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Tuesday 1 July 2003 - British motor racing is going to be revitalised by a major new series featuring V8-engined, 550 bhp rear wheel drive racing saloon cars in 2004. The all-new SCV8 Supercar Championship will bring fresh momentum to major race...

Tuesday 1 July 2003 - British motor racing is going to be revitalised by a major new series featuring V8-engined, 550 bhp rear wheel drive racing saloon cars in 2004. The all-new SCV8 Supercar Championship will bring fresh momentum to major race meetings up and down the country and is sure to be a massive hit with race fans and new audiences alike.

This new British motorsport series featuring two major races per event is now in the final stages of preparation and has been created by a consortium of experienced industry professionals with strong support from leading industry organisations. The Supercars concept has been developed by Rouse-Hall Motorsport, with the aim of bringing fans a series that features the excitement and spectacle of extremely high performance, yet easily recognisable, saloon cars for fast and furious championship racing. The rear wheel drive configuration of the cars guarantees crowd pleasing action and has been designed to put the wow! factor back into British motor racing.

Andy Rouse, four times BTCC champion, Pete Hall, prominent motorsport businessman and Roger Etcell, a leading motorsport marketing consultant, have pioneered this unique series with a multi-million pound investment programme and a commitment to generate fresh, entertaining and competitive motorsport action with unpredictable results. The programme has recently received long term support and commitment from the Haymarket Publishing Group and the British Racing Drivers' Club, both of whom bring in-depth experience and enormous backing to this exciting new championship. The Championship has already been given the thumbs-up from both professional drivers and industry, with former Formula One, Champ Car and Le Mans star, Mark Blundell saying,

"I think the SCV8 Supercar Championship will be a great addition to the British motorsport calendar. These cars will be awesome to drive; there's nothing quite like a rear wheel V8 for getting 'on the edge' and pushing to the limits. And as for the racing - it will be fierce! I'm positive that manufacturers with motorsport programmes, such as MG, will be keen to evaluate this championship for their future plans".

Roger Etcell explains the rationale of SCV8 Supercars: "Motorsport fans have a thirst for ultimate power and high quality racing with dramatic cars and star name drivers, a format which is currently not seen in Britain, but is enjoyed in other countries around the globe with series such as the Australian V8s, DTM and NASCAR. We are planning a race series that adds a new dimension to the UK motorsport scene, with sexy cars, professional stars and young talented drivers, and the spine tingling roar of massive horsepower. We are confident SCV8 will quickly establish itself as one of the cornerstones of national racing and build a solid, loyal fan base who will become avid followers of the series."

The SCV8 Supercar Championship

The SCV8 Championship is well advanced in its development with the championship programme pending MSA approval in the near future. The foundations are extremely strong with a six year business plan that provides the extensive investment, experience and commitment that are the necessary and fundamental requirements of this new motorsport series.

The all-new series will be presented around 4 unique, exciting and bold initiatives:

1. The Cars - their performance and low costs
2. Driver Options
3. Young Driver Programme
4. The Show

1. The Cars

Based around popular mid-range four-door saloons, the cars feature race prepared chassis and 550bhp V8 racing engines that deliver massive power and torque but limited grip through rear wheel drive and controlled slick or wet racing tyres. With many common parts the cars feature performance equalising facilities, which will provide varied and exciting racing where driver skill will be the deciding factor on either road or oval circuits.

The races could see Jaguars versus Audis versus MGs, Peugeots, Fords and more, all with power to weight ratios that are twice that of current touring cars, and all at a fraction of the costs. Long-term technical stability is a cornerstone of the concept, thus ensuring commercial viability for teams and sponsors. Teams will be offered a SCV8 Franchise Scheme where selected teams will hold an exclusive arrangement for their chosen brand from a selection of over 15 different models. Manufacturers will play a part in the team selection process and just 5 franchises are offered in year 1 to reach the targeted 20 car grid.

2. Driver Options

The high-power, rear wheel drive format has been created to attract back to Britain the real star drivers of International motorsport, who have taken drives in other parts of the world due to the lack of suitable product in the UK. Whilst all cars will be equal in performance, entrants will be able to choose between the Drivers' Championship and the Teams' Championship. The teams' contest, with two drivers driving one race each, will provide the opportunity to share costs and mix youngsters with mature drivers, guests with professionals and perhaps even establish famous father and son combinations.

3. Young Driver Programme

A brand new concept, completely unique and much needed, the team class within the SCV8 series will create a driver career path to International racing. This will provide a suitable platform for drivers to move up from single-seater categories such as Formula Ford and Formula Renault, as well as one-make championships. This new category will provide the opportunity for young lions to mix with established stars in the drivers' class, enabling talented young drivers to show their skills on an equally competitive basis. Young drivers can then graduate into the SCV8 drivers' class, or continue on in their careers to International single-seaters or sports cars.

4. The Show

Extensive thought and planning is behind an all-new event programme that will provide non-stop entertainment for enthusiastic race fans and all the family. The SCV8 Supercar championship will be fully supported with quality terrestrial television and a comprehensive marketing programme and will tour the country headlining the BRDC British F3/GT series.


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