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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Senneker finishes 3rd at Anderson, 3rd in ASA Points Crew wins Pitstop competition August 17 Weidner Anderson 400; Anderson (IN) Speedway Finished: 3rd started: 13th (12.303, 73.153 mph) Bob...


Senneker finishes 3rd at Anderson, 3rd in ASA Points Crew wins Pitstop competition

August 17 Weidner Anderson 400; Anderson (IN) Speedway Finished: 3rd started: 13th (12.303, 73.153 mph)

Bob started 13th on the smallest track on the ASA series in the Lane Automotive/JR Automation/Mr. Gasket Ford, the 1/4 mile track in Anderson. During the first 18 laps there were two cautions and Bob fell to 17th, by lap 31 he was 16th. At the 50 lap mark Bob was 15th, at lap 60 he was up to 13th as some lead cars pit under the 4th caution. By lap 95 he was up to 12th, as more leaders pit under the 5th caution at lap 108, Bob is now 11th. The car is pushing and will change tires, when the leaders pit. At lap 114 Bob was in 10th, 9th at lap 125 and 8th at lap 143. As the 6th caution flew at lap 156, Bob came into the pits for right side tires and fuel, the crew gained two spots in the pits and got Bob out runniing 6th. The green waved at lap 167, the 7th caution waved at lap 175, as some of the leaders pitted, that moves Bob up to 3rd. As the green flies at lap 183, the leader Loney has an engine fire, thata gives the lead to Cywinski with Bob running 2nd. Bob motors along in 2nd place until lap 233 when the car starts to tighten up he falls back to 5th. As the 10th waves at lap 237, Bob comes into the pits for left side rubber, he doesn't lose any positions in the pits, but most of the leaders stay out on the track and is running 8th. The green waves at lap 253 and Eddy is chasing Bob. As Eddy attempts to pass Bob on the outside he hooks Bob's rear end going down the straightaway, After turning Bob sidewaysand a great save by Bob, the bumper rips almost off as they continue to race. The 11th caution waves at lap 249, Bob comes in to tear the rear bumper off and change right side tires. Bob goes out 9th, the last car on the lead lap. When some of the leaders pit during the 12th caution at lap 257, Bob moves up to 6th. The green waves at lap 278, Bob gets to 4th at lap 291, at lap 325 he passes for 3rd and pressures Hansen for 2nd but comes up short at the finish. "We were running full bore all night. This was a mean 400 laps. I'm happy with a 3rd place finish", said Senneker. "Well for a change this year were finishing up in the front, instead of putting it on the trailer. We'd like to win but right now we'll take the podium finish, it's a tough little racetrack. Were lucky to get out with little damage as we did". Cywinski win his first race followed by Hansen, Bob, Baird and St. Amant 5th. The next ASA race is this Sunday, August 25 at the Milwaukee Mile for the Badgerland 150. The race will be televised on TNN starting at 3PM (EDT). ********************************************************************** AC Delco Challenge Series Points (After 12 events) 1. Gary St. Amant 1943 11. Tony Roper 1549 2. Scott Hansen 1938 12. Ted Smokstad 1423 3. BOB SENNEKER 1876 13. Bill Baird 1329 4. Tony Raines 1823 14. Tom Jones 1328 5. Joe Nott 1818 15. Harold Fair 1296 6. Dave Sensiba 1812 16. Jack Landis 1267 7. Kevin Cywinski (R) 1702 17. Carl Miskotten (R) 1261 8. Mike Miller 1692` 18. Dennis Lampman 1182 9. Brad Loney 1626 19. Yale Conley 1170 10. Mike Eddy 1626 20. Rick Beebe 1115 ***************************************************************************** Remaining ASA AC Delco Challenge Series events

August 10 "Berlin 300" Steve Holzhausen Berlin Raceway; Grand Rapids, MI August 17 "Anderson-Weidner 400" Kevin Cywinski Anderson(IN) Speedway August 25 "Badgerland 150" TNN 3pm Milwaukee Mile Speedway September 2 "Miller 300" NO Television Minnesota St. Fair Speedway, Minneapolis, MN September 8 "Wisconsin 300" PRIME 4pm Wisconsin Int'l Raceway; Kaukauna, WI September 21 "Hawkeye Downs 300" TNN 2pm Hawkeye Downs Speedway; Cedar Rapids, IA September 29 "Toledo 400" TNN 1pm Toledo(OH) Speedway October 6 "Midwest 300" TNN 3pm Salem(IN) Super Speedway October 13 "Jennerstown 400" PRIME 2pm Jennerstown(PA) Speedway November 17 "ASA 300" TNN 1pm Southern National Speedway; Kenly, NC All times eastern, TNN (The Nashville Network)

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