CAN: Autodrome Granby results 2004-07-24

19th Mid-season championship at Autodrome Granby A second perfect night for Real Lafrance GRANBY, QC, July 24, 2004 --- Involved in a spin out due to a flat tire on lap 23 of the 40-lap feature, Real Lafrance made a very good comeback to...

19th Mid-season championship at Autodrome Granby
A second perfect night for Real Lafrance

GRANBY, QC, July 24, 2004 --- Involved in a spin out due to a flat tire on lap 23 of the 40-lap feature, Real Lafrance made a very good comeback to clinch for the third time in the past five years, the honors of the Mid-season championship at Autodrome Granby. For the Deneigement Moderne/Bicknell driver, it was his second perfect night and his third success so far this season. Despite this result, Lafrance could only regain five points on David Hebert's lead in the Modified CARQUEST Auto parts standings.

Hebert, the S.D. performance driver, refused to concede more ground and finished second followed by Mario Moreau, Kayle Robidoux and Alain Boisvert.

The first half of this feature race was fast and without any caution flags. On the pole at the green flag, Alain Boisvert didn't loose a second leading that portion and had a good lead margin on his opponents who were at that time, Patrice McGrail, Wallace Stacey, Mario Moreau and Steve Poirier while Lafrance was standing in eighth place before his spin out.

For Boisvert, things weren't so good in the second portion. He survived to four restarts after loosing his leading margin on each occasion. Then, on lap 28, following another restart, he was passed by Mario Moreau while David Hebert, sixth at the start, was now third. During that time, Lafrance was coming back very fast from the end of the field.

On lap 37, Moreau couldn't hold on any longer in front of David Hebert who was seriously looking for a second straight victory at Autodrome Granby. During the four preceding laps, Lafrance had been able to move up from eighth to fourth. Following the last yellow flag caused by Christian Salvas, Lafrance was in Hebert's rear bumper and managed to take him with two laps remaining.

In this feature race, Kayle Robidoux after experiencing mechanical problems during his heat, had to take his back-up car for the final in which he made a good comeback by finishing fourth.

It was another night to forget for many drivers. While he was standing in fifth place, Steve Poirier, the defending champion at Autodrome Granby, was plagued with a flat tire and finished twelfth. Claude Brouillard was forced to quit on lap 22 and a lap later, it was Mario Lajoie who had to do so. But the most important lost in that race was for Martin Roy, the Bicknell/Centre du camion Gamache driver. Sixth on lap 34, he was forced to withdraw due to mechanical problems. Second along with Real Lafrance in the championship standings before the evening, he dropped back to fifth place with a deficit of 108 points on Hebert and 56 on Lafrance.

Besides Lafrance, David Hebert and Richard Chauvin were the winners in their respective heats.

Back on top With his third win of the season, Sebastien Gougeon was able to regain his first place in the Sportsman Castrol standings. His victims were Pierre Raymond and Michel Dusseault while Steve Bernard who entered this race as points' leader couldn't do better than a twelfth place finish due to brake problems.

In the Semi-Pro division, Stephane Larivière made his fourth visit in the winner's circle and Sylvain Gagnon was the winner in the 4 Cylinders division.

Canadian DIRT Challenge

Last Tuesday, the second of a three race series in the Canadian DIRT Challenge involving, Edelweiss, Cornwall and Autodrome Granby, was held at Granby. There were 39 cars in the infield and 32 took the green flag.

This 100-lap race was won by David Hebert who had, in the first half, to resist to the challenge of Stephane Lafrance and Dale Planck but after the halfway mark, was able to hold on while a serious battle took place for the two other places on the podium between Dale Planck, Pierre Dagenais and Alain Boisvert. At the very end, Boisvert was able to make a move on Dagenais to take the third place just behind Planck.

Also for the first time, the Pro Stock division was present at Autodrome Granby for the fourth race of the Mr. Radiator series. In this 35-lap race, Joey Ladouceur led wire-to-wire to win in front of Marc Therrien and Denis Gauvreau.


19th Mid-season championship (July 23)

40 laps in the Modified division
1-11, Real Lafrance; 2- 1, David Hebert; 3- 5, Mario Moreau; 4- 46, Kayle Robidoux; 5- 73, Alain Boisvert; 6- 39, Clement Therrien; 7- 78, Vince Quenneville Jr.; 8- 31, Richard Chauvin; 9- 2, Marco Potvin; 10- 10, Patrice McGrail; 11- 66w, Wallace Stacey; 12- 61, Steve Poirier; 13- 23, Dany Bilodeau; 14- 09, Alex Fortier; 15- 24, Stephane Michaud; 16- B8, Adam Barnaby; 17- 8, Christian Salvas; 18- 21, Ian Bussière; 19- 90, Martin Roy; 20- 2x, Mario Lajoie; 21- 3, Claude Brouillard; 22- 4, Leon Gonyo


100 laps for Modified
1- 1, David Hebert; 2- 72, Alain Boisvert; 3- 19x, Dale Planck; 4- 124, Pierre Dagenais; 5- 61, Steve Poirier; 6- 78, Vince Quenneville Jr.; 7- 10, Patrice McGrail; 8- 151, Brian McDonald; 9- 21, Ian Bussière; 10- 09, Alex Fortier; 11- 55, Perry Francis; 12- 90, Martin Roy; 13- 2, Marco Potvin; 14- 88, Simon Marcoux; 15- 66w, Wallace Stacey; 16- 31, Richard Chauvin; 17- 115, Stephane Lafrance; 18- 22, Eric Gauvreau; 19- 3, Claude Brouillard; 20- 4K, Jasmin Leveille; 21- 23L, Laurent Ladouceur; 22- 39, Clement Therrien; 23- 46, Kayle Robidoux; 24- 4, Leon Gonyo; 25- 5, Mario Moreau; 26- 95, Mark Hitchcock; 27- 3TJ, Tommy Jock; 28- 8, Christian Salvas; 29- 23, Dany Bilodeau; 30- 19, Michel Pelletier; 31- 2x, Mario Lajoie; 32- 11, Real Lafrance


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