Bloomington results 2004-09-26

BLOOMINGTON, IN (September 26, 2004) -- Saturday night's show was the final program of a great season at Bloomington Speedway. Before hot laps the top ten in points for each division assembled at the front of the grandstand to sign autographs and...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (September 26, 2004) -- Saturday night's show was the final program of a great season at Bloomington Speedway. Before hot laps the top ten in points for each division assembled at the front of the grandstand to sign autographs and receive the awards for their season's performance. The kids were given official Bloomington Speedway programs on which to collect the autographs of their favorite drivers.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, our year end points payouts and contingency awards sent the top ten in points home with cash and merchandise to get them started putting next season's program together. The champions even received a nice rocker/recliner in which to sit and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. Bloomington Speedway appreciates the loyalty of our competitors; and we are pleased to be able to reward it in this way.

O'Neal Wood Products Modified Awards:

While this was Brady Short's first O'Neal Wood Products modified championship, you would never know it by looking at his record. He had four feature wins; and no finished outside of the top ten. Short is 19; and he lists his profession as race car driver. Not many modified drivers can do that. Of course, racers are getting younger all of the time; but a nineteen year old champion is still pretty remarkable. For his efforts Short received $3858 in cash and contingency awards.

Ralph Groomer switched from the Tire & Wheel Center super stock division to the O'Neal Wood Products modified division this season. It is clear that what he learned in the super stocks served him well in the modified division. He finished eighth in the points; and he made the feature most nights.

Nathan Voorhies finished ninth in the points this season compared to 19th last season. In the last few races in the season, Voorhies was in a modified that he purchased from the Short stable. The new mount worked well for him; and there's no telling where he would have finished if he'd had the new car all season. He had top ten finishes the last three races of the season.

The top ten in O'Neal Wood Products modified points were: 1. Brady Short, 2. Jesse Cramer, 3. Shelby Miles, 4. Clint DeMoss, 5. Gary Barrow, 6. Jeff Bland, Jr., 7. Matt Boknecht, 8. Ralph Groomer, 9. Nathan Voorhies, 10. Justin Hillenburg

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock Awards:

Ben DuBois started the season with a feature win; however, he didn't win another feature all season. However, he had a top five finish just about every week. Two years ago Ben finished seventh in the points; and last season he finished fourth leading up to his championship this season.

All of the guys in the pits seem to respect what Ben has been able to do. He does just about all of the work on his car; and he mostly finances it himself. Of course he gets a little sponsorship help; but that only goes so far. I talked to Ben earlier in the season; and he was quick to tell me that his day job and keeping a competitive race car on the track left no time for a hobby. However, some of the guys in the pits advise that he sometimes distracted by the lovely ladies that seem to be pretty close to wherever Ben finds himself. Ben left the awards ceremony with $4415 in cash and contingency awards.

Kent Robinson finished fourteenth in the Tire & Wheel Center super stock points and was the division's rookie of the year. Kent is a 16 year old student; and his family owns his super stock. Kent drove with remarkable maturity this season. With the kind of start that his career got this season, you would have to expect to find Kent in the middle of championship battles in the years to come.

Kevin Arthur finished fifth in the points to earn "Most Improved" honors for the super stock division. He finished 13th in the points last season. This season he got his first feature win and a lot of top tens to finish fifth in the points. When Kevin isn't racing, he's busy hanging drywall. That has almost certainly given him the strength needed to herd his super stock around the track should the power steering fail. And, it could also stand him in good stead should he have to defend himself in the unlikely event that a fellow competitor took issue concerning how clean a pass was.

The top ten in Tire & Wheel Center super stock points: 1. Ben DuBois, 2. Greg Kendall, 3. Danny Harris, 4. Troy Clark, 5. Kevin Arthur, 6. Steve Hollars, 7. Gerald Todd, 8. Greg Amick, 9. Anthony Walker, 10. Chris Deweese.

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks:

A total of 41 Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks unloaded to compete for the cash that was up for grabs for this year end show. In addition to a larger purse, sponsors kicked in with lap prize money for every lap of both features.

When the green flag waved to start the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock feature competition, Kevin Arthur took the lead from his pole starting position. Mike Fields, who started beside Arthur on the front row, was right on his tail. Arthur led the first nine circuits; but, on the tenth lap, Kevin's car gave up the ghost. Fields inherited the lead that he would hold until the checkered flags waved.

Although Fields led the rest of the race, it wasn't quite that easy. Randy Petro was right behind him; however, Randy first had to deal with Danny Harris. Harris, a Bloomington Speedway regular, passed Petro as did Tim Clark. Two laps later Randy found his way back past Clark. However, he and Harris would trade second place back and forth until a little past the halfway point when he would clear Harris for good. Petro then went after Fields. He gave it a good fight; but the track didn't quite get slick enough to enable Randy to get past fields. He was forced to settle for second.

