Bloomington Speedway Results 1999-06-18

O'NEAL SCORES NORTHERN ALL STAR LATE MODEL TRIUMPH TRAMMELL & CAMPBELL VICTORIOUS AT BLOOMINGTON BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 18, 1999) - Martinsville's Don O'Neal scored a convincing 30-lap victory in the Northern All Star Late Model series event...


BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 18, 1999) - Martinsville's Don O'Neal scored a convincing 30-lap victory in the Northern All Star Late Model series event at Bloomington Speedway Friday night. O'Neal grabbed the lead on a lap 2 restart and never looked back, with a three car-length victory over Steve Barnett and Ernie Barrow. Gary Trammell earned his first modified victory, and Denny Campbell won his first street stock feature, at Bloomington this year.

Starting third in the Northern All Star Late Model's first feature event on the Bloomington oval, O'Neal drove under Barnett in the first turn, and as the first lap concluded, raced down the front straight three-wide with Kevin Claycomb and Dan Sturgeon. Claycomb pulled clearly ahead in the second turn, but before he completed the lap, Bret Davis and Brad Barrow tangled in the third turn, bringing the caution flag.

On the restart, O'Neal drove under Claycomb in the second turn, leading the pack into the third turn. O'Neal quickly raced away, leaving Claycomb and Sturgeon to battle for second. On lap 13, Claycomb slipped sideways on the bottom of turn two, losing momentum, and was squarely t-boned by Sturgeon.

Several times, O'Neal built straightaway-size leads before caution flags would erase his advantage. Barnett, Barrow and Steve Casebolt were unable to stay with the flying O'Neal Timber car with each green flag. The final caution came when Scott James spun on the white flag lap. On the final restart, O'Neal dropped low through the fourth turn, nipping a last minute charge by Barnett. He was three car lengths ahead of Barnett, Barrow and Casebolt at the checkered flag. Marty O'Neal, who earned the last transfer in a wheel-to-wheel finish in the B-Main, battled through the pack to earn an impressive fifth.

Perry Bruce grabbed the early lead, from the pole, in the Indiana Street Stock feature. Starting eighth, Denny Campbell battled swiftly to the front, taking second from Greg O'Neill on the fourth lap. He began to stalk Bruce, slowly closing the dozen car-length gap Bruce had compiled. Suddenly, at mid-race, Bruce pulled off the track and headed for the pits, giving up the lead to Campbell. Lee Hobbs and Rusty Smiley challenged Campbell, but Hobbs contacted a slower car and dropped out of the race. On another last lap restart, Campbell quickly put four car lengths between his car and Smiley. O'Neill held on to finish third, followed by Joe Deckard and Terry Arthur.

In the UMP Modifieds, Kerry Norris passed Tim Prince and Gary Trammell to take the lead on the second lap. Fortunately for Trammell, a yellow flag nullified Norris' pass, and he was able to quickly get under Prince on the restart. Norris also disposed of Prince, and began to battle Trammell for the lead. Lap after lap, Norris pressured Trammell, working every groove on the speedway. Ray Humphrey battled his way to third before dropping from the event early. In spite a lot of experience at Bloomington, Norris wasn't able to devise a way past Trammell. Troy Jarvis finished third, followed by Matt Tiller and Terry Trammell.

Bloomington Speedway Summary June 18, 1999

Northern All Star Late Models

Fast Qualifier: Scott Smith, 12.425

Heat 1: Kevin Claycomb, Ernie Barrow, Kevin Weaver, Brad Barrow

Heat 2: Don O'Neal, Doug Ault, CJ Rayburn, Gary Barrow

Heat 3: Steve Barnett, Steve Casebolt, Frank Coomer, Tory Collins

Heat 4: Dan Sturgeon, Dion Deason, Jim Curry, John Gill

B Main: Scott Smith, Marty O'Neal

Feature: Don O'Neal, Barnett, Barrow, Casebolt, Marty O'Neal, Curry, Deason, Gill, Ault, Smith, Neganard, Claycomb, James, Johnson, Bingham, Collins, Sturgeon, Davis, Barrow, Coomer

UMP Modifieds

Heat 1: Richie Lex, Troy Jarvis, Ray Humphrey, Steve Trabue, Levi Ray Godsey

Heat 2: Matt Tiller, Tim Prince, Rodney Harris Jr., Brian Campbell, Zack Scott

Heat 3: Kerry Norris, Gary Trammell, Mike Bowersox, Bradley Sturgeon, Kenny Weaver

B Main: Terry Trammell, Gary Hall, Sam Brandenburg, Jack Taylor, Mike Phillips

Feature: Gary Trammell, Norris, Jarvis, Tiller, T. Trammell, Bowersox, Campbell, Lex, Godsey, Brandenburg, Weaver, Harris, Sturgeon, Prince, Scott, Hall, Trabue, Phillips, Taylor, Humphrey

Indiana Street Stocks

Heat 1: Barry Gerkin, Greg O'Neill, Don Bush Jr., Joe Deckard, Travis Todd

Heat 2: Rusty Smiley, Gerald Todd, Denny Campbell, Mel Bigham, Brent Wilson

Heat 3: Terry Arthur, Perry Bruce, Lee Hobbs, Jerry Hepworth, Steve Hunt

B Main: Cory Brown, Marty Cooper, Steve Hollars, Steve Hawkins, Greg Miller

Feature: Campbell, Smiley, O'Neill, Deckard, Arthur, Bush, Gerkin, Miller, Brown, Bingham, Hollers, Hawkins, Hobbs, Hepworth, Wilson, Bruce, Cooper, G. Todd, T. Todd, Hunt

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