Autodrome Granby results 2000-09-02

GRANBY, Qué., September 2nd, 2000—It was a nostalgic evening, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby, when the big blocks Modified appeared on this beautiful speedplant for the last time. Alain Boisvert, son of Autodrome Drummondville’s owner,...

GRANBY, Qué., September 2nd, 2000—It was a nostalgic evening, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby, when the big blocks Modified appeared on this beautiful speedplant for the last time. Alain Boisvert, son of Autodrome Drummondville’s owner, took his second win of the season while young Steve Poirier, the driver of the Teo/Fondations 4 Saisons, was crowned the 2000 season Molson Champion.

In that championship race, the suspense lasted till the last feature of the season. In fact, during his qualification heat, Poirier was involved in an accident that he wished never happened. While he was the race leader, Richard Chauvin spun in turn 4 and Poirier, Charles Bisaillon and many others couldn’t avoid him. Poirier’s car was too damaged for the final 30-lap feature.

Despite this incident, Poirier, his teamates and many teamates of his most serious opponent in that championship, Claude Brouillard, worked very hard to repair Bisaillon’s car for Poirier. Then in that race, Denis Labonté took the early lead followed by Alain Boisvert and talented Clément Therrien while Poirier had to start dead last. After the first third of his race, Labonté’s car started to smoke badly forcing him to slow his pace and that was enough for Boisvert. After taking the lead, Boisvert had a serious challenge from Therrien who had to concede many horsepower with his small block. Driving perfectly, Therrien was able to get by Boisvert on lap 19, but his lead didn’t last very long due to a lack of power. Boisvert came back on top, the following lap to clinch his second victory of the season. However, at the end, he was seriously challenged by Dominic Dufault. Therrien finished third.

For the championship, Poirier had a 36 point margin lead over Claude Brouillard prior to that feature race. Tenth on the grid, Brouillard had a little advantage, but Poirier drove safely and he finished ninth while Brouillard exceptionally couldn’t do better than an eleventh place finish.

In the Modified 358 division, Réal Lafrance, the 2000 season champion, was able to register his sixth success of the season by having the best on Kayle Robidoux and Clément Therrien. With this result, Therrien was able to take the second spot in the Molson standings because Claude Brouillard was the fifth driver to cross the finish line.

Three in a row In the Late Model feature race, Normand Voghell made it three in a row. He had the best on Daniel Messier and Alain Brochu while in the Tourism class, Jean Boissonneault finished this season with a sixth win. Jocelyn Cordeau finished second followed by Benoit Bérubé while with his fourth place finish, André Gauthier clinched the Prolab Championship.

Pierre Grodin set a new winning mark at Autodrome Granby in the 4 Cylinder division by getting in the winner’s circle for the tenth time this season, but that was not enough to clinch the championship. With his second place finish, Patrick Dupont was able to do so by only a six point margin.

ESS The Empire Super Sprints were also on hand for this 15th annula Molson Canada-USA. It was their second appearance of the season. Mike Stelter led the 20-lap feature to register his second win at Autodrome Granby while a yellow flag with two laps remaining, upset Mike Woodring. He was moving on Stelter when this incident occurred. He finished second followed by Krissy Dow who drove a perfect race.

At midway in the feature, Ray Preston caused a red flag. He did many rollovers on the concrete wall on the backstretch but escaped without injuries.

On September 16, Autodrome Granby will be the site of the Carquest 200, the 24th event of the Advance Auto Parts DIRT Series. <pre> RESULTS Modified (30 laps). 1- 73, Alain Boisvert 2- 63, Dominic Dufault 3- 39, Clément Therrien 4- 50, Hugues Mercier 5- 25, Marco Potvin 6- 7, Denis Labonté 7- 11, Réal Lafrance 8- 27, Robert Ranger 9- 28, Steve Poirier 10- 46, Kayle Robidoux 11- 3, Claude Brouillard 12- 31, Richard Chauvin 13- 71, Pierre Hébert 14- 8s, Richard Salvas 15- 32, Guy Ouellette 16- 4, Leon Gonyo 17- 15, Pierre Raymond 18- 88, Christian Salvas 19- 66w, Wallace Stacey 20- 61, Alain Mathieu 21- 66, Louis Bouthillier 22- 33, Robin David 23- 06, Francis McNeil 24- 22, Mario Clair.

Modified 358 (20 laps) 1- 11, Réal Lafrance 2- 46, Kayle Robidoux 3- 39, Clément Therrien 4- 31, Richard Chauvin 5- 2, Claude Brouillard 6- 20x, Pierre Berthiaume 7- 61, Chad Miller 8- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 9- 4, Leon Gonyo 10- 26, Jocelyn Perreault 11- 15, Pierre Raymond 12- 32, Guy Ouellette 13- 61M, Alain Mathieu 14- 06, Francis McNeil 15- 22, Mario Clair 16- 66w, Wallace Stacey 17- 33, Robin David.

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