Cajon Enduro results 2002-07-04

Cajon Enduro finish up in air. EL CAJON, CA (07/04/02). Just who won the factory stock enduro at Cajon Speedway Thursday night? Vernon Gilmore thinks he did. The team of Matt Arnold and John Krempp Jr. think they did. At stake is the $1000 first...

Cajon Enduro finish up in air.

EL CAJON, CA (07/04/02). Just who won the factory stock enduro at Cajon Speedway Thursday night? Vernon Gilmore thinks he did. The team of Matt Arnold and John Krempp Jr. think they did. At stake is the $1000 first prize check that will be awarded to the victor of the 150-lap contest.

Arnold and Krempp were given the checkered flag first. But Gilmore was named the unofficial victor after scorers reviewed the scoring sheets. Arnold and Krempp protested that finish, which actually placed them in third place behind Ryan Gay. The unofficial finish put Jim Tucker in fourth and Adam Poe in fifth. Track officials are reviewing the scoring sheets and will make a final determination as to the winner no later than Saturday night.

One thing was for sure. Krempp, who drove the second half of the race, and Gilmore ran side-by-side for much of the second half of the race after Gilmore just nipped Arnold in the first 75-laps. The scoring question at the finish was whether or not Arnold/Krempp were one lap down and were merely trying to unlap themselves during the late race battle with Gilmore. The confusion resulted after Krempp got pinched into the crashwall entering turn one on lap 81. Krempp went high to go around a car that was limping back to the pits, but got ridden into the wall by that car instead. He was able to continue after losing about 20 seconds. Some people feel that a few laps later Gilmore lapped Krempp. The Arnold/Krempp team maintains they were never lapped.

There was no doubt that Matt Arnold was the class of the field in the first half of the contest. He started on the outside of the front row and ran away from everyone. Gilmore started 20th and had to thread his way through traffic. Her soon was up to second. But Arnold's domination was so great that he put Gilmore a lap down on lap 47. But late in the first half, Arnold ran over some debris on the track. His left rear started going flat and so did his lead. Gilmore unlapped himself on lap 66. On the final round of the first 75-laps, Gilmore passed Arnold again and had the lead.

Arnold, who drove the traditional counterclockwise direction, turned the wheel over to his buddy Krempp for the second half. Gilmore had the pole with Krempp alongside. They ran together until Krempp had his problem on lap 81. That gave Gilmore a comfortable lead. But by lap 100 Krempp and Gilmore were alongside each other again. Depending on whose side you were on, they were either battling for the lead or Krempp was trying to regain his lost lap. For the final 50-laps, the two cars were never separated by very much though in the closing stages of the race, Krempp pulled out ahead with about six laps left and was five seconds ahead at the checkered.

With the yellow flag not being used for an enduro, the first 75-rounds ran non-stop. There were a number of incidents, most of which occurred in turn two. The race had to be stopped on lap 132 when Michelle Aeria rode up the crashwall on the frontstretch, did a full flip in the air, and landed rightside up on the track. She did complain of some neck pain, but was otherwise unhurt.

One of the entrants was Winston West ace Johnny Borneman III. But he never got an opportunity to get behind the wheel. His teammate was Cajon late model sportsman driver Claude Bell, who owned and built their car and had the seat for the first 75-laps. But the motor blew up on lap 20.

There were 55 entrants and 50 starters. Twenty-six of those cars took the checkered for the first half. Thirty-five started the second half and about twenty cars were still running at the finish.

Danny Hildebrand, who hit the wall hard in the factory stock enduro, came back to claim honors in the 20-lap boat trailer race.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS -; 1. Vernon Gilmore, Santee; 2. Ryan Gay, El Cajon; 3. Matt Arnold, San Diego and John Krempp Jr, San Diego; 4. Jim Tucker, Lemon Grove; 5. Adam Poe, Santee; 6. Randy Hart, San Diego and Charles Robuck, Spring Valley; 7. Rob Dinsmore, San Diego; 8. Brian Silvas, Lakeside; 9. Phil Griffin, Santee; 10. David Evangelou, Santee; 11. David Martinez, La Mesa; 12. Chris White, Spring Valley; 13. Pat Garity, El Cajon and Eric Shockey, Santee; 14. Terry Larson, El Cajon; 15. Chad Hines, Jamul; 16. David Alpert, San Diego; 17. Mike Rumbaugh, Poway; 18. Gary Britton, Lakeside and Gary Hatsuyker, El Cajon; 19. Mark Focht, La Mesa; 20. Mary Minnick, El Cajon; 21. Marv Chapman, Poway and Michelle Aeriz, Poway; 22. Scott Denton, Fallbrook; 23. Eddie Hijar, San Diego; 24. Donn Stewart, El Cajon; 25. Paul Uran, Ramona and Sean Todd, El Cajon; 26. Scott Rodieck, San Diego; 27. Glen Davis, La Mesa and Victor De La Cruz, La Mesa; 28. Jason Frieze, Lakeside; 29. Dan Hildebrand, El Cajon; 30. Eric Thomson, Bonsall; 31. Dean Sipe, San Diego and Ron Overacker, Lakeside; 32. Russell Jackson, Lakeside; 33. James Boissier, Santee; 34. Tim Neuhaus, Lakeside; 35. Chris Fields, El Cajon; 36. Bob Underwood, Spring Valley; 37. John Alvernaz, Lakeside and Mike Ellis, Lakeside; 38. Andy Papp, La Mesa; 39. Ryan McCasland, Santee; 40. Rodney Shaw, El Cajon; 41. Darrel McKee, San Diego and David Onate, San Diego; 42. Claude Bell, El Cajon and John Borneman III, Ramona; 43. Jeff Uran Jr., El Cajon and Jeff Uran Sr., Ramona; 44. John Robinson, Ramona; 45. Ruby Underwood, Spring Valley; 46. Richard Elliott, El Cajon; 47. Bob Morris, San Diego; 48. Brandon Taylor, Lakeside


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