Autodrome Granby season finale

1996 and 1997 season Champion at lAutodrome Granby, the renowned Steve Paine needed only a handful of laps to earn his second straight win of the Carquest 200 held Sunday night at the famous Granby speedway. With just three laps to go, Paine made...

1996 and 1997 season Champion at lAutodrome Granby, the renowned Steve Paine needed only a handful of laps to earn his second straight win of the Carquest 200 held Sunday night at the famous Granby speedway. With just three laps to go, Paine made a solid move on Bob McCreadie challenging him for the lead to which he succeeded to the crowd's great enthusiasm. Furthermore, with this result, Paine is now taking the lead in the DIRT Advance Auto Part series standings.

McCreadie who led the Carquest 200 at two occasions for a total of 158 laps had to settle for second place in front of Tim Fuller. This would have been McCreadie's first career win at Granby if the Watertown, New York driver would have been able to maintain his position until the checkered flag. Hugues Mercier was the best Quebec effort with a twelve-place finish.

As soon as the green flag dropped for the Carquest 200 - that was delayed for more than two hours due to rain - McCreadie took advantage of his spot on the front row to grab the lead followed by Brett Hearn and Steve Poirier, Quebec's dirt tracks Champion. On lap 28, Poirier surprised Hearn and took the second place.

It was at the fifth of twelve cautions that we saw the race leaders get into the pits to do their mandatory pit stops. Chuck Bower, the fastest driver in the times trial and winner, earlier, of a special race for the quickest drivers, stayed out like Claude Brouillard, Richard Chauvin, Luke Plante and Louis Bouthillier.

At the restart, Bower maintained the lead for four laps until Brouillard passed him. Even the gloomy weather couldn't stop the crowd's cheers when Brouillard got into the lead on lap 64 of this Carquest 200. He held his position for more than 30 laps, until on lap 99 McCreadie took over after having moved his way up the field followed shortly after by Brett Hearn, Steve Paine and Tim Fuller.

It was on a caution on lap 113, that Brouillard and the ones who stayed out like him had to visit their pits. They were never able to get back within the ten first places after.

It is on that restart that the fight between McCreadie, Hearn and Paine began to be very serious. On lap 166, Paine passed Hearn for the second place and then went on a lead chase with McCreadie. A few laps later, Hearn got back into second but with 5 laps remaining, Paine passed him again and made his move on McCreadie two laps after.

Steve Poirier, who was giving a great performance, holding on to eighth place after his pit stop, was forced to retire due to mechanical failure on lap 142 of this Carquest 200. Hugues Mercier, on his side, has earned all of the honors of being the best Quebec driver after doing so in the times trial as well. He was fifth behind Bower, Paine, McCreadie and Hearn.

He beat the excellent Danny Johnson by three hundredth of a second. Johnson who won on both of his season appearances at Granby finished seventh after some tire problems forced him to do an unexpected visit to the pits.

A number of Quebec drivers like Réal Lafrance, Clément Therrien, Alain Boisvert and Denis Labonté were forced to retire in the first quarter of this Carquest 200.

In the qualifying rounds, Doug Hoffman, Steve Poirier, Vic Coffey, Bobby Varin, Denis Labonté, A.J. Romano and Réal Lafrance were the respective winners.

Larivière streaks again

Earlier in the evening, Stéphane Larivière, the Late Model Champion, won the race regrouping Late Model and Tourism drivers. The 20-lap race was cut short after 11 laps. There is a 20-minute time period allowed for the support race and it was exceeded due to the high number of attrition. Larivière was followed to the checkered flag by François Lareau and Richard Bertrand.

In a special 10-lap race for the Modified 358, Richard Chauvin led all the way in front of Mario Moreau and Pierre Berthiaume.

This Carquest 200 was the last race of the 2000 season at Autodrome Granby as the officials are now getting ready for the season banquet which will be held on Saturday, November 18 at the Hotel des Gouverneurs in Granby.

<pre> RESULTS CARQUEST 200 1- 7x, Steve Paine 2- 9, Bob McCreadie 3- M1, Tim Fuller 4- 3, Brett Hearn 5- 115, Kenny Tremont 6- 93, Bobby Varin 7- 27j, Danny Johnson 8- 1p, Alan Johnson 9- 91, Billy Decker 10- 99B, Chuck Bower 11- 124, Pat Ward 12- 50, Hugues Mercier 13- 27H, Doug Hoffman 14- 3, Claude Brouillard 15- 63, Dominic Dufault (199) 16- 56J, Jim Gabriel (199) 17- 20, Charles Bisaillon (199) 18- 27, Robert Ranger (198) 19- 31, Richard Chauvin (197) 20- 29, Jeff Brownell (197) 21- 24, Luke Plante (185) 22- 66, Louis Bouthillier (170) 23- 16, A.J. Romano (156) 24- 28, Syeve Poirier (142) 25-4, Andy Bachetti (140) 26- 22, Mario Clair (127) 27- 32c, Vic Coffey (108) 28- 56, Tim McCreadie (57) 29- 7, Denis Labonté (51) 30- 73, Alain Boisvert (47) 31- 39, Clément Therrien (41) 32- 11, Réal Lafrance (4)

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