Autodrome Granby Results 1999-07-17

Turbulent night at Autodrome Granby DAVE CAMARA TAKES THE WIN AND COMES BACK ON TOP OF THE MOLSON STANDINGS GRANBY, Que., July 17, 1999 -- It was a *hot summer night*, last Friday at Autodrome Granby when American driver, Dave Camara scored...

Turbulent night at Autodrome Granby


GRANBY, Que., July 17, 1999 -- It was a *hot summer night*, last Friday at Autodrome Granby when American driver, Dave Camara scored his 5th victory of the season to come back on top of the Modified Molson standings. Veteran driver, Real Lafrance, had also a good evening by finishing 5th in the overall 30-lap Modified feature at the wheel of his Ford powered small block Bicknell and by winnning the special 12-lap feature for small blocks. Autodrome Granby registered a record in the Modified division with 33 cars in the pits.

Aside from the top ten contenders in the Advance Auto Parts Super Dirt Series, last Tuesday, regular drivers were « hungry » last Friday and fans were witnesses of many incidents, crashes, misconduct and also good battles on the Granby speedplant.

The 30-lap feature for the Modified division will not make history with ten caution flags. Right from the start, on lap 1, Marco Potvin lost it coming in turn two. Trying to avoid Potvin, Alain Boisvert and Steve Poirier came in contact while Vincent Lamer, a newcomer couldn't stop before hitting Poirier. Lamer was later disqualified for using the wrong exit from the pit. Already, that evening was becoming a hot summer night with the retirement of Boisvert and Poirier.

First at the start, Gino Clair who has known his best feature race of the season, led the first half of this 30-lap race despite 7 caution flags, 3 of them caused by Denis Labonte who had to finish his evening in the pit due to his misconduct on the track. Eleventh on the grid, Dave Camara, as usual started his comeback to find himself just behind Clair on lap 9. Seven laps later, a little mistake from Clair gave him the chance to take the lead and fly home with the victory. Clair was able to hold on to his second place by resisting to the challenge of David Hebert and Claude Brouillard. In this race, Real Lafrance finished fifth overall and first of the small block drivers after taking place at the end of the largest field of the season when visiting his crew on lap 5 due to vibration under his Ford powered Bicknell.

Second with a ten-point deficit before this Denis Pare Auto night, Camara is now first in Molson standings with a priority of 30 points on Steve Poirier who couldn't do more than one lap for the reason we mentioned earlier. -2- Lafrance was also in the spotlight in the 12-lap feature race for small blocks. At mid point, he was able to take over the lead from Richard Chauvin to register in second win in five starts this season. Luke Plante, the leader in this category, took the third place. On lap 5 of this race, a serious accident occurred when Eric Sundborg and Vincent Lamer tangled together. Lamer flipped over several times and the car was completely destroyed while Sundborg was knocked almost unconscious. Later in the pit, Sundborg was recovering from his crash.

Robin David won his second feature race of the season in the Sportsman division by having the best on Christian McDermott and Louis Bouthillier while Alain Mathieu, who was going for a strong third place finish, was victim of a flat tire on the very last lap of this 20-lap feature. He finished seventh.

Twice It was certainly not a good night for veteran driver, Marcel Godbout, in the Late Model division. After a disqualification in the heat race, he was also disqualified after winning the 12-lap feature race in the Late Model divison. Dirt officials found the rear suspension of his car to be illegal. Second at the end, Donald Provencher was given the win followed by Stephane Michaud.

In the Tourism class, Gilles Lapierre claimed his second straight victory while in the 4 cylinder category, it was the 5th presence of Etienne Graveline in the winner's circle.

RESULTS MODIFIED (30 laps) 1- 26, Dave Camara 2- 44J, Gino Clair 3- 1, David Hebert 4 3, Claude Brouillard 5 11, Real Lafrance 6- 27, Robert Ranger 7- 72, Mario Lajoie 8-39, Clement Therrien 9-14, Roch Poulin 10-22, Mario Clair 11- 13, Richard Chauvin 12-57, Gerry Patenaude 13- 25, Marco Potvin 14-11j, Jerry Pinnock 15- 71, Pierre Hebert 16- 46, Kayle Robidoux 17-47, Gilles Perreault 18- 16, Eric Sundborg 19-02, Mike Reyell 20-24, Luke Plante 21- 21, Jacques Poulin 22- 50, Hugues Mercier 23- 91, Michel Pelletier 24- 8, François Becksted 25- 4, Leon Gonyo 26-7, Denis Labonte 27- 24L, Carl Labonte 28- 17, Patrick Labonte 29-66, Alain Boisvert 30- 28, Steve Poirier 31- 23, Renald Daoust 32- 35, Vincent Lamer.

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