Adirondack Speedway race results 2002-06-08

Greg Furlong wins U.S.A feature in borrowed car at Adirondack Speedway. Greg Furlong picked up his first supermodified win of the season Saturday at Adirondack International Speedway as he chauffeured the Kerfien ...

Greg Furlong wins U.S.A feature in borrowed car at Adirondack Speedway.

Greg Furlong picked up his first supermodified win of the season Saturday at Adirondack International Speedway as he chauffeured the Kerfien #93 to victory lane in the United Supermodified Association 50 lap event. In a one-race deal, Furlong drove the team car to Bob Goutermout's 77 supermodified. This was Furlong's first career supermodified win in a car other than his family owned #72 car. Furlong, who started the feature tenth, took the lead from Dave Trytek on lap 35, and drove off for the impressive 1.93-second victory.

Sunny skies and warm weather greeted the largest crowd of the year at Adirondack International. Tim Snyder and Dave Trytek brought the 14-car U.S.A. field down for the green flag to start the race; Trytek jumped out from his outside front row starting spot to take the early lead. In the early laps, Howard Page led the Kerfien team cars of Goutermout and Furlong on the inside, while Tim Gareau and Mike Bond chose the outside of the race track to move forward.

Trytek circled the ½ mile track with 16.64-second laps, while Snyder, Jeff Holbrook, Gareau and Page fell in behind. Furlong had the car on the move in the first few laps, as he wheeled his borrowed #93 up to sixth spot by lap five. Page and Furlong tag teamed by the 5 of Gareau on the front straightaway on lap 9 to take over fourth and fifth places.

Furlong kept his momentum forward, as he made a low move on the race surface to take over fourth place from Page on lap 13. Trytek maintained his .98 second lead with Snyder and Holbrook in tow. Jeff Holbrook, driving his best race of the season, then made it Holbrook Team cars in the first two spots as he grabbed second spot from Snyder on lap 20 on the inside of the first turn.

Furlong, Page, Snyder and Gareau now had the bets battle on the track as these four top drivers traded spots darting inside and out. Page had the fastest car on the track at this juncture as he shot by Furlong, then chased down Holbrook as the 35 bobbled on the front stretch on lap 22 for second. The 18 car began chopping down the lead, as it went from 1.90 seconds, to a 1.35-second gap in two laps.

At the halfway point of the race, Trytek led, Page, Furlong, Gareau, Holbrook, Mike Bond, Bob Goutermout, Vern Lafave, Craig Rayvals and Joe Gosek. Lap 28, the first caution flag came out which dramatically changed the race. As Trytek and Page raced for the lead, Page's 18 car was pinched off, and Page spun out. Former Adirondack feature winner Jerry Curran, along with Pat Lavery, and Tim Snyder all pitted under caution for adjustments on their cars.

On the restart, Furlong tried to work by Trytek on the outside as soon as the green flag came out. He fell back into line, but was not content to ride in second place. Next time around, he slung the #93 to the inside out of the fourth turn, but again had to fall in behind the Trytek #70.

Lap 36, Furlong made his move on the backside of the speedway, and the Hannibal, New York driver took over the lead. Furlong's first lap up front was timed at 16.81. as he pulled out to a two car-length lead over Trytek.

Fans then shifted their attention to1999 Oswego Rookie of the Year Mike Bond, as he was giving brother Bob's 25 car a fine run. Bond moved by Gareau into fourth place on lap 37, then set his sights on the Holbrook 35. One lap later, Bond moved by Holbrook in the first turn with an inside pass to take over the show spot.

In the next few laps, Furlong sped away from Trytek and Bond by seven car lengths with consistent laps in the 16.8 area. Holbrook's car began to come back to life, and he took third place back from Bond two laps later. Holbrook then shot his way by his teammate Trytek for second place, 2.66 seconds behind the high flying Furlong.

Page made a serious charge from his earlier spin, and was in the top five a few laps after the spin. Lap 41 saw Page move into fourth by the 25 car, charging to the Holbrook team cars. Yellow conditions came over the racetrack with six laps to go as the Curran 24 encountered problems near the end.

On the restart, Furlong had Holbrook, Trytek, Page, Bond, Gareau, and Goutermout behind, looking for room to advance. Page shot under Trytek just after the restart for third, but time was running out. He made a valiant effort to come back to the front, but ran out of laps. Furlong continued to pull away, and drove under the checkered flag 1.93 seconds ahead of Jeff Holbrook. Holbrook's second place was his career best supermodified finish. Page's late race charge brought him to third, while Trytek and Gareau rounded out the top five.

"I'd like to thank Darcey Kerfien and Bob Goutermout for letting us run their car today, "Furlong said after the win. "Our car isn't in running condition, and they were nice enough to let us run their second car. The heat race we missed the set up, it was pushing really badly. It was still tight in the feature. I almost came in under the caution for a pit stop to adjust the car, and didn't know where I was. When I saw we were in second, I thought I better stay out and stand on the gas. We got through the traffic, and got up front. There may have been someone quicker than us. This is a great facility, I love running here. Thanks to Adirondack for having us back, and we all hope the speedway and U.S.A can work it out to have us back in the fall."

News and Notes.....14 supermodifieds were in attendance.....Heat races were won by Pat Lavery, his first ever supermodified victory, and Howard Page....Oswego's Joe Gosek stunned everyone in attendance as he brought out the Bowley Flyin' 5 car to race. The last time that car raced, was the 1989 International Classic....


Heat 1- 1)Pat Lavery 99, 2)Jeff Holbrook 35, 3)Craig Rayvals 94, 4)Tim Snyder 0, 5)Mike Bond 25, 6)Jerry Curran 24, 7)Dave Halstead 34

Heat 2- 1)Howard Page 18, 2)Dave Trytek 70, 3)Tim Gareau 5, 4)Vern LaFave 97, 5)Greg Furlong 93, 6)Bob Goutermout 77, 7)Joe Gosek 5g

50 lap U.S.A. feature- 1)Greg Furlong 93, 2) Jeff Holbrook 35, 3)Howard Page 18, 4)Dave Trytek 70, 5)Tim Gareau 5, 6)Mike Bond 25, 7)Tim Snyder 0, 8)Bob Goutermout 77, 9)Jerry Curran 24, 10)Pat Lavery 99, 11)Joe Gosek 5g, 12)Vern LaFave 97, 13)Craig Rayvals 94, 14)Dave Halstead 34


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