Cayuga, Ontario results 2000-08-06

GOSEK TWO FOR TWO AT CAYUGA IN 2000 Nelles Corners, Ontario: Joe Gosek's beginning to repeat himself in 2000. He won back-to-back ISMA features in North Carolina in April and Sunday, he won back-to-back features at Cayuga Speedway in Ontario.

Nelles Corners, Ontario: Joe Gosek's beginning to repeat himself in 2000. He won back-to-back ISMA features in North Carolina in April and Sunday, he won back-to-back features at Cayuga Speedway in Ontario. It was a little harder this time as the crews had very little track time in which to adjust their cars. Due to a persistent mist that frequented the speedway.all morning, ISMA officials decided on a set of warmups for each car and then a 10 minute intermission before feature time. The 50-lapper was lined up according to the money-won handicap system. Ten minutes isn't a long time to set up a supermodified. Matter a fact it's a gamble all the way.

"We rolled the dice today," said Gosek in victory lane.."Last night at Lancaster we were tight and Randy ran away from us. So, today we rolled the dice and loosened it up a bit. The car was fast today, but not as good as last time here. It got the job done and that's all that matters. I've got to thank Paul Dunigan and the whole team once again. They give me a great race car and it's fun to drive. And, I thank all his sponsors. It's been a great time. Dave McKnight was running good. I felt if I had a shot at him sooner, I better get him because I wasn't sure I could do it later. He slipped up there in one and I got under him. I figured then he'd have to chase me to get it back."

Misty rains that fell all morning, let up just enough to allow the racing to be completed, albeit a shorter version than planned.

After the supermodifieds warmed up, the feature was lined up after a short intermission. Inverting the top 12 gave, ironically, one of Cayuga's new owners, the outside pole, with Dan Soule in the number one spot. Two cars were eliminated before the first circuit was done as both Joey Hawksby, in the Brothers' 6 and the Jim Shirey 72 were out of the action, Hawksby due to an accident, Shirey to mechanicals.

Brad Lichty led the way on the restart and kept ahead of Dan Soule until Soule came by on lap 7. Brad's teammate, Dave McKnight, sent him into third with a pass on lap 9.

Lap 12 saw a track oiling by the VanLuven-driven 46 and a red was called to cleanup and throw in a little additional fuel.

Soule was able to hold off McKnight until lap 15 when Dave grabbed the point from the Clay, NY driver. Joe Gosek left Soule in third one lap later. Cautions fell on laps 17 and 18 for first Howard Page(broken spline) and Jon Henes(spin and pit).

Gosek pursued McKnight for ten more laps before Joe made his move just out of the first turn to come around for the lead on lap 30. McKnight chased Gosek as best he could, and lap cars dotted the way as the two pulled away from Soule, Lichty, Joey Payne and Nick Fornoro. Randy Ritskes, Scott Martel, Lou Cicconi and Jamie Timmons were the top ten.

Lap 31 saw a red flag fall, when John Payne's Miller 16 hit hard in the front straight wall. "I was passing Ken Bell," said Payne later, "And something must have broken and I hit." Payne was pretty sore afterwards and the 16 was badly damaged after the incident.

Brad Lichty lost his top five spot during this red when a tire went down and he had to pit.

The last ten laps were all Gosek and McKnight as the two dove in and out of traffic. Joey Payne made a good run to move into third at race end with Gosek's teammate Ritskes also a methodical mover to fourth. Nick Fornoro claimed the fifth spot. McKnight, after chasing fellow Canadian Randy Ritskes at Lancaster, was yearning to give his car owner a win in front of the home crowd. He stated in victory lane, "What can I say. The guys did a great job. We're chasing the Dunigan car again. But, we're there you know. We'll just keep working at it and we'll come back to try it at the next one and see what we've got for them."

Joey Payne was pleased with third all things considered, "At the start of the race I thought we were in the toilet. It was really tight and after that first red I was complaining to Bruce. I told him we weren't going anywhere and he said just stick it out. The car came to life, a little late, but we've got to work on it. We've got to get this thing a little freer earlier on and I think we'll be in there for the hunt. My hat's off to the Dunigan guys. Most of the time we're running for third. Today we're happy. It was a good weekend. A fourth and a third and the car's in one piece - even the nose wing!"

Scott Martel, Dan Soule, Jamie Timmons, Lichty and Doug Saunier, made up the the top ten.

ISMA next heads for a New England doubleheader at Lee USA(NH) and Oxford Plains, Maine on Aug. 18 and 19. <pre> SUMMARY ISMA 50 Heats: cancelled due to weather CAYUGA 50: 1. Joe Gosek(26), 2. Dave McKnight(94), 3. Joey Payne(06), 4. Randy Ritskes(29), 5. Nick Fornoro(5), 6. Scott Martel(14), 7. Dan Soule(32), 8. Jamie Timmons(97), 9. Brad Lichty(84), 10. Doug Saunier(7), 11. Lou Cicconi(4), 12. Bob Smith (67), 13. Denny Fisher(81), 14. Wade Litt (07), 15. Joe Petro(99), 16. Mark Sammut(78), 17. Ken Bell(31), 18. Howard Page(18), 19. John Payne(16), 20. Jon Henes(36), 21. Mark VanLuven(46), 22. Paul Hosie(3), 23. Ryan Coniam(Lichty 74), 24. Gary Griffith(91), 25. Joey Hawksby(Brothers' 6), 26. Jim Shirey(72).

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