Aber and Earl win at Wayne County in Orrville, Ohio

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DENNY EARL MOTORSPORTS "Professional Dirt Late Model Racing" 113 First Street S.E. - Massillon, Ohio 44646 Telephone: 330-837-1773 E-Mail: masstrans@sssnet.com=20


MASSILLON,OH--- "I've been racing for 15 years and that was the best race car I ever drove," stated Matt Aber a couple days after winning his first race of the season at Wayne County Speedway in Orrville, OH on April 7. Aber, driving the #31 BOSS Race Car powered by a Malcuit Racing Engine and owned by Denny Earl Motorsports, won the season opener at Wayne County Speedway after literally finishing up the new racecar only a couple hours prior to race time.

"It was great!" exclaimed Aber. "Denny put it all together. He scaled it and did it all perfect. Toma (Johnson) did an excellent job building this car. It was the easiest car I ever drove. You get some cars and some of them get what they call throttle push. Well, this one doesn't have that. It doesn't rear up on its side or picks up the left front. It's easier to drive because you can see where you're going and it felt great."

2001 marks the second season for the Matt Aber-Denny Earl team, which saw the duo claim two features at Cannonball Speedway in Ohio in 2000 during their first season together. After a successful first year together, team owner Denny Earl decided to go all out in 2001 which included a switch in chassis brands. Earl and Aber have joined the growing contingent of racers who have gone to renowned car builder Toma Johnson's BOSS Race Car chassis. In fact, the Aber-Earl duo have two BOSS Race Cars at their disposal for 2001.

Their decision was immediately met with vindication their first night out.

"Toma came up on Thursday and set it up," explained Denny Earl. "We had the basic set up on it to start with. But with Toma you can call him anytime and he's there to help you. It's going to be a long season but I already got more back in one weekend than I ever did. Good way to start the year."

The Denny Earl Motorsports #31 uses Malcuit Racing Engines for power.

The team, which traveled last season, will again hit the road in 2001 competing at a wide variety of race tracks and sanctions. In the upcoming weeks the team will travel to such tracks as KC Raceway, Portsmouth Speedway, Muskingum County Speedway, Attica Raceway, Midway Speedway, Dog Hollow Speedway, Thunder Ridge Speedway, Pennsboro Speedway, Lakeville Speedway and a host of others.

The team also plans on competing at a variety of national sanctioned events with the Renegade STARS Racing Series, MACS Late Model Series and the UDTRA.

The team has also acquired a healthy sponsorship roster including Massillon Transmission, Modern Transportation, Mohler Construction, S.W. Custom Design & Racing Decals, CRM Colored Mulch, BOSS Race Cars, Malcuit Racing Engines and White Motorsports.

The Denny Earl Motorsports also sports a professional pit crew that consists of Darin Falb, Denny Jones, Nick Worth and Chet Carter.

"We have several new sponsors this year," stated Earl. "And I want to thank Mark and Steve White who have helped get our program this year up another notch. They have helped secure additional sponsorship and have provided us with some things we were missing. Matt and myself thank them profusely!"

The team will also have a new website coming soon located at" www.Dirt-Racers.com. An announcement will be forthcoming.

Earl, who also serves as crew chief in addition to his ownership duties, was still elated days after taking their win their first night out for the year. With no prior testing, Aber and Earl virtually brought their new car to Wayne County Speedway right out of the box and met with success.

"It was very gratifying," commented Earl. "We busted our butts for three months and spent a lot of money and all of us put in a lot of hard work, but the win caught me off guard. I was tickled to death. And we were lucky enough that many of four sponsors and people who help us were there to see Matt win. It was great!"

Earl was also quick to point out the confidence he has in his driver. Matt Aber, as second generation racer, has accumulated many, many wins over the past fifteen years and is a fan favorite due to his hard charging style.

"I had a good time with Matt last year," said Earl. "No problems. We get a long good and have a lot of fun. I was basically a rookie crew chief last year but I learned fast. But I had to. Had no choice. Early in the year Bart Hartman helped us out and we got to know Toma and he was a big help last year. That's why we decided to choose his car because I can talk to him and he can understand what I'm telling him and he listens to you. He's easy to work with. I saw the ability that was there in those cars when we were down at East Bay helping Toma and Donnie (Moran) out. The car is definitely a good car."

So with a win right out of the starting gate, the team can bask in the glory for a week before heading back to the dirt track wars that lay ahead. It was a satisfying and gratifying win for Aber and Earl, especially coming at a race track that hosts one of the country's toughest fields of dirt Late Model race cars.

"You've got to give everybody credit who races there," stated Aber. "There are probably 15 cars that are capable of winning. You've got Dad (Blaine Aber), you've got Ryan Markham, Wayne Maffett. Then there's Chet Alexander, Charlie Duncan and now Doug Drown is there. And Kyle (Brown) will be there next week with his BOSS Race Car. Plus you get all the out-of-towners who come in, like Chub (Frank). But it felt great to beat those guys cause they are a great group to race with. It was a great way to start the year out and hopefully there are many more to come."

Aber cruised to victory over defending track champion Flyin' Ryan Markham, Wayne Maffett,Jr., Jim Cushing, Blaine Aber, J.R. Gentry, Doug Eck, Nolan Dalton, Charlie Duncan, Brent Rhebergen, Bob Eicholtz and Bill Cunningham.

"It still hasn't sunk in yet (laughs)!" continued Aber. "It'll probably sink in when I go back Saturday. But it felt good to win. I felt happy for Denny. He spent a lot of money putting that car together and it felt good for me for him because he spent so much getting the car together."

"Now we just need to go out and win a few more!"

-Earl Motorsports-

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