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Sunoco Super Series Tech Leadership Stays "All in the Family" Tim Teal to Transition Chief Technical Inspector Role to His Father with Assistance from His Uncle Salem, Indiana (February 9, 2004) - For the past two years the Teal family men have...

Sunoco Super Series Tech Leadership Stays "All in the Family"
Tim Teal to Transition Chief Technical Inspector Role to His Father with Assistance from His Uncle

Salem, Indiana (February 9, 2004) - For the past two years the Teal family men have been a staple in the technical inspection area for the CRA/Sunoco Super Series. Tim Teal has been the Chief Technical Inspector for the series, while his father Darrell and uncle Jesse have been part of his crew. In those two years their leadership has helped shape the series and provide a level playing field for all competitors. During that same time, the three of them have become an integral part of the Sunoco Super Series family.

Both families were pulled closer during the 2003 season, when Darrell was forced to battle a rare life-threatening medical condition. An extensive blood stem-cell transplant would be required with a near perfect match donor. Darrell had to look no further than his brother Jesse to find that donor. The latter part of last season, Darrell started preparing for the transplant, treatment and the isolation that would follow. All along, he received encouraging words from his peers and friends in the Sunoco Super Series.

Since the procedure, Darrell's doctors have been very excited about his recovery and are very optimistic about his future. From the beginning of his medical setback, Darrell had set a goal to get back to the race track and the duties he enjoyed in the technical inspection arena. His strength is coming back and looks forward to getting back to the track with the support of his son and his brother.

The 2003 season offered a great challenge to Darrell, and his strength and desire are helping him to overcome his medical setback. Now, the 2004 season will offer a new challenge, though not as important, as Darrell will be transitioning into the role that his son Tim has held as Chief Technical Inspector. In 2004, Tim's full time occupation would not afford him the time to commit to every weekend and the weekly responsibilities that come with the job of Chief Technical Inspector. At the same time, the Teals didn't want to leave behind the success that they had achieved. The three Teal men put their heads together and determined that job would stay in the family and Tim would help transition his father into the role of Chief Technical Inspector, with close support from Jesse.

"We've really enjoyed our role with the Series," said the younger Teal. "It hasn't always been easy, but watching things get shaped into something positive is something we have taken a lot of pride in. The friends we have made have been really important as well, and we just didn't want to leave behind our successes or the friends we had made. Even though my full time work commitment will be pulling me away, with Dad's recovery making progress, we were able to keep the leadership in our family."

"I'm eager to get going," Darrell noted. "We're pretty sure things will go well, and the doctors will be monitoring me. But we as a group made a commitment to make this work, and with Tim and Jesse there to back me up, we'll be in good shape. I really want to especially thank Jesse, who gave me another chance at life, my family, friends of the Sunoco Super Series and everyone else for their thoughts and prayers during the past year."

"Its great news for all of us," commented Sunoco Super Series managing partner R. J. Scott. "Most importantly is the progress Darrell is making, but for all of us, we know we'll have part of our family still with us during the 2004 season. Besides being committed to what they do and their focus on being fair, their just good people. And in these days, that is the kind of people you want to have around. We're really looking forward to seeing Darrell at the track and doing whatever it takes to help him enjoy his return and have success with it."

During the off-season, Scott and his partner Glenn Luckett wanted the Teal family to focus on their needs first. As result, they fielded the calls regarding tech issues and directed the teams accordingly. That will continue until the season opener. Teams with technical questions about the upcoming season should call R. J. Scott at 303-748-1811. After the first event, the Teals will assume that role again and be able to handle the racer's needs.

The Teals and the rest of their team will be gathering at the end of March to prepare for the last open practice at Anderson Speedway on March 27th and the season opener on April 17th, also at Anderson Speedway. For more information on the Sunoco Super Series, visit


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