Autodrome Granby Results 2000-07-14

GRANBY, Qué., July 15, 2000-It's now no secret, young Steve Poirier of Beloeil is now the rising star on Quebec's dirt track. Last Friday at Autodrome Granby, the Teo/Fondations 4 Saisons/Coffrages Jacques Constant driver, gave a good ...

GRANBY, Qué., July 15, 2000-It's now no secret, young Steve Poirier of Beloeil is now the rising star on Quebec's dirt track. Last Friday at Autodrome Granby, the Teo/Fondations 4 Saisons/Coffrages Jacques Constant driver, gave a good demonstration of his talent by claiming his seventh victory of the season. Poirier was able to take advantage of the opportunity offered to him with two laps remaining in the 30-lap feature for the Modified division to have the best on Denis Labonté and Mario Clair. Poirier is now only at one win of Steve Paine's record at Granby who in 1996 was in the winner's circle in eight occasions during

This 30-lap feature looked to be the affair of Denis Labonté from Victoriaville who was leading since lap 13 after taking the first spot from Richard Chauvin, the early leader. But, a race is not finished till the checkered flag. With two laps remaining, a fourth yellow occurred when Clément Therrien stopped on the speedplant. As usual, Poirier who had taken the start from the twelfth spot due to his lead in the Molson championship, had made his way in second spot by chasing Labonté since the last four laps. It was an occasion that Poirier would not have miss. At the restart, Poirier anticipated the start and caused a false restart. But the situation was better at the retry and Poirier made an inside move on Labonté and took the lead after the outside grove to save his win.

This race was very spectacular and fans were witnesses to a lot of action everywhere on the track. On lap 20, after starting in the eleventh position, veteran Claude Brouillard had the best restart of the race by passing Poirier to get the second spot. Unfortunately, he had to make an unscheduled pit stop a lap later which took away his chances to finish on the podium.

Clément Therrien made surprised by claiming the fourth place in a small block car. After winning the feature race in the Modified 358, Therrien went on to have the best on veteran drivers such as Dominic Dufault and Robert Ranger.

The 20-lap feature in the Modified 358 was very spectacular with a good battle between young rookie Kayle Robidoux and Clément Therrien and Réal Lafrance. Leader during the first half of the race, Robidoux did a little driving mistake and allowed Therrien to grab the lead. Then, for the last six laps, Therrien had to surpass himself to resist to Lafrance's challenge. Lafrance tried everything to get by Therrien, but he refused to open the door. Robidoux took the third spot on the podium. He was followed by American driver Chad Miller and Pierre Raymond.

In the Late Models feature, with a spectauclar manœuvre with two laps remaing in this 12-lap race, Stéphane Larivière, the points' leader in the Prolab championship, was able to register his third success of the season. His victims were Marcel Messier, Yannick Ledoux and François Lareau. After the race at the technical inspection, Messier's car failed due to an illegal motor. He was excluded from the results by DIRT officials.

With only a one point lead on André Gauthier in the Tourism division, Jean Boissonneault was plagued by mechanical problems at a very bad moment. Because of this mishap, he was unable to make the feature race and he is now third with a deficit of 51 points on Gauthier. Jocelyn Cordeau led all the way to get his second straight win. He was followed by Michel Coderre and Benoit Bérubé while in the 4 Cylinder class, Pierre Grondin was the winner.


MODIFIED (30 laps)

1- 28, Steve Poirier 2- 7, Denis Labonté 3- 22, Mario Clair 4- 39, Clément Therrien 5- 63, Dominic Dufault 6- 27, Robert Ranger 7- 46, Kayle Robidoux 8- 17, Patrick Labonté 9- 3, Claude Brouillard 10- 50, Hugues Mercier 11- 11, Réal Lafrance 12- 61, Chad Miller 13- 15, Pierre Raymond 14- 8s, Richard Salvas 15- 66, Louis Bouthillier 16- 20, Charles Bisaillon 17- 66w, Wallace Stacey 18- 31, Richard Chauvin 19- 32, Guy Ouellette 20- 54, Jean-Guy Primeau 21- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 22- 35, Christian McDermott 23- 71, Pierre Hébert 24- 14, Dany Poulin 25- 5, Mario Moreau.

MODIFIED 358 (20 laps)

1- 39, Clément Therrien 2- 11, Réal Lafrance 3- 46, Kayle Robidoux 4- 61, Chad Miller 5- 15, Pierre Raymond 6- 31, Richard Chauvin 7- 2, Claude Brouillard 8- 5, Mario Moreau 9- 66w, Wallace Stacey 10- 35, Christian McDermott 11- 32, Guy Ouellette 12- 7nh, Dan Douville 13- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 14- 14, Dany Poulin 15- 8, François Becksted 16- 06, Francis McNeil.

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