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Nashville Race Doesn't Play Out to Fit Jason Hogan's Strategy Sixth-Place Isn't a Victory, But It Gives the ...

Nashville Race Doesn't Play Out to Fit Jason Hogan's Strategy
Sixth-Place Isn't a Victory, But It Gives the #92 Team a Shot of Momentum

CLEVELAND, GA (April 2, 2007) -- Jason Hogan had a competitive car under him for the Spring Clash 150 CRA Super Series race on Sunday at Nashville's Music City Motorplex. The former All-American 400 winner knows how to bide his time and save his equipment to be in top-notch shape at the end of a Nashville race. Had this been a typical event at the historic track, Hogan likely would have been sailing by drivers with used-up racecars at the end of the race on his way to the front.

Unfortunately for Hogan, it wasn't a typical Nashville race. A high number of cautions worked against his plan. Hogan worked his way to sixth at the finish of the race, but had the race played out differently, the result could have been even better.

"We really had a lot of car left at the end of the race," said Hogan. "We just didn't get a lot of long runs, and we were really good on long runs. We basically sat out there and rode the whole race, and I didn't abuse my stuff. We really had a good car for the end and it showed, because the last five laps I went from being a half a straightaway back to battling with the top-five guys."

Music City Motorplex is one of Hogan's favorite tracks, and he particularly enjoyed Sunday's race.

"I just really like it here. It's a driver's track, and you have to get up on the wheel and drive it. You also have to have a car that handles. We've been trying a lot of different stuff here the past few times we've come. We are finding stuff that works. We might go back to some stuff that helped us win races here. You have to stay on top and try everything that comes out and try new things every week or you get behind. We've been a little behind, but we are catching back up."

Late in the going at Nashville, Hogan battled with Josh Hamner for the sixth position and had a great time doing so.

"I've raced with Hamner for a long time now. We had a good, clean race and that's the thing with most of these guys. It says a lot about this series and those drivers that you can race with those guys like that. I've seen where he was better than me, and I moved my car up because I knew he couldn't turn under me. When I moved my car up, the car got faster."

The top-10 finish at Nashville comes at a great time for Hogan and his #92 team. At South Alabama Speedway's Rattler last month, the team had engine problems in practice and had to load up early. It was a bitter pill for Hogan, a previous winner of the Rattler, to take. But instead of getting down, his team just used the incident as extra motivation.

"I am not used to not making races and pulling in and parking cars because they don't run. I am not used to that, and it frustrates me. That makes me work even harder to get the car out front. This is the first step in a short process that we have going here that will turn this deal around. We have struggled with this car since we got it and we are making progress with it. As long as we are stepping forward and not back, we are doing well."

Hogan is already looking ahead to November's All-American 400 at Nashville. He plans to take what he learned this weekend into one of the biggest races on the short track calendar all year.

"We came out of this race good and with a car in one piece," said Hogan. "We will get all of the pieces put back together and be back in good shape for the All-American 400. These guys won't give up until I have the best stuff."

When it comes to races that are a little bit closer on the calendar, Hogan is not quite sure when he's going to race next. He planned on seeing duty again later this month at South Alabama Speedway, but with the momentum from a good run at Nashville, he might add another event to his schedule.

I don't know exactly where our next race will be. Maybe we will go to Hickory [for next weekend's Easter Bunny 150 PASS South season opener]. This is a step."


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