Autodrome Granby 1999-06-12

After two seasons without a victory HUGUES MERCIER MAKES A COMEBACK IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE AT AUTODROME GRANBY GRANBY, Que., June 12, 1999- It's with a perfect night that Hugues Mercier from Victoriaville found himself in the winner's...

After two seasons without a victory


GRANBY, Que., June 12, 1999- It's with a perfect night that Hugues Mercier from Victoriaville found himself in the winner's circle, last Friday night at Autodrome Granby at the end of the 30-lap feature race for the Modified division. The Labbe Auto Recyclage Teo Pro Car driver by winning his heat and the feature on this Le Circuit Bar Racing night, put an end to an absence of two seasons on the first step of the podium. After an exciting battle for the first spot with Claude Brouillard, Mercier had the last word on Dave Camara and Brouillard.

On the first row at the start, Alain Boisvert took the early lead followed by Denis Labonte and Robert Ranger. Three laps later, Labonte was responsible for the first caution flag after stopping on the track due to mechanical problems. At the restart, Boisvert continued his lead with Robert Ranger taking the second place and surprisingly Clement Therrien who with a small block, had gained four positions in only three laps. Meanwhile, Brouillard, Mercier and Camara were trying to catch up with the leaders.

Then on lap 13, Brouillard was able to get by Boisvert to take the lead. The Pointe Claire driver who was slowing his pace, was also passed by Mercier three laps later. At this moment, an interesting battle between Brouillard and Mercier intensified because those two veterans were looking the victory. Using the inside line, Mercier had to work very hard to achieve his goal, but after three laps his choice was the best one for the success. Brouillard didn't give up easily and tried everything to get back his first place. But with three laps remaining, Brouillard was surprised by track champion Dave Camara and couldn't hold to his second place. Camara finished second followed by Brouillard, Clement Therrien, Marco Potvin and Steve Poirier. For Brouillard, it was his fourth appearance on the third step of the podium so far this season.

Marco Potvin who hadat to take place at the end of the field on lap 9, after a visit to his pit due to a flat tire, was able, with his fifth place finish to remain in the first place of the Molson standings, with a three point margin on Steve Poirier who crossed the finish line just behind Potvin.

As for the small block division, with his overall fourth place finish, Clement Therrien was able to put an end to the winning streak of Luke Plante who so far, had five wins in the same amount of races. Also in a Teo Pro Car, Therrien could have been the first small block driver to finish in the first three but brakes problems at the end forced him to slow down. Plante was second in the category followed by Gerry Patenaude, Leon Gonyo and young Kayle Robidoux, son of Bert « Transmission » Robidoux.

Always close

As always, the 20-lap feature race in the Sportsman class was spectacular and Louis Bouthillier gave another demonstration of his skill to register his fourth success of the season so far. Second on lap 5 after starting twelfth on the grid, Bouthillier battled strongly with Robin David for the honors. Two laps later, David made a little mistake but that was enough for Bouthillier. After, David tried very hard to take back his place but Bouthillier never gave up. Mario Moreau was the one who finished third followed by Pierre Raymond and Alain Mathieu, the defending champion.

In the Late Model class, Stephane Michaud scored his fifth win of the season by having the best on Marcel Godbout and Michel Tessier. The other winners were Steve Denis (tourism class) and Etienne Graveline (4 cylinder).

Besides his regular stock-car program, promoter Bob Gatien will present the 12th annual Defi-Vision, a special 10-lap race involving blind people at the steering wheel guided by radio and television Quebec stars. 32 of them will take the green flag in this spectacular race to raise money for the Mira Fondation which trains dogs for blind people. Last year, an amount of $95, 000 was raised.


1- 50, Hugues Mercier 2- 26, Dave Camara 3- 3, Claude Brouillard 4- 39, Clement Therrien 5- 25, Marco Potvin 6- 28, Steve Poirier 7- 27, Robert Ranger 8- 66, Alain Boisvert 9- 24, Luke Plante 10- 44J, Gino Clair 11- 61, Marc Nadeau 12- 57, Gerry Patenaude 13- 4, Leon Gonyo 14- 46, Kayle Robidoux 15- 85, Alain Langlois 16- 17, Patrick Labonte 17- 0, Craig Ormsby 18- 23, Renald Daoust 19- 02, Mike Reyell 20- 16, Eric Sundborg 21- 9, Yves Dessureault 22- 71, Pierre Hebert 23- 7, Denis Labonte 24- 24L, Carl Labonte.

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