Fields wound up with the $1250 first place money and the lion's share of the $800 in lap prize money. Clark came home third followed by Harris, Kevin Jones, Ben DuBois, Rob Wilson, Mike Cawood, Anthony Walker, and Randy Howe.

In preliminary action, Joe Whisler, Kevin Arthur, Tom Plotz, Mike Fields, and Randy Petro won the heat races while Tom Ault and Greg Amick took the "B" features. Kevin Arthur prevailed in the dash.

O'Neal Wood Products Modifieds:

A total of 43 O'Neal Wood Products Modifieds rolled off of their trailers to compete in the final race of the season on the red clay. Every driver there was psyched to make a run for the biggest modified race.

John DeMoss had won the dash to earn the right to start on the pole. DeMoss was in the Darrell Tate wrenched car. The 4s seems to be fast, no matter who is in it; and John DeMoss is certainly one of the best. DeMoss demonstrated how quick he was in it when he came from dead last to win his heat race. There had apparently been plans to take the car to Eldora for Kevin "Pup" Huntley to run in the Four Crown Nationals, however, they apparently decided that Pup would have enough to do with his sprint and Silver Crown rides. Besides, the Modified and Super Stock Nationals pays better to win and gives lap prize money as well.

It was apparent from the start that the 4s was the car to beat. He ran each lap hitting his marks every time; and, when he reached lapped traffic, he could race wherever he needed to run.

Alongside of DeMoss was Gary Barrow who has been running very well lately. However, Barrow began to fade fairly early; and Jeff Bland, Jr. was coming. And, he wasn't by himself. Back in pack there was three wide racing all through the field

After being absent for a few weeks, Jeff Bland, Jr. very much wanted to win the big season finale. He quickly moved from his fifth place starting position to take second. He would run there until the checkered flag ended his pursuit.

Brady Short, Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Gary Barrow, J.P. Hume, Clint DeMoss, and Matt Bex would round out the top ten.

The fans got a great show. The competitors went home with a big payday; and we're all looking forward to April when the action begins anew on the red clay of Bloomington Speedway.



MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1: 1.(1) Joe Whisler, 2.(5) Danny Harris, 3.(2) Terry Arthur, 4.(3) Doug Arnold, 5.(7) David Brewer, 6.(9) Chris Deweese, 7.(4) Greg Kendall

PATRIOT CHASSIS HEAT 2: 1.(2) Kevin Arthur, 2.(1) Randy Moore, 3.(6) Kevin Applegate, 4.(4) Greg Amick, 5.(3) Donnie Wilson, 6.(7) Anthony Walker, 7.(5) Kent Robinson

WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED HEAT 3: 1.(6) Tom Plotz, 2.(5) Tim Clark, 3.(8) Randy Howe, 4.(7) Tom Ault, 5.(2) Bill Hobbs, 6.(3) Steve Hollars, 7.(4) Winston Howe, 8.(1) Mike Jones

HEAT 4: 1.(1) Mike Fieldsl, 2.(3) Kevin Jones, 3.(6) Jason Clark, 4.(7) Lloyd Bumgardner, 5.(8) Clay Ellison, 6.(2) Fred Hostetle0r, 7.(5) Geoff Strange, 8.(4) Rick Applegate

HEAT 5: 1.(4) Randy Petro, 2.(1) Rob Wilson, 3.(3) Ben DuBois, 4.(8) Jay Deckard, 5.(7) Mike Cawood, 7.(6) Jim Ruddick

SEARS & SONS TRASH REMOVAL DASH FOR CASH: 1.(2) Kevin Arthur, 2.(4) Mike Fields, 3.(1) Joe Whisler, 4.(3) Tom Plotz, 5.(5) Randy Petro

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER "B" FEATURE #1: 1.(2) Greg Amick, 2.(3) Jay Deckard, 3.(6) Mike Cawood, 4.(10) Winston Howe, 5.(7) Steve Hollars, 6.(4) David Brewer, 7.(5) Clay Ellison, 8.(9) Kent Robinson, 9.(1) Doug Arnold, 10.(11) Mike Jones

TOM CHERRY MUFFLER "B" FEATURE #2: 1.(1) Tom Ault, 2.(3) Donnie Wilson, 3.(6) Anthony Walker, 4.(5) Chris Deweese, 5.(11) Troy Clark, 6.(10) Jim Ruddick, 7.(7) Travis Todd, 8.(2) Lloyd Bumgardner

TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE: 1.(2) 33 Mike Fields, 2.(5) 95 Randy Petro, 3.(8) 1 Tim Clark, 4.(6) 19 Danny Harris, 5.(9) 16 Kevin Jones, 6.(15) 55 Ben DuBois, 7.(10) W31 Rob Wilson, 8.(20) 12 Mike Cawood, 9.(21) 56 Anthony Walker, 10.(13) 143 11.(12)' 99 Kevin Applegate, 12.(16) 27a .Greg Amick, 13.(19) 78 Donnie Wilson, 14.(4) 16P Tom Plotz, 15.(14) 8JR Jason Clark, 16.(18) 75 Jay Deckard, 17.(9) 00 Randy Moore, 18.(1) 74 Kevin Arthur, 19.(17) 1A Tom Ault, 20.(3) 21 Joe Whisler, 21.(11) 5 Terry Arthur Lap Leaders: Kevin Arthur (1-9), Mike Fields (10-40)


SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION HEAT 1: 1.(2) Tim Eddelman, 2.(3) J.P. Hume, 3.(8) Matt Bex, 4.(4) Brandon Reed, 5.(7) Rob Brickert, 6.(6) Jeff Pritchett, 7.(10) Dale Ayers, 8.(9) James Reynolds, 9.(5) Jim Hume, 10.(1) Billy Thurnall

COLOR TYME HEAT 2: 1.(9) John DeMoss, 2.(8) Jesse Cramer, 3.(5) Ryan Lawrence, 4.(3) Earl Plessinger, 5.(7) Bob Franklin, 6.(6) Wendell Wisley, 7.(1) Webb Lee, 8.(2) Mike Tuell

CURRY GMC TRUCK CENTER HEAT 3: 1.(3) Gary Barrow, 2.(6) Brady Short, 3.(5) Ray Humphrey, 4.(2) Chris Streeval, 5.(8) Paul Bumgardner, 6.(7) Nathan Voorhies, 7.(4) Lonnie Cassity, 8.(9) Clint DeMoss, 9.(1) Eddie Lake

Terry Cummings Engines Heat 4: 1.(4) Matt Boknecht, 2.(2) Ralph Groomer, 3.(8) Shelby Miles, 4.(6) Rob Burdette, 5.(7) Josh Eads, 6.(3) Jared Bailey, 7.(5) Al Flick 8.(1} Greg Sloan

Heat 5: 1.(3) Jeff Bland, Jr, 2.(6) Michael Sterrett, 3.(1) Bubba Woods, 4.(8) Jay Jones, 5.(5) J.D. Francis, 6.(7) Justin Kuhn, 7.(4) Joe Gilbert, 8.(2) Chad Combs

BTI CRUSHED STONE SALES DASH FOR CASH: 1.(2) John DeMoss, 2.(3) Gary Barrow, 3.(4) Matt Boknecht, 4.(1) Tom Eddelman, 5.(5) Jeff Bland, Jr.

BELL'S EXHAUST SHOPS "B" Feature #1: 1.(2) Earl Plessinger, 2.(4) Rob Brickert, 3.(3) Jayu Jones, 4.(8) Jared Bailey, 5.(10) Lonnie Cassity, 6.(5) Josh Eads, 7.(11) Jim Reynolds, 8.(14) Jim Hume, 9.(12) Mike Tuell, 10.(7) Nathan Voorhies, 11.(1) Brandon Reed, 12.(13) Joe Gilbert, 13.(15), Billy Thurmall, 14.(6) J.D. Frnacis

MONROE COUNTY PIZZA DEPARTMENT "B" FEATURE #2: 1.(11) Clint DeMoss., 2.(9) Al Flick, 3.(4) Paul Bumgardner, 4.(13) Brian Lake, 5.(2) Rob Brickert, 6.(7) Justin Kuhn, 7.(1) Chris Streeval, 8.(8) Dale Ayers, 9.(10) Chad Combs, 10.(6) Wendell Wisley, 11.(5) Jeff Pritchett, 12.(12) Greg Sloan, 13.(3) Bob Franklin

BLACK LUMBER MODIFIED FEATURE: 1.(1) 4s John DeMoss, 2.(5) 38 Jeff Bland, 3.(8) 36 Brady Short, 4.(3) 36x Matt Boknecht, 5.(14) 76 Shelby Miles, 6.(7) 12T Jesse Cramer, 7.(2) 14 Gary Barrow, 8.(6) 5H J.P. Hume, 9.(17) 79d Clint DeMoss, 10.(11) 31 Matt Bex, 11.(21) 54x Paul Bumgardner, 12.(20) 4T Jay Jones, 13.(12) 8L Ryan Lawrence, 14.(10) M21 Michael Sterrett, 15.(19) 24F Al Flick, 16.(18) 51 Rob Brickert, 17.(9) 48 Ralph Groomer, 18.(16) 39 Earl Plessinger, 19.(4) 14E Tim Eddelman, 20.(15) 00 Bubba Woods, 21.(13) 1H Ray Humphrey Lap Leaders: John DeMoss (1-40)

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