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O'Neal is still the real deal! Humphrey & Hobbs find victory lane too. BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 19, 2002) - The Bloomington Speedway were treated to a full program of motorsports entertainment; and the final checkered flag before 11:00 PM. The ...

O'Neal is still the real deal! Humphrey & Hobbs find victory lane too.

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 19, 2002) - The Bloomington Speedway were treated to a full program of motorsports entertainment; and the final checkered flag before 11:00 PM. The weather threatened early and a few drops of rain actually fell; but nobody left their seat. And, the action on the track never paused. The officials and, for the most part, the drivers kept the program moving by being where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to by there. There were thousands of winners at Bloomington Speedway tonight - Don O'Neal, Ray Humphrey, Lee Hobbs, and all of the fans that joined us at Bloomington Speedway.

UMP Late Models:

The UMP late models made their final visit of the season to Bloomington Speedway. Since Don O'Neal lives a few short miles from Bloomington Speedway in Martinsville, it would have to be considered his home track even though he gets to visit it only once or twice a year. However, he does seem to make the most of each opportunity. In his last three trips to Bloomington Speedway, he has two wins and a second.

This evening, O'Neal completed his sweep of Bloomington Speedway UMP late model competition for the season. Doug McCammon began the evening by setting quick time. This, of course, started some speculation that O'Neal might actually be defeated on the red clay. However, late model partisans are well aware that a heavy track is not necessarily O'Neal's forte. Of course, Bloomington Speedway will never be the kind of dry, slick race track to which the late model shoes are accustomed. But it doesn't have to get to that for O'Neal.

When the green flag fell to start the feature event, Dan Sturgeon held his pole position advantage and charged into the lead. The start was aborted when some of the drivers at the back tangled and brought out the yellow flag. Sturgeon held the point on the restart; but it took only five laps for O'Neal to catch and pass Sturgeon. For all practical purposes, barring mechanical failure or being collected by a lapped car, O'Neal was going to win; and there was nothing that anybody was going to do about it. However, the battle between Sturgeon and McCammon was worth the trip to Bloomington Speedway. By the time that the checkered flag waved, O'Neal had stretched out to a half a lap lead.

Sturgeon and McCammon battled the entire race; and McCammon slipped by Sturgeon for the final time on the 23rd circuit, He managed to hold to finish second trailed by Sturgeon, Brad Barrow, Steve Godsey, Ernie Barrow, C.J. Rayburn, Tim Prince, Mark Barber, and Dusty Chapman.

In preliminary action, McCammon, Mark Barber, and Tim Prince took the heat races.

Jason Setser had looked forward to running at Bloomington Speedway ever since they ran here in the Spring. However, Jason experience engine failure in qualification. His crew thrashed valiantly to get the car repaired to tag the tail of the feature; but it wasn't to be. Jason's car owner, Rick Russell, was undaunted. He said, "We'll get another one. We're just learning this season. Jason is a great driver; and we'll get him the equipment he needs."

O'Neal Wood Product Modifieds:

Ray Humphrey is always one of the fastest O'Neal Wood Products modifieds at Bloomington Speedway. However, going into tonight's competition, had been unable to get to victory lane. He got his evening off to a good start by winning his heat and finishing second in the dash. In the feature he won the first lap drag race to take the initial lead from pole-sitter Carlos Bumgardner. Ray held a pretty good lead for most of the race. However, during the closing laps of the feature, defending O'Neal Wood Products champion Matt Boknecht got within striking distance. Boknecht started 14th; and he used 15 laps catching and passing Ryan Thomas for second. By then Humphrey had pretty much checked out. He began reeling Humphrey in. As each lap passed it became more and more obvious that he would not catch Humphrey this night. Humphrey would win his first O'Neal Wood Products modified feature of the season.

Boknecht would finish second. Ryan Thomas would outlast Billy Peeden to take third. J.P. Karpowicz who comes from Lancaster, Ky. (Southeast of Lexington) each week to compete at Bloomington Speedway, came home fifth to earn his best finish of the season so far. Rookie Greg O'Neill finished sixth ahead of John DeMoss, Jesse Cramer, Mike Bowersox, and Clint DeMoss.

In preliminary action, Jesse Cramer, Carlos Bumgarder, Ray Humphrey, and Brad Erwin, making his first appearance at Bloomington Speedway this season, won the heat races while Carlos Bumgardner took the dash. The "B" features went to Richie Lex and Shelby Miles..

Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks:

The best race of the evening was the Tire & Wheel Center super stock feature. Points leader Greg Kendall and former Tire & Wheel Center champion Lee Hobbs started side by side on the front row of the feature lineup. Lap after lap these two raced door handle to door handle. During the final couple of laps the Kendall's car seemed to slow just a tic; and Hobbs won by maybe a couple of car lengths.

Late in the race, Mel Bigham who was running third closed in on the leaders; but he ran out of laps before he ran out of distance between his car and those of Kendall and Hobbs. Bigham had to settle for third. Jack Frye came home fourth trailed by Danny Harris, Terry Arthur, Jeff Tinkle, Trent Niflis, David Brewer, and Jeremy Stierwalt.

In preliminary action, Greg Kendall, Kyle Edwards, and Lee Hobbs won the heats while Kendall prevailed in the dash. Zach Carney won the "B" feature.

Fourteen year old Zach Carney had the roughest evening of his season so far. He won the "B" feature to earn a berth in the feature event. However, when the feature began, it seemed as though Carney had a bullseye painted on his beautiful red and white number 56. The cars at the back of the field tangled forcing several resource; and each of these shunts took its toll on Carney's mount. He was sidelined before the first official lap was scored.


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