Autodrome Granby results 2000-07-07

GRANBY, Que., July 7, 2000--When Steve Poirier showed up at Autodrome Granby, last Friday night for a doubleheader due to heavy rain the week before, he was more than ready and proved it by winning the two feature races in the Modified division.

GRANBY, Que., July 7, 2000--When Steve Poirier showed up at Autodrome Granby, last Friday night for a doubleheader due to heavy rain the week before, he was more than ready and proved it by winning the two feature races in the Modified division. The TEO/Fondations 4 Saisons/Coffrages Jacques Constant driver has now won six features at Granby and is only two victories to Steve Paine's record of 1996. This season Paine had visited the winner's circle in eight occasions. Also, a new mark was established, last Friday when 39 drivers of the Modified divisions gathered at this very popular speedplant for a double header.

Beside Poirier, Daniel Messier in the Late Model category and Pierre Grondin in the 4 Cylinder class were also able to clinch two checkered flags.

In the first 30-lap feature in the Modified division at the beginning of the evening, Poirier saw the three early leaders drop out of contention due to mechanical problems. At midpoint, after a serious challenge with Robert Ranger, he was able to take the lead. He never had to look back gaining ground on each lap to have the best on Claude Brouillard and Dominic Dufault. Then, on the second feature race, Poirier took only six laps to reach the first place after starting twelve. After that, he experienced the same situation as in the first race. This time, Dominic Dufault was able to finish second followed by Alain Boisvert and Claude Brouillard.

Despite those performances by Poirier, he was only able to gain 14 points on Claude Brouillard who had a good night with a second and a fourth place. This second feature was marked by an accident who could have been more serious. After a contact with Poirier's Teo car, Louis Bouthillier, the driver of the Budweiser/Troyer, hit the retaining concrete wall at the pits entrance.Bouthillier escaped without injuries, but the Troyer was almost demolished.

First win Finally, young Kayle Robidoux, son of well-known Berthold " Bert Transmission " Robidoux, made it for the first time in his short career in the winner's circle in the Modified 358 class. On lap six of this 20-lap feature, Robidoux was able to take the first place from veteran driver Richard Chauvin and hold it till the checkered flag. Brouillard took the third step on the podium. But in the second feature, Chauvin took his revenge. It was also his first success in the Modified 358 category. His victims were Real Lafrance and Chad Miller.

In this category, Clement Therrien is the driver who lost the most in this doubleheader. He lost many places in the standings because he was unable to drive his Teo car due to mechanical problems. In the first race, he took Danny Poulin's car and made a few laps and in the second one, he had to watch the race as a spectator.

In the Late Model class, Daniel Messier had a perfect night with two feature wins. In the first one, his victims were Normand Voghell and Stephane Ruel while in the second one, he was followed by Jocelyn Perreault and Stephane Larivière. Michel Coderre and Jean Boissonneault were the winners in the Tourism division while in the 4 Cylinder class, Pierre Grondin came out as the winner from a good battle with Patrick Dupont in two occasions.

<pre> RESULTS Feature of June 30 MODIFIED (30 laps) 1- 28, Steve Poirier 2- 3, Claude Brouillard 3- 63, Dominic Dufault 4- 73, Alain Boisvert 5- 22, Mario Clair 6- 50, Hugues Mercier 7- 8s, Richard Salvas 8- 31, Richard Chauvin 9- 20, Charles Bisaillon 10- 66, Louis Bouthillier 11- 46, Kayle Robidoux 12- 61, Chad Miller 13- 25, Luke Plante 14- 24, Stéphane Michaud 15- 27, Robert Ranger 16- 17, Patrick Labonté 17- 5d, Yves Dessureault 18- 11, Réal Lafrance 19- 7, Denis Labonté 20- 8, François Becksted 21- 33, Robin David 22- 15, Pierre Raymond 23- 4, Leon Gonyo 24- 39, Clément Therrien.

MODIFIED 358 (20 laps) 1- 46, Kayle Robidoux 2- 31, Richard Chauvin 3- 2, Claude Brouillard 4- 61, Chad Miller 5- 5, Mario Moreau 6- 8, François Becksted 7- 24, Stéphane Michaud 8- 11, Réal Lafrance 9- 32, Guy Ouellette 10- 15, Pierre Raymond 11- 06, Francis McNeil 12- 66w, Wallace Stacey 13- 33, Robin David 14- 5d, Yves Dessureault 15- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 16- 4, Leon Gonyo 17- 39, Clément Therrien

Feature of July 7 MODIFIED (30 laps) 1- 28, Steve Poirier 2- 63, Dominic Dufault 3- 73, Alain Boisvert 4- 3, Claude Brouillard 5- 27, Robert Ranger 6- 11, Réal Lafrance 7- 50, Hugues Mercier 8- 46, Kayle Robidoux 9- 20, Charles Bisaillon 10- 71, Pierre Hébert 11- 5, Mario Moreau 12- 15, Pierre Raymond 13- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 14- 66w, Wallace Stacey 15- 54, Jean-Guy Primeau 16- 5d, Yves Dessureault 17- 32, Guy Ouellette 18- 8s, Richard Salvas 19- 7, Denis Labonté 20- 31, Richard Chauvin 21- 35p, Mike Perrotte 22- 14, Danny Poulin 23- 66, Louis Bouthillier 24- 35, Vincent Lamer 25- 61, Chad Miller (disq.)

MODIFIED 358 (20 laps) 1- 31, Richard Chauvin 2- 11, Réal Lafrance 3- 61, Chad Miller 4- 46, Kayle Robidoux 5- 5, Mario Moreau 6- 15, Pierre Raymond 7- 8, François Becksted 8- 14, Danny Poulin 9- 2, Claude Brouillard 10- 66w, Wallace Stacey 11- 16p, Rock Poulin 12- 83, Lloyd Sturtevant 13- 32, Guy Ouellette 14- 35, Vincent Lamer 15- 06, Francis McNeil 16- 12, Gilles Bessette 17-5d, Yves Dessureault 18- 33, Robin David 19- 20x, Pierre Berthiaume 20- 4, Leon Gonyo.

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