy Clouser
8. #83 Jeffrey Shimmel
9. #51 Jon Cast
10. #667 Randy Kough
11. #67 Greg Dame
12. #21 George Dame


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