Bowman Gray Stadium needs to learn a lesson

Bowman Gray Stadium will hopefully be a little less angry of a place after the fatal incident in New York State this past weekend, or at least we hope so.

I hope that the officials at Bowman Gray Stadium take heed of the lesson learned this passed weekend at a dirt track in New York State.

If you are unaware of what Bowma Gray Stadium is, it’s a really old racetrack in North Carolina that sits inside a football bowl like stadium. That’s ok, because it’s also a football field for the local University.

It has been nicknamed the madhouse because of the tight racing that often produces temper trantrums among the grown men driving these cars. Often times is street stocks, late models and modifieds.

In the past couple of year hundreds of videos from the track pop up on the internet each racing season and it almost seems like the aggressive behavior out of the drivers is getting worse and worse.

Driver A crashes into Driver B because Driver B did some blocking. Driver B doesn’t like that, so he starts chasing Driver A all over the track with track workers all over, stationary cars all over. 

Or how about the one where Driver A approaches Driver B’s window after getting out of his wrecked car and Driver B takes off dragging Driver A down the track…

The fans go nuts for this stuff, as evident in the videos below. It almost reminds me of Roman gladiator times.

But with that said, last weekend the racing world lost a young talent in Kevin Ward Jr, after he was struck by the car of Tony Stewart during an emotional outburst after a racing accident at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.

We learned that angry drivers walking on the track combined with high powered machines and other humans, susceptible to emotional outbursts is simply not safe. 

Why this tragedy happened on some dirt track in the North East and not Bowman Gray is beyond me. In the videos below, fans are the reporters to show the world that a freak accident at one track is a near occurrence every race weekend here.  

I am all for emotion in motorsports, but it should never take place on the track, or in the cockpit. Period. 








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