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Nelles Cors., Ontario - Joe Gosek made his way up through a tough field to take over the lead spot on lap 22 of the ISMA 50 lapper Saturday night at Cayuga Speedway. Gosek didn't have an easy time picking up win ...

Nelles Cors., Ontario - Joe Gosek made his way up through a tough field to take over the lead spot on lap 22 of the ISMA 50 lapper Saturday night at Cayuga Speedway. Gosek didn't have an easy time picking up win #3 on the season however, as he had to track down and pass a high flying rookie, Jamie Timmons. Timmons had taken the point from early leader Denny Fisher and made quick work of putting his Lane #97 way out front. But, a caution on lap 20 allowed the field to close in on Timmons and Gosek got by soon thereafter. After that it was all Joe as he left the field behind. The win was worth $3,200 to the Oswegonian, driving Paul Dunigan's 26. Gosek's teammate, Randy Ritskes, finished third after having spun on lap 13, sending him to the rear. Two serious looking incidents marred the race, one on lap 13 when the 3 of Paul Hosie and the 21 of Joey Hawksby collided. The 21 was flatbedded off the track.

And, on lap 20, Joe Gosek's 26 brushed with third place runner Pat Shullick, sending Shullick hard into the fourth turn wall. Shullick emerged shaken but okay. Gosek said later in victory lane, "I tried to use my head and come through there easy, but I got together with the 49 there. I got up on him and I thought I was by, but then he wiggled and we touched. That's all it took. He didn't see me. I feel bad. I'd never intentionally put anyone in the wall." Joe commented on his drive, "The crew did a heck of a job. We had a good car out there. It's number three for us in ISMA and fourth overall. They just keep plugging away and they make the car to my liking. I enjoy running for this team."

Lou Cicconi, closed in late to get by Timmons for second. Cicconi actually gave Timmons a little love tap on that last yellow, as he pointed out later, "We had a pretty good run," said Liquid Lou, "But, I feel bad for Timmons. I gave him a little tap there on that slowdown and spun him out. They gave him his spot back, but he went behind me instead. But, I think we've got a good crew and car here and we've made great strides. They've proven that today after working on the car. We're excited about our progress."

Third place finisher Randy Ritskes, after his spin, said in victory lane, "I'm satisfied with third. The guys did a great job The car was a little loose but it wasn't so loose to spin out. That was my own fault. Again, that just goes to prove how good this car is. I had to go to the rear and there were still 23 cars out there to try and get by at the time. I'm not going to complain. I'm happy with third."

Except for the aforementioned yellows, very few flags slowed the furious pace of the event with first Timmons and then Gosek dominating the field to the end. Gosek was well into the tail of the field by the 40 mark as Timmons, Cicconi, Scott Martel, Joey Payne, Ritskes, Dave McKnight and John Payne swapped positions out back.

A lap 47 yellow found several lap cars between the leader and second place, runner at the time, Lou Cicconi. Timmons did a quick spin here as the 07 of Wade Litt brought out the flag, but Jamie was given his spot back as an avoidance was called. As they crossed the line under the checkered, Ritskes had moved into third while Timmons held out for fourth and Scott Martel ran alone in fifth.

Dave McKnight, John Payne, Brad Lichty, Ken Bell and Timmy Jedrzejek rounded out the top ten.

The ISMA supers return to Cayuga Speedway on August 6 for an early Sunday afternoon show.. <pre> Summary Heat 1: Pat Shullick, Nokie Fornoro, Randy Ritskes, Jamie Timmons, Ken Bell, Pat Abold, Jack Smith, Joey Hawksby, Paul Hosie Heat 2: Dan Soule, Scott Martel, Joe Gosek, Lou Cicconi, Wade Litt, John Payne, Jon Henes, Brad Lichty Heat 3: Joey Payne, Dave McKnight, Denny Fisher, Tim Jedrzejek, Dave Shullick, Jr., Scott Heil, Mark Sammut, Joe Petro ISMA 50: 1. Joe Gosek, (26), 2. Lou Cicconi(4), 3. Randy Ritskes(29), 4. Jamie Timmons (97), 5. Scott Martel (14), 6. Dave McKnight(94), 7. John Payne(16), 8. Brad Lichty(84), 9. Ken Bell(31), 10. Timmy Jedrzejek (91), 11. Denny Fisher(81), 12. Dave Shullick Jr. (38), 13. Joe Petro(99), 14. Pat Abold(61), 15. Jack Smith(83), 16. Wade Litt(07), 17. Joey Payne(06), 18. Nokie Fornoro(5), 19. Scott Heil(6), 20. Jon Henes(36), 21. Pat Shullick(49), 22. Paul Hosie(3), 23. Joey Hawksby(21), 24. Dan Soule(32), 25. Mark Sammut(78).

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