Autodrome Granby results 2004-08-06

A spectacular night at Autodrome Granby David Hebert is Mr. Modified GRANBY, QC, August 8, 2004 --- Forced to withdraw after a spectacular crash involving at least 10 cars in the rescheduled 30-lap feature for Modified, David Hebert made ...

A spectacular night at Autodrome Granby
David Hebert is Mr. Modified

GRANBY, QC, August 8, 2004 --- Forced to withdraw after a spectacular crash involving at least 10 cars in the rescheduled 30-lap feature for Modified, David Hebert made a strong comeback to win the 17th annual Mr. Modified championship, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby. The S.D. Performance/Bicknell driver who had the best on Martin Roy and Mario Moreau, was able to maintain is leading margin in the CARQUEST Auto parts championship trial.

First, in the July 30 rescheduled feature, a serious crash occurred on lap 9 between turns 3 and 4, while Claude Brouillard was the leader. After being touched from behind, Kayle Robidoux lost control of his car bringing with him, Stephane Michaud, David Hebert, Real Lafrance, Patrice McGrail, Richard Chauvin, Stephane LaFrance, Vince Quenneville Jr., Mario Moreau and Christian Salvas who did a few rollovers.

After some repairs in the pits, Real Lafrance, Stephane LaFrance, Quenneville and Salvas were able to rejoin the field but it wasn't the case for Richard Chauvin, David Hebert, Patrice McGrail and Kayle Robidoux.

Following this accident, Brouillard was able to survive to two other caution flags before seeing Steve Poirier in his rear bumper at the halfway mark. Poirier then started to challenge Brouillard for the first spot and with three laps remaining, he achieved his goal. Young rookie Alex Fortier, with a third place, had his best finish of the season. He was followed by Mario Moreau and Martin Roy.

Perfect night

Then, in the qualifying heats for the 17th Mr. Modified championship, Hebert proved by winning that his crew had worked very hard. Real Lafrance who was involved as well in this mishap that luckily only caused material damages also won his.

This 40-lap feature was also spectacular with eight caution flags due to minor incidents and flat tires.

First on the grid, Claude Brouillard took, once again, the lead followed by Stephane Michaud. Two laps before the halfway mark, Mario Moreau was able to get by Brouillard, but Hebert who started 12th, hadn't said his last word.

Already in third place while Brouillard had moved back in fourth place due to a driving mistake, Hebert took the first spot from Moreau on lap 26 and never had to look back. Martin Roy finished second followed by Mario Moreau, Real Lafrance and Richard Chauvin. As for Steve Poirier, the winner of the first feature of the evening, he was forced to withdraw on lap 23 due to mechanical problems. He was then in sixth place.

A repeat

Two feature races were also on hand for the Sportsman division. The July 30 rescheduled 20‑lap feature was also marked by a spectacular accident after a restart with two laps remaining. Many of the favourites were eliminated and among them were Sebastien Gougeon, the points' leader, Steve Bernard and Andre Gauthier.

The race was the affair of Patrice Demers who led wire-to-wire to have the best on Michel Dusseault, Robert Gagne, Denis Forgues and Alain Brochu. For rookie Forgues, it was his best finish so far since his debut in dirt track racing.

Then, in the feature of the evening, only three yellow flags occurred. Eric Haman took the early lead but after only five laps, he had to concede it to Mark Cross who took the checkered flag. A very surprising Patrice Demers finished second to make it his best night of the season. He was followed by Alain Mathieu and Michel Dusseault who is now sitting first in the Castrol standings.

In the Semi-Pro, Stephane Larivière scored his fifth win of the season while in the 4 Cylinders division, Alain Poirier made his first visit in the winner's circle.


Rescheduled Modified feature (July 30)

30 laps
1-61, Steve Poirier; 2- 3, Claude Brouillard; 3- 09, Alex Fortier; 4- 5, Mario Moreau; 5- 90, Martin Roy; 6-21, Ian Bussière; 7- 78, Vince Quenneville Jr.; 8- 39, Clement Therrien; 9- 24, Stephane Michaud; 10- 11, Real Lafrance 11- 115, Stephane LaFrance; 12- 4, Leon Gonyo; 13- 8, Christian Salvas; 14- 2x, Mario Lajoie; 15- 2, Marco Potvin; 16- 1, David Hebert; 17- 46; Kayle Robidoux; 18- 10, Patrice McGrail; 19- 31, Richard Chauvin; 20- 66w, Wallace Stacey; 21- 47, Gilles Perreault.

17th Mr. Modified (August 6)

40 laps for Modified
1- 1, David Hebert; 2- 90, Martin Roy; 3- 5, Mario Moreau; 4- 11, Real Lafrance; 5- 31, Richard Chauvin; 6- 3, Claude Brouillard; 7- 115, Stephane LaFrance; 8- 39, Clement Therrien; 9- 09, Alex Fortier; 10- 78, Vince Quenneville Jr.; 11- 8s, Richard Salvas; 12- 46, Kayle Robidoux; 13- 21, Ian Bussière; 14- 4, Leon Gonyo; 15- 24, Stephane Michaud; 16- 61, Steve Poirier; 17- 66w, Wallace Stacey; 18- 2, Marco Potvin; 19- 2x, Mario Lajoie; 20-47, Gilles Perreault.


